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«Amazing Doctor With Super Vision (Web Novel) - Chapter 389 Slap Him

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Chapter 389 Slap Him

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“Who do you want to cooperate with?” The king becomes anxious.

“Her.” Li Yong raises his hand and points at Wei Fangxia.

Everyone looks at Wei Fangxia at once. They are all immediately surprised by her beauty, especially the king, who thinks Wei Fangxia is a Huaxia beauty that is rare to see.

She has big boobs. She is elegant, reserved and plump. She almost gathers all the beauty of Huaxia women for 5,000 years.

“This Huaxia lady, please cooperate well with Doctor Li.” The king says with great sincerity.

“How can I cooperate with you?” Wei Fangxia walks up to Li Yong gracefully, pretending to be quite unfamiliar with Li Yong. She wants to disassociate herself from Li Yong. She doesn’t want to take any responsibility if anything happens.

Her anger at Li Yong is cleverly concealed in the deep of her eyes.

“Come here, raise your hand. Do you see this face? Slap him.” Li Yong points at Fourth Prince and says.

“Are you crazy?” Wei Fangxia shouts angrily. She now understands that Li Yong is playing a trick on purpose. He asks her to slap Fourth Prince’s face. Isn’t she asking for death? How dare she do it!

The doctors are all astounded. Even the king is furious. Anyone who slaps the face of the prince is slapping the face of the king! How can he tolerate? He glares at Li Yong and his eyes become gloomy.

“You don’t want to do it, right? I’ll do it, but if I slap him, there might be a sequela. You can’t blame me if the prince becomes silly!” Saying this, before everyone can react, Li Yong slaps Fourth Prince on his face with a bang. Fourth Prince opens his eyes and looks at everyone dumbly.

“Bastard…” The king was going to explode, but he suppresses his anger when he sees that Fourth Prince really wakes up.

But Fourth Prince’s eyes are blank. He looks dumb and has a mental disorder.

“You slap him then! Only you can cure him by slapping.” Li Yong says to Wei Fangxia smilingly.

Wei Fangxia didn’t believe it at first, but she believes it to some extent when she sees that Li Yong has really woken up Fourth Prince with a slap. When she is hesitating, the king says, “Slap him. Slap him quickly.”

At this moment, the king no longer feels that slapping the prince’s face is slapping his face. He would rather be slapped by others if the prince can be cured by being slapped on the face. Face is nothing compared with his son’s life.

“Slap him. Slap him!” Those older doctors also think this is a miracle. Seeing that Wei Fangxia is still hesitating, they urge her together. They also want to see if she can cure the prince by slapping him.

Hao Huihua and Sui Yezhu are so startled that they open their eyes widely. They have never seen such a doctor who treats a patient like this.

They feel absurd, but also feel that Li Yong’s medical skill is really superb.

“Hee-hee… Why are you all looking at me…” At this moment, Fourth Prince suddenly smiles stupidly. Everyone can see that he has been silly. He doesn’t know who he is and where he is.

The king, in particular, feels that his heart is broken when he sees how silly Fourth Prince has become.

“Bang.” At this moment, Wei Fangxia finally raises her hand and slaps on the face of Fourth Prince.

“Come on, slap him harder.” Li Yong says loudly, as if he is cheering for Wei Fangxia.

Fourth Prince is still a little silly after being slapped by Wei Fangxia once. He blinks his bright eyes and seems not to know what to do.

“Bang.” Obviously, Wei Fangxia uses much more strength when she slaps him for the second time.

“Ah! You bad woman, why did you slap me?” Fourth Prince suddenly becomes normal. He covers his face, jumps out of bed and shouts at Wei Fangxia angrily. He will beat her if Li Yong is not by the side.

Seeing the change of Fourth Prince, the king laughs first. Then the doctors all become happy.

“He has been cured. Ha-ha…”

“He has been cured at last. Ha-ha…”

Only Wei Fangxia hurriedly explains, “Prince, I did it for your own good. I was treating you. I…”

“I didn’t expect that you were such a vicious woman. You really don’t deserve your beauty…” Fourth Prince won’t believe her. He jumps angrily and runs away while covering his face in the inexplicable laughter of others.

“What kind of medical skill it is?” The king takes Li Yong’s hand and asks with interest.

“It’s Recuperating Slapping Method.” Li Yong smiles faintly, “The man’s slapping is called Yang Slapping and the woman’s is called Yin Slapping. Ordinary diseases can be cured if the patients let me and Ms. Wei slap them several times.

The king is not fully convinced. He has been suffering from a leg disease for many years and it has never been cured. He wants Li Yong to treat him. But he thinks that he can’t be slapped by him since he is the king. He will be ashamed if others know it. Besides, it’s okay if he is cure. What if he can’t be cured after being slapped?

The king thinks about it and asks the people, “Is there anyone ill? You can let him treat you here. You are all doctors and can communicate with the divine doctor from Huaxia.”Update by vi p novel

Everyone shakes their heads. Even if they want Li Yong to treat them, they have to do it secretly! Only a fool will take this treatment in front of so many people. Fourth Prince fainted, or he definitely wouldn’t accept such a treatment.

Fourth Prince was slapped so many times in front of so many people. He will be too ashamed in the future.

The king sighs in the heart. No one understands what he means. He waves his hand angrily and they all leave.

But the king stops Li Yong and says in a low voice, “I have a leg disease and I’m wondering if you can cure it.”

Li Yong opens his clairvoyant vision and sees the cause of the disease in an instant. This is a very rare virus! Li Yong feels that it’s not very difficult to cure it, so he says smilingly, “Of course I can.”

The king looks around and sees that no one is paying attention to them. Then he approaches Li Yong. He blushes and asks in a low voice, “I don’t know how many times you have to slap me to cure this serious disease.”

The king is afraid. He is afraid that his face might be broken after being slapped too many times. He can’t bear that kind of consequence.

“Slapping is for those who faint. It’s not needed to cure such a minor disease like yours.” Li Yong says smilingly.

The king is so happy that he can’t help holding Li Yong’s hand and says happily, “As long as you cure me, you can pick one treasure from my treasure house as the treatment fee.”

“Okay, okay.” Li Yong doesn’t think about the things in the royal treasure house. The doctor needs to treat the patient, no matter it’s the king or ordinary people. It’s kind of fate as long as he meets the patient. For the sake of fate, he will treat him. He is not a man who loves treasures.

“How should I cooperate with you?” The king asks with joy.

“Just sit well.” Li Yong takes a chair to the king. Then he squats down, kneeling one leg on the ground. He lifts the king’s sick leg and puts it on his own leg. After looking at it for a moment, he takes out the silver needle skillfully and begins to do acupuncture carefully and attentively.

The king’s leg disease is because of a kind of virus infection. The virus is very strange and there is no antibiotic that can specially control it, so the disease often relapses and can’t be cured, which makes the king suffer a lot.

Li Yong couldn’t cure it in the past, but now his internal strength has all turned into spiritual power and his body has become spiritual body. He can restrain this kind of virus with his strength.

But it also consumes him a lot of strength and he has much sweat on his forehead before long.

When Li Yong is treating the king, Wei Fangxia and Hao Huihua stand by his side and watch.

They are attracted by Li Yong’s handsomeness. Wei Fangxia compares Li Yong with Fourth Prince and feels that Li Yong is more charming. He is not only good at finding treasure from ordinary goods, but also has so wonderful medical skill.

He cured Fourth Prince by just slapping him. It sounds absurd, but it is really effective! In Wei Fangxia’s view, this thing is absurd, but it is not very absurd compared with the thing that Li Yong can turn ordinary jade into top-class jade with his fart. It seems that Li Yong has endless secrets, which makes her get more and more interested.

Fourth Prince is not as good as Li Yong except for that his temperament makes her feel fresh.

Hao Huihua’s eyes are filled with affection. She suddenly realizes that she has mistaken Li Yong just now. She shouldn’t have thought of Li Yong as a very evil man. She feels guilty and regretful.

“Xiaoyong is really a talent of Huaxia!” Sui Yezhu exclaims. She has lived more than sixty years and has never seen such an amazing thing. She has really broadened her horizon this time!

Ten minutes later, Li Yong stands up and feels dizzy. He holds Wei Fangxia to stop himself from falling.

Wei Fangxia hugs his waist and becomes gentle, which is very rare. She supports Li Yong with strength. Hao Huihua hurriedly walks forward to help her. They support Li Yong on each side and both blush when they touch Li Yong’s body.

“It’s all right now.” Li Yong takes a deep breath.

The king stands up with a serious look and takes a few steps. He squats down and stands up again. Then he lifts his leg to kick and jumps for a few times. After trying all kinds of postures, he finally laughs happily.

“Ha-ha, I’m cured. I’m really cured. Divine Doctor Li, although you are young, your medical skill is unparalleled in the world. Thank you. Thank you so much. Come with me. I’ll take you to select the treasure.”

Li Yong shakes his head and says, “Not now. I’ll select it when I’m free.”

The king now finds that Li Yong is a little tired, so he hurriedly says, “Please come to my palace to have a rest.”

“No, we’re flying back to Huaxia tomorrow.” Li Yong says faintly, “I’ll come to select the treasure next time I come here.”

Li Yong doesn’t want to waste this opportunity. He thinks that there must be a lot of jewelry and jade that contains spiritual power in the treasure house of the king. The spiritual power in the jewelry and jade is what he needs most.

Now his vortex of spiritual power has been filled and can’t absorb more spiritual power. He can only get the biggest gain if he comes when he needs spiritual power.

He always has a feeling that his need for spiritual power will be endless.

“Okay, you are always welcome at my palace.” The king smiles happily, “This is my private number. You can call me whenever you come to Thailand.”

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