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«Amazing Doctor With Super Vision (Web Novel) - Chapter 388 Treat Him Quickly!

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Chapter 388 Treat Him Quickly!

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Hearing that Fourth Prince is saying sensational words and Wei Fangxia is chuckling, Li Yong gets close to them and when he turns around, he hits Fourth Prince lightly on the acupoint on his back in an instant. Fourth Prince feels nothing.

However, after about only one minute, in everyone’s eyes, Fourth Prince stops smiling and falls down suddenly. People are exclaiming around out of fear.

Wei Fangxia who was smiling just now suddenly doesn’t know what to do. She tries to support Fourth Prince, but he is tall, big and strong. She can’t support him and almost falls down with him.

“Prince, what’s the matter with you? Oh, my god! It has nothing to do with me!” Seeing that the royal guards are rushing over, Wei Fangxia is so frightened that her face becomes dark. She hurriedly explains to others, but they don’t pay attention to her at all.

Li Yong doesn’t know why he is happy to see that Wei Fangxia doesn’t know what to do.

“Oh, my god! How could Fourth Prince suddenly faint?” Hao Huihua is also very surprised.

“I guess it must be because of Ms. Wei’s fart.” Li Yong asserts.

Hao Huihua frowns and doesn’t understand at once. When she understands it, she punches Li Yong.

“Or Ms. Wei’s body is poisonous.” Li Yong speculates again.

“You can’t talk randomly. You’ll do harm to Ms. Wei if you talk randomly here.” Hao Huihua whispers by Li Yong’s ear. Li Yong feels that she is really afraid that Wei Fangxia might be arrested by the Thai police.

Li Yong does not care at all. He has used only a little strength. Fourth Prince will remain faint at most four hours and will wake up intact after that. He can still dance alive and nothing wrong can be found out.

When Li Yong is happy in the heart, Wei Fangxia runs through the crowd, grabs Li Yong and says, “Hurry up. Fourth Prince fainted. Treat him quickly.”

At this moment, Fourth Prince has been carried away by the royal guards. It’s not Li Yong’s turn to treat him. Besides, what is the status of the prince? Li Yong is just an outsider. They won’t let him treat the prince even if he wants!

“How could Fourth Prince faint?” Li Yong asks with a smile.

“How could I know?” Wei Fangxia still has lingering fear.

“Was it because of your fart?” Li Yong says to her what he said to Hao Huihua.

“You…bastard…” Wei Fangxia immediately gets angry and grits her teeth.

“Are you poisonous?” Li Yong opens his eyes and looks at Wei Fangxia. He sees that Wei Fangxia’s boobs are rising and falling, like the surging waves in the sea.

“Do you think I am poisonous? You tell me!” Wei Fangxia gets furious and waves her fist to punch him.

“Okay, I can help you check.” Li Yong grabs Wei Fangxia’s fist and pulls her into his arms. He kisses her sexy red lips, sucks and bites them. Then he holds Wei Fangxia’s face and looks at her stunned look. He says with a smile, “I’ve checked it out, Ms. Wei. You’re not poisonous.”

“Bastard, go to hell…” Wei Fangxia touches her pocket and finds that she didn’t carry her gun.

“This lady, please come with us.” At this moment, several royal guards surround them.

Wei Fangxia’s look changes with fear and she says timidly, “Is the prince all right? It really had nothing to do with me just now.”

“Take her away.” Seeing that Wei Fangxia doesn’t cooperate, the leader waves his hand and two guards immediately walk to Wei Fangxia.

They want to forcibly take Wei Fangxia away. In the leader’s eyes, the prince suddenly fainted while dancing with Wei Fangxia, so Wei Fangxia must be suspicious if something happens to the prince. They dare not to be careless.

“Wait. It’s not appropriate to only take her away! We’re all accomplices.” Li Yong stops the two guards and says smilingly. He also points at himself and Hao Huihua.

Seeing Li Yong come out, Wei Fangxia feels relieved and thinks that he is a true man and responsible in this critical moment. But when hearing what Li Yong said, her face becomes more sullen.

We’re all accomplices?

She thinks she heard it wrong, but she totally believes it when she sees that the royal guards suddenly take out their guns and surround them, as if they are confronted by formidable enemies. She glares at Li Yong and really wants to bite him.

When did she become an accomplice of Li Yong?

Besides, none of the guards asked Li Yong, and Li Yong admitted it himself.

It makes her speechless, angry, and scared… It is a capital crime to harm the prince!

Hao Huihua’s face becomes sullener. She is timider than Wei Fangxia. Seeing that they’re surrounded by the royal guards who are pointing at them with guns, her heart immediately falls into the bottom.

She seems to see a swindler, a wicked bastard. She suddenly realizes that the reason why Li Yong was good to her and gave her top-class jade is to use her to get close to Fourth Prince.

This man is here to kill Fourth Prince.

He can kill him if he wants. Why does he have to get me involved? How could he betray others at this moment?

“No, it has nothing to do with me.” Hao Huihua begins to cry at once.

Li Yong now finds that Hao Huihua is too timid. She is frightened into crying by this kind of thing. She is really green and inexperienced!

Li Yong blames himself in the heart and he thinks the joke has gone too far. He puts his arm around Hao Huihua’s shoulder and says smilingly, “Ms. Hao, don’t be sad. It’ll be okay as long as I’m here. Please trust me.”

“Don’t touch me.” Hao Huihua pushes Li Yong away hard, as if she is avoiding the devil.

Li Yong feels strange. Why does Hao Huihua have such a reaction?

Li Yong has to look at Wei Fangxia and finds that Wei Fangxia is also angry. Her boiling anger is rising, as if she is going to bomb the beautiful ceiling of the palace.

Under the gaze of so many people, the three people are taken by a group of royal guards into the back hall.

Seeing this scene, Sui Yezhu pulls her partner and says in panic, “Sir, they are my students. I can guarantee that they will never harm Fourth Prince. What should I do? What should I do?”

“Don’t worry, dear lady. I’ll help you.”

“Can you really help me?” Sui Yezhu asks excitedly.

“Of course, I’m the king!”

“Ah? You’re the king…”

The king takes Sui Yezhu into the room where Li Yong, Wei Fangxia and Hao Huihua are locked up. At this moment, Li Yong stands by the wall calmly. Wei Fangxia is on his left and Hao Huihua is on his right. The two women are both glaring at him resentfully. They would have exploded if the guards hadn’t forbidden them to talk and walk around.

“Let them go.” The king says faintly.

“Yes, sir.” The guards immediately open the door.

“Old man, wait a minute. I can cure Fourth Prince.” Li Yong quickly takes a few steps forward and says smilingly.

The king is called old man by him and is stunned for a moment. He turns his head to look at Li Yong and finds that Li Yong is too young to be an expert doctor. But Li Yong’s eyes are clear and bright, making him feel that he is trustworthy.

“Don’t talk nonsense, Yong. This is the king.” Sui Yezhu introduces solemnly.

“Your Highness.” Wei Fangxia and Hao Huihua are startled and hurriedly show their respect.Access v ip novel

The king waves his hand and asks, “Is this young man a doctor?”

“Yes.” Wei Fangxia says at once. Sui Yezhu and Hao Huihua also say so.

Wei Fangxia and Hao Huihua have seen Li Yong’s magical medical skills. But Sui Yezhu doesn’t know it. She just followed Wei Fangxia and Hao Huihua to say so and is uneasy in the heart.

However, the king obviously doesn’t believe in young people. He believes Sui Yezhu more.

He seeks confirmation from Sui Yezhu once again and then says faintly, “Young man, come with me!”

Li Yong follows him cheerfully. Sui Yezhu takes Wei Fangxia and Hao Huihua to follow up. They can’t get rid of suspicion if Fourth Prince can’t be cured. They also can’t leave, so they have to follow to see the situation.

In another hall of the palace, Fourth Prince is lying on a bed, surrounded by a group of doctors.

“The prince doesn’t seem to be ill.”

“Yes, he is not ill.”

“It seems that he has fallen asleep. Maybe he’ll be all right after sleeping for a while.”

“We can’t disturb him. Keep your voice down.”

At this moment, the king comes in with Li Yong and the others. The doctors hurriedly report the result to the king.

“Can’t you find out what’s wrong with my son?” The king asks majestically.

The doctors all shake their head. Someone says boldly, “It seems that the prince is not ill. He has just fallen asleep.”

“Nonsense, who would fall asleep while dancing? Doesn’t the prince sleep in normal times? Did he have to sleep when dancing?” Li Yong suddenly says loudly.

His words are more majestic than the king’s. These doctors don’t know what to say.

Even Sui Yezhu, Wei Fangxia and Hao Huihua are startled. They all think that Li Yong’s words are too sharp.

He should spare their feelings since they have met for the first time! Besides, these doctors are top-class doctors in Thailand. This is the palace! The king is here. Although he has no real power, he is still a king!

These doctors blush. Someone wants to refute, but dares not to speak out. Other doctors are glaring at Li Yong angrily, as if they want to kill Li Yong with their eyes.

Seeing that Li Yong is so young, they don’t believe that Li Yong understands medicine.

The king waves his hand, and the doctors hurriedly step aside to make way. The king doesn’t move, but signals Li Yong to go to treat the prince. On the way, the king has learned about Li Yong’s medical skills from Wei Fangxia and Hao Huihua. He is sure again that Li Yong is a Huaxia doctor, young but skillful.

Seeing that none of the doctors can help, the king decides to let Li Yong have a try.

Li Yong proudly walks to Fourth Prince and takes a look. Then he suddenly turns his head and says, “Who said that he was not ill? I tell you. The prince is seriously ill. He is possible to die if he doesn’t receive treatment in time.”

Everyone is frightened by Li Yong’s words, especially the king, who can’t keep calm at all. He wipes the sweat on his forehead and urges him hurriedly, “Treat him now. Quickly.” He doesn’t want his son to die like this.

“But I need someone to cooperate with me.” Li Yong frowns and says.

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