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«Amazing Doctor With Super Vision (Web Novel) - Chapter 386 The Strange Ring

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Chapter 386 The Strange Ring

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Li Yong opens the clairvoyant vision and looks at Heiniao. He sees there is a strange ring on his finger. In addition to that, Heiniao has no weapon on his body except for his black clothes.

Is it a space ring?

Li Yong has no time to continue to think about it, so he takes down the Dragon Jade from his neck.

He looks at the Dragon Jade and hesitates.

Last time, he was almost killed by the pain when he took out half bowl of the spring water. He is especially frightened at the thought of that pain again. People who have not experienced it will not understand that kind of pain.

Those who have experienced it would rather die than experience it again.

“Hurry up, hurry up.” Heiniao has never been so fretful before. He urges Li Yong again.

At this moment, Lin Tao stands up feebly and walks to Li Yong step by step. He says nothing and just signals Li Yong with his eyes. Their minds seem to be connected and Li Yong instantly understands.

He grits his teeth, urges the spiritual power in his body and infuses it into the Dragon Jade.

The Dragon jade suddenly lights up like a bulb that is suddenly electrified. The light is not dazzling, but very gentle. Deep in the light, Li Yong sees a stream flowing with clear water clearly.

He thinks and one wisp of the spring water suddenly flies out.

The Dragon Jade suddenly darkens and then becomes a ray of dazzling white light. It flashes and disappears.

This time, Li Yong doesn’t feel pain in his head, but he is startled and thinks the Dragon Jade has been snatched away by Heiniao. He looks at Heiniao and sees him reaching out his hand. Heiniao obviously wants to snatch away the Dragon Jade.

But the Dragon jade flew too quickly. Even Heiniao couldn’t grab it with his speed.

He takes back his hand and also looks very surprised and confused.

“Where is my Dragon Jade? Where is my Dragon Jade?” Li Yong shouts angrily. However, he feels that the Dragon Jade has flown into his body and is suspended above the vortex of spiritual power.

However, he still looks angry, sad and fretful. He deliberately shows these emotions to Heiniao.

He sees that Heiniao has become greedy and definitely wants to make the Dragon Jade as his own.

The Dragon Jade is extremely important to Li Yong. He won’t exchange it with anything. If Heiniao really comes to snatch it, Li Yong will fight desperately with him even at the risk of his life. He can’t lose the Dragon Jade. He feels that there are still many wonders in the Dragon Jade that he doesn’t know.

Now, the Dragon Jade suddenly disappeared in front of Heiniao. Even Heiniao didn’t see where it flew to, so he can’t force Li Yong and has to give up.

Fortunately, there is half bowl of spring water in the white jade bowl. Heiniao picks it up and wants to drink it up immediately. But he remembers that how Xiaohua became a baby after drinking this spring water and that although Lin Tao became young after drinking it, his kung fu also went back to the level of his youth.

Otherwise, he couldn’t have controlled Lin Tao with his strength.

Thinking of this, he doesn’t drink it immediately, but holds the white jade bowl and laughs, “Good, good. Man, I’ve released Lin Tao and you’ve taken the spring water of rejuvenation for me. Our deal is done.”

Li Yong looks at Heiniao and says nothing. He is waiting for him to drink it. As long as Heiniao drinks it and becomes young, he’ll lose some of his power. At that time, Li Yong and Lin Tao will take action together to kill Heiniao.

Lin Tao also looks at Heiniao. Seeing that Heiniao still doesn’t drink it, he can’t help urging, “Heiniao, drink it! You’ll become young like me as long as you drink it. You can live your life again and make great achievements.”

“I know what you’re thinking. Do you want to kill me after I drink the spring water? Ha-ha-ha… I don’t kill you, but you want to kill me. Do you know that if I want to kill you, I can do it now easily?” Heiniao smirks gloomily, which is very scary.

“You can have a try.” They didn’t expect that Heiniao saw through their purpose, so Lin Tao takes a step forward and stands in front of Li Yong. His power has been slightly restored. Although he is still very weak, he feels that only if he is able to withstand one hit of Heiniao, he can buy Li Yong some time to escape.

Li Yong can’t withstand one punch of Heiniao and can’t stop him at all. Then neither of them can escape.

Li Yong also becomes nervous. He knows how terrible Heiniao is now. If Heiniao wants to kill them, he and Lin Tao are no match for him and might both die.

“Lin Tao, I won’t kill you today, and you can’t bother me in the future, okay?” Heiniao and Lin Tao look at each other for a moment. Then Heiniao suddenly softens and discusses with them.

He knows that he will be no match for Lin Tao after he drinks the spring water. He spares Lin Tao’s life now, because for one thing, he is afraid of the revenge of the Nanshan School, and for the other thing, he doesn’t want to be hunted down by Lin Tao in the future.

“Okay.” Lin Tao says without any hesitation. He agrees at once.

He has to compromise in order to survive, because he knows the cruelty of Heiniao. If Heiniao is really infuriated, he and Li Yong might really die here. The most important thing now is to live.

Before Heiniao drinks the spring water, they can’t withstand his powerful strength.

“Good, remember, we’ll mind only our own business and can’t interfere with each other.” The white jade bowl in Heiniao’s hand suddenly disappears. Then he jumps out of the window and disappears outside.

“This old fox… I’ll kill him one day.” Lin Tao looks out of the window and says resentfully.

“Master, how did he take the white jade bowl away?” Li Yong asks the doubt in his heart.

“He has a space ring.” Lin Tao says faintly. Then he takes back his gaze, looks at Li Yong and says, “Why have you come to Thailand? Did you have any trouble here?”Visit vi p novel. com

Seeing Lin Tao’s sparkling eyes, Li Yong finds that Lin Tao’s spiritual outlook is getting better and even his body becomes tall and straight. Li Yong says smilingly, “Master, I came here for a trip! I have a trouble… There is a monk trying to kill me.”

“Monk? What monk?” Lin Tao squints his eyes and asks faintly.

“His name is Master Fang.” Li Yong thinks this should be the monk’s nickname. He doesn’t know whether Lin Tao knows him.

“This bad monk… He should have been dead. How dare he try to kill my disciple? I’m going to kill him now.” Lin Tao obviously knows him and he is very angry. It seems that there is an unpleasant past between him and Master Fang.

Before Li Yong can say a few more words, his master disappears.

He leans on the windowsill and looks out, but he sees nothing. He didn’t expect that his master was still so powerful. He hasn’t eaten for 15 days and only drank two glasses of water just now, but he is already vigorous now.

Li Yong regrets for not stopping his master. He wants to ask his master about the Nanshan School as well as the news of Yang Changkong. Director Yang has been looking for Yang Changkong, and Li Yong is also eager to find him.

However, Lin Tao has run away and vanished. It’s too late for Li Yong to ask.

Li Yong turns around helplessly and looks at Wei Fangxia who is on the bed.

He walks over quickly and urges his spiritual power to unlock the acupoints for Wei Fangxia.

Heiniao’s method of hitting the acupoint from a distance is really powerful. Li Yong works for half an hour with all his strength and becomes exhausted to unlock all the acupoints. Wei Fangxia finally opens her eyes.

Wei Fangxia stretches herself and says, “It is not very difficult to practice the method. I’ve been sitting for so long that my waist is sour and my butts are painful. But I’m feeling very good. Let’s go to eat breakfast! I’ll continue to practice after breakfast.”

“Breakfast? Do you know what time it is now?” Li Yong asks with a smile.

Wei Fangxia looks out of the window and is puzzled, “Why is it dark now?”

“You were too concentrated on practicing and the day has passed unconsciously.”

“Oh, my god. It’s so amazing to practice. I don’t feel anything. I haven’t eaten all day and I’m not hungry.” Wei Fangxia jumps out of bed and runs to the toilet as she speaks.

She doesn’t feel hungry, but she really has a full bladder.

Everyone has to pee and poop every day except for eating and drinking. Whether for men or women, presidents or ordinary people, they are all the same. If someone is hit on the acupoints for three days, he will not starve to death, but will most likely be killed by his full bladder.

Wei Fangxia feels hungry after she walked out of the bathroom, so she pulls Li Yong to have dinner in the hotel.

At this moment, Li Yong receives a call from Hao Huihua who asks him to go to the Thai Imperial Palace.

It turns out that the Huaxia delegation is leaving tomorrow. On behalf of the Thai people, a lord of Thailand is going to hold an appreciation banquet to see them off. He has invited all the members of the delegation to the banquet at the palace. Li Yong and Wei Fangxia are also invited.

When Li Yong and Wei Fangxia arrive there, the banquet is just beginning.

Wei Fangxia is really flattered. She didn’t expect that she could attend such a high-standard banquet. After arriving here, she is shocked by the grandeur of the scene. It’s even more magnificent than the scenes in films.

“Yong, your clothes are too plain. You’re like a clodhopper compared with those socialites.” After looking at Li Yong for a moment, Wei Fangxia hurriedly walks away and keeps a distance of about three meters from him.

Li Yong smiles faintly, “My appearance is a little plain, but I am well-educated. They are clodhoppers compared with my good education.” Saying this, Li Yong arrogantly shakes his hair that is one inch long.

“I’m going to dance.” Wei Fangxia leaves Li Yong and runs to the dance floor. Her eyes are bright because she has taken a fancy to a handsome and tall partner. She has seen this man in the newspaper and admired him.

Li Yong looks around and finds everyone is bedecked with jewels, and someone has put on the jade he has just sold.

He begins to think and more than one hundred wisps of spiritual power fly into his body at once, supplementing his consumption in the last few days. He suddenly discovers that the Dragon Jade that is suspended above the vortex of spiritual power will absorb the excess power in his body after the vortex has been saturated, so that the spiritual power will not dissipate.

A few dozen wisps of spare spiritual power are all absorbed by the Dragon Jade.

Can Dragon Jade also store the spiritual power?

Li Yong thinks again and more than a hundred wisps of spiritual power fly into his body. This time, the spiritual power doesn’t enter the vortex, but enters the Dragon Jade. The Dragon Jade seems to rotate like a sleeping child who turns over and then keeps motionless and continues to sleep.

In addition to that, the Dragon Jade is still quietly suspended and has no change.

Li Yong tries to communicate with the Dragon Jade with the spiritual power. He urges the spiritual power in the vortex to feed the Dragon Jade.

The Dragon Jade doesn’t absorb. It has no response at all, as if it’s saying, “This is not superfluous. I can’t take it from the master. I won’t eat it. I won’t eat it.”

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