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«Amazing Doctor With Super Vision (Web Novel) - Chapter 387 The Beauty from the East

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Chapter 387 The Beauty from the East

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“Since you also need the spiritual power, I’ll give you some more.” Saying this, Li Yong thinks again.

But there is no spiritual power flying to him. All the spiritual power in the palace has been absorbed by him.

“Yong, let’s go dancing!” Hao Huihua walks over smilingly. In the intoxicating music and colorful lights, she grabs Li Yong’s hand shyly and pulls him into the dance floor.

Li Yong really has never learned how to dance. When he was in college, he dared not to dance even if there were chances.

However, now he is not the honest, shy and innocent Li Yong anymore. He won’t be moved by favour or disgrace and has become more calm, smarter and braver.

Although the ball is extravagant and it is the first time that he has attended, it seems as if he has attended a thousand times. He won’t look particularly happy and excited, and he also won’t go to try all sorts of different kinds of food.

In his heart, nothing is more important than spiritual power, strength and the women that he likes.

He is also very happy to see Hao Huihua come and ask him to dance. She is unlike Wei Fangxia, who ran away and disappeared very quickly.

If these two beautiful women were both his wife, Wei Fangxia would leave him aside and wouldn’t care about him, while Hao Huihua obviously would care more about his feelings. When he was alone, she would always appear by his side.

Li Yong sees that Hao Huihua is wearing a piece of gorgeous purple dress with exquisite makeup. Her hair is tied up in a bun. Her lip gloss is tempting. Obviously she has dressed herself up deliberately.

“Miss, miss.” A middle-aged man is following Hao Huihua. This man looks like an upper-class man. His gestures and expressions are dignified. Apparently, he is a man with real power.

The middle-aged man invites Hao Huihua to dance, but Hao Huihua refuses.

Seeing that Hao Huihua is holding Li Yong’s hand, he has to go elsewhere. But he still looks at Hao Huihua from time to time. Obviously he has been obsessed with Hao Huihua’s beauty.

Li Yong feels the coordination ability of his body and takes a look at other people’s dancing posture and footwork. Then he becomes confident and thinks that dancing is much easier than practicing.

“Is it like this?” He asks as he dances.

“Can’t you dance?” Hao Huihua chuckles.

“Do you think I can dance or not?”

“I think you are very skillful.”

“Actually, it’s my first time to dance.” Li Yong says with a smile.

“Liar, how can you dance so well if it’s your first time?” Hao Huihua does not believe.

Li Yong suddenly finds that when Hao Huihua says he is a liar, she curls her lip slightly, which is very charming.

It’s thousands of times better than that when Wei Fangxia said he was a liar. Wei Fangxia always looks fierce, as if no one can refute what she believes, which makes Li Yong have no fantasy about her. But Hao Huihua said it naughtily and calmly and her expression changed slightly, making Li Yong feel her faint affection.

“It’s the first time I’ve danced with you.” Li Yong says.

“It’s my first time too!” Hao Huihua smiles.

“It’s the first time I’ve noticed that you’re so sexy.” Li Yong looks at Hao Huihua’s graceful figure. He gently pats Hao Huihua’s butts when they pass each other.

“Really?” Hao Huihua blushes. The feeling on her butts makes her feel very excited.

If it is Wei Fangxia, she will also feel excited, but she will never be docile and shy like Hao Huihua. If Li Yong pats her butts on such an occasion, she will be angry and think that Li Yong doesn’t respect her. She will scold and warn Li Yong.

After dancing for a while, Li Yong finds that patting the partner’s butts is nothing at all. Some people have hugged together. Not only do young men and women do this, but also some old men and women do this too.

Under his clairvoyant vision, a pair of young man and woman is kissing while dancing. The woman is a Thai aristocrat and the man is from Huaxia. Another pair of old man and woman who are about sixty to seventy years old is hugging each other tightly.Visit vi p novel. com

Li Yong doesn’t know the old woman, but the old man is the head of the Huaxia delegation.

They’re saying parting words. Apparently they are reluctant to leave each other tomorrow.

Li Yong then sees Sui Yezhu dancing with a Thai old man. They are really dancing, and they do nothing indecent in the darkness of the dance floor. Sui Yezhu is composed and the old man looks decent.

In this kind of environment full of the decadent breath of noblemen and romantic atmosphere, people who are not associated with them are especially valuable. Li Yong admires Sui Yezhu, but he himself is unwilling to be that kind of person.

When he discovers that in 100 pairs of dancers, at least 50 pairs of men and women are hugging and kissing sadly because they will separate, Li Yong becomes impulsive and suddenly hugs Hao Huihua.

Half of the impulse comes from the romantic atmosphere on the scene, and the half comes from Hao Huihua’s charm.

“Yong, you are hugging me too hard.” Hao Huihua feels that her big boobs are sticking on Li Yong’s flat chest and feels suffocated. She feels she can’t breathe and has blushed.

“Look at them, Ms. Hao. They’re hugging harder than we are.” Li Yong says with a faint smile.

Hao Huihua knows what is going on around them of course. Although it is dark, she still can see something. This romantic atmosphere makes her not be able to control herself.

She gently leans on Li Yong’s shoulder and lets Li Yong put his hands on her back. She says softly, “We’re leaving tomorrow. They might not be able to see each other again in their lifetime. That’s why they are doing this. We’ll go back together tomorrow and won’t separate with each other like them. People are easy to show their true feelings when separating.”

“People who don’t need to separate can also show their feelings!” Li Yong slowly touches Hao Huihua’s back with his hands, puts his mouth near her ear and says cheerfully.

Hao Huihua clearly feels the breath of Li Yong, which is like the breeze blowing by her ear, making her feel warm and itchy on her ear. She grits her teeth and says smilingly, “Yong, are you showing your true feeling to me?”

Li Yong tightens his arms and answers earnestly, “Yes.”

“Why?” Hao Huihua’s heart is beating quickly. At this moment, she gets up the courage and thinks she is very brave. The feeling in her heart supports her and makes her be a brave woman.

“Because I like you.” Li Yong says with a smile.

“Well, what do you like about me?”

Li Yong lifts one hand to touch her beautiful hair and puts the other hand down to touch her sexy long legs. He puts his mouth near her ear and says smilingly, “I like you from the head to the feet.”

Hao Huihua has been grabbing Li Yong’s coat and supporting his waist with both her hands. At this moment, hearing Li Yong’s words, she puts her arms on Li Yong’s back, hugging his waist like a snake.

“Your boobs are really soft.” Li Yong chuckles.

“Aren’t women all the same?” Hao Huihua wants to let go, but is hugged by Li Yong tightly.

“Of course not.” Li Yong affirms.

“How do you know?” Hao Huihua bites her lip and finds that she has asked an awkward question, but she can’t take it back. She looks at Li Yong awkwardly and finds that Li Yong looks as usual.

“My intuition.” Saying this, Li Yong suddenly takes his hands back on the chest and reaches to Hao Huihua’s boobs.

“No.” Hao Huihua is shocked and frightened. There are people hugging and kissing here, but there’s absolutely no one touching others. In the eyes of the nobles, hugging and kissing are etiquette, but touching is obscene.

“What are you afraid of? I just want to help you adjust your bra.”

Hao Huihua watches Li Yong adjusting her bra. When they separate, she hurriedly keeps a certain distance from Li Yong and dares not to hug him anymore. She doesn’t want to be hugged by Li Yong in this place anymore.

There are some acquaintances here. It’s not good to be seen.

“Where’s Ms. Wei?” Hao Huihua cleverly changes the topic.

Li Yong opens his clairvoyant vision to look for Wei Fangxia. He didn’t find her just now, but now he sees her.

Wei Fangxia is dancing with a handsome Thai man and she is very happy.

Seeing that Wei Fangxia looks so charming in front of a strange man, Li Yong gets angry and thinks that Wei Fangxia has gone too far. How can she be more enthusiastic to another man than to him?

He is jealous in the heart and suddenly finds that not only can women be jealous, but also man can also be jealous. This makes him not calm at all. He becomes a little resentful.

Even people like him can be resentful. He suddenly realizes that being jealous is a terrible thing.

You can’t be jealous! He consoles himself in the heart, trying to relieve himself.

However, he has regarded Wei Fangxia as his own woman. Seeing his woman dancing with another man, he still feels a little uncomfortable, especially when Wei Fangxia is so happy and charming. Men are selfish. He doesn’t like it when his woman shows her charm to another man.

“That’s Fourth Prince of Thailand.” Seeing Li Yong keep looking at Wei Fangxia, Hao Huihua says softly, “I didn’t expect that Fangxia would be his partner. Many women envy her.”

Li Yong finds that many people are looking at them. He doesn’t care who the man is. He feels strange that Wei Fangxia got angry as long as he had intimate behavior with her, but why does she become so open today?

Why doesn’t she get angry when dancing with a man who puts his hands on her waist under the gaze of so many people?

Li Yong becomes angrier as he thinks, so he dances with Hao Huihua and gets close to Wei Fangxia.

The teasing voice of Fourth Prince comes into Li Yong’s ears.

“The Huaxia beauty is really beautiful. You’re the most beautiful and sexy Huaxia woman that I have ever seen. I won’t forget about you all my lifetime. The door of my palace will be open for you as long as you want. You can come to me at day or night. I will treat you well, the beauty from the East.

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