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«Amazing Doctor With Super Vision (Web Novel) - Chapter 385 Space Objects

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Chapter 385 Space Objects

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Li Yong sees that there are some impurities in the gold inlaid with jade hanging around Sui Yezhu’s neck, which is worth three million yuan. So he takes it in his hand once again on the grounds of appreciation. He urges the spiritual power secretly and removes those impurities.

This piece of beautiful jade also becomes top-class. Its price will be doubled at least.

Li Yong does so because he is really grateful to Sui Yezhu. If she hadn’t taken him here, he couldn’t have come to Thailand and couldn’t have made so much money in such a short time.

After breakfast at the hotel, they arrive at the gem exhibition site.

This is a gem exhibition from Huaxia, which has attracted many visitors because Huaxia has a long history and rich culture. Some visitors will have an intention to buy when they take a fancy to a piece of jade.

Li Yong sees that the head gives him six exhibition booths and the area is about 100 square meters, which is 10% of the total areas of the exhibition center. The head is really generous.

Because the quality of the jade is excellent, a lot of people are attracted. Some even exclaim and praise the jade. So there are more people gathering around, most of whom are wealthy and rich people. They have good vision, so they know how precious and rare the jade is even without the praise of experts.

There are a lot of people buying jade constantly. Someone even buys several pieces one time.

After just one morning, Li Yong has almost sold out his jade and he has made another 600 million yuan.

He thinks about it. Then he takes out the 108 Buddha beads and prepares to sell them.

He thought the beads would be hard to sell, but he has forgotten that Bangkok is the Buddhist capital, and half of the people here believe in Buddha, especially the rich people. Such exquisite Buddha beads are extremely rare.

Those beads have been sold out not long after they were displayed.

There are 108 of them and each is sold for two million yuan. Li Yong earns another 208 million yuan.

They are kind of gifts from Master Dou. When he fought with Master Dou, he destroyed 108 beads with silver needles. Thinking that they were worth 200 million yuan, Li Yong feels pity.

War is consumption. Fighting will cost money. Now, Li Yong has deeply understood it.

Since Li Yong has sold out all his items, he leaves the jewelry exhibition center and returns to the hotel early.

Walking into the room, he is surprised to see that Wei Fangxia is still sitting on the bed and practicing. He didn’t expect that Wei Fangxia would work so hard. It’s the first time that she has practiced and she does it for a whole day. It’s kind of self-abuse.

However, he immediately becomes nervous, because he finds that something is wrong. Wei Fangxia’s breath is blocked. Her body is rigid like a sculpture. She is obviously not practicing, but has been poked at the acupoint.

A breath of great danger suddenly comes to him. He turns his head abruptly and sees that the curtains are swinging slightly. A dark shadow appears in front of him like a flash of lightning.

“Heiniao.” Li Yong’s pupils immediately narrow. His blood freezes and he is in horror.

It is Heiniao who punched him hard and seized his master Lin Tao. In Li Yong’s mind, Heiniao is incredibly powerful. He doesn’t have the courage to resist when he sees Heiniao.

It is also the first time that his Divine Consciousness Method has failed. The method can cover an area within 500 meters, but didn’t find the danger in the room. Li Yong knows that he wouldn’t have noticed if Heiniao hadn’t showed himself.

If Heiniao is a killer, he is the target. He probably won’t know who kills him before he dies.

Looking at Heiniao who looks old with loose skin, Li Yong clenches his fists tightly, stands still without any expression on his face.

He dreams of avenging his master, and now the enemy is in front of him but he dares not to move. He even doesn’t have the thought to fight with him. Facing such a strong man, he knows that he will die at any moment.

“Man, give me a bowl of the spring water of rejuvenation and I will spare your life, otherwise I can kill you with my finger.” Heiniao’s voice is buzzing, making Li Yong feel dizzy.

He hurriedly urges the spiritual power to guard his mind, and then becomes sober.

“Let go of my master, or you can just kill me!” Li Yong makes up his mind, grits his teeth and says.

“Don’t you dare to threaten me!” Heiniao moves quickly and grabs Li Yong’s neck.

Li Yong has no chance to dodge. When Heiniao grabs his neck with the withered fingers that are like iron hooks, Li Yong now has the idea of dodging in his mind. It is obviously too late at this moment.

The speed of Heiniao is even faster than his thought.

“If I die, you’ll never get the spring water of rejuvenation.” Li Yong is not afraid.

Heiniao stares at Li Yong for a few seconds with his cruel, evil and ruthless eyes. Then he slowly lets go of Li Yong and says, “I can let go of your master. Give me the spring water of rejuvenation!”

Li Yong is relieved in the heart. He is unwilling to die at all. But facing Heiniao who is unfathomable, it is difficult to survive. In his opinion, there is only a glimmer of hope if his master can be rescued and make joint efforts with him.

Otherwise, after he takes out the spring water, Heiniao will still kill him. He doesn’t have the power to fight back and will be killed at last. Seeing that Heiniao has compromised, Li Yong feels lucky that he has made the right choice.

“Where’s my master? I can only give you the spring water after I see him.” He becomes more and more calm.

“Don’t you believe me?” Heiniao looks at him and his killing breath immediately stings Li Yong’s eyes.

Li Yong makes up his mind and insists, “If I can’t see my master, you won’t get the spring water.”

“Ha-ha…” Heiniao suddenly laughs. His laughter seems to be from the hell, making people tremble with fear.

Li Yong stands calmly. At this time, he has no intention to fight or take revenge, because Heiniao is too strong and he doesn’t have a chance now. He doesn’t want Heiniao to find out his hatred and killing intention.

Therefore, he looks very calm and hides his hatred well in the heart.

“Okay, you can wait here.” Saying this, Heiniao lifts his hand and points at Li Yong. Li Yong feels that a dozen acupoints on his chest have been locked. He immediately freezes at where he is and can’t move anymore.

Then Heiniao jumps out of the window and disappears in an instant.

“The legend of hitting the acupoint from a distance is actually true. One can actually do it.” Li Yong is deeply shocked.

Deep in his memory, there are method of hitting the acupoint and method of hitting the acupoint from a distance. He has only practiced the ordinary method of hitting the acupoint. He still can’t understand the method of hitting the acupoint from a distance. He didn’t expect that someone could do it now in the world.

“What a brilliant method of hitting the acupoint!” He feels it carefully and finds that Heiniao’s method of hitting the acupoint is very brilliant. The method can control a person for nearly three days. If someone is hit at the acupoints for three days without eating or drinking and just stands like a piece of wood, he or she will be nearly killed.

He tries to unlock the acupoints with spiritual power. At first, he feels that he is unable to do it. But he gradually finds that he can unlock the acupoints in about eight hours if he tries his best.

Eight hours seems to be too long.

However, it is impossible for him to sit here and wait to die, so he begins to urge the spiritual power and tries his best to unlock the acupoints.

An hour has passed. Two hours have passed. When he has unlocked three acupoints, the curtains swing slightly and Heiniao appears in the room. He is holding Lin Tao in his hand who is half-dead.

He moves his arm slightly and Lin Tao is thrown out.

“Master.” At this moment, Li Yong is able to speak. Watching Lin Tao fall down in front of him, he doesn’t know whether he is alive or dead, so he can’t help crying out. At this moment, he is very excited to see his master though his master looks very miserable.

He finds that his master is no longer tall and strong, but is thin and short, as if he can’t survive.

“Man, you can actually unlock the acupoints that were hit by me!” Heiniao seems to be a little surprised, but he doesn’t pay much attention. Then he lifts a finger and points at Li Yong. The acupoints on Li Yong’s body are unlocked instantly.

Li Yong hurriedly supports Lin Tao up. As soon as he touches Lin Tao with his fingers, the spiritual power is infused into Lin Tao’s body, making an all-round examination of him in an instant.

He finds that Lin Tao was not badly hurt. He is just too weak and seems to have no strength.

“He’s all right. He has just been starved for half a month. He won’t die.” Heiniao says with his abuzz voice, “Now I have given your master back to you. Give me the spring water of rejuvenation quickly.”

His master has been starved for half a month and Heiniao said he couldn’t die! Li Yong is very angry.

“Wait a moment, please.” Li Yong suppresses his anger and says friendly. He quickly puts Lin Tao on the sofa, brings a glass of water, and gently feeds Lin Tao.

He finds that Lin Tao is not only very hungry, but also very thirsty. He will die soon if he still doesn’t drink water.

After being fed two glasses of water, Lin Tao opens his eyes.

“Xiaoyong, is it you? Xiaoyong.” Lin Tao thinks he is in the dream, but he is still very excited.Visit vi p novel. com

“Master, it’s me. You’re all right now.” Li Yong tries to make a smile.

“Well, don’t waste my time.” Heiniao becomes impatient. He approaches Li Yong with one step and the killing breath on his body immediately spreads out. Li Yong’s heart can’t help beating quickly.

This kind of nervousness is involuntary. It is the instinctive reaction of the body. Li Yong can’t control it.

Under Heiniao’s coercion, Li Yong puts Lin Tao well and stands up. He says, “I need a jade bowl.”

“Here.” Heiniao has prepared everything. There is suddenly a large white jade bowl in his hand. He throws it randomly and the white jade bowl falls on the table slowly, steadily and gently, as if it has wings.

It is just like the fantasy. The white jade bowl appears in front of Li Yong steadily.

Li Yong opens his eyes widely. He is shocked again. What he saw was so absurd.

How was it possible that a white jade bowl that has the size of a washbasin can be taken out by Heiniao out of nowhere? Where did he hide such a big jade bowl? How did he carry it on his body?

Li Yong picks up the white jade bowl and has a look at it. It’s a real white jade bowl, not a magician’s prop.

This makes him even more confused.

When he is scratching his head, there is a memory bursting in his mind with a bang.

The information of space objects emerges in his deep memory. Once upon a time, a divine doctor got a space belt. He could put medicine box, medicinal materials, as well as his clothing and food in the space belt.

Does Heiniao also have space objects? Li Yong is very surprised.

What would that be? Is it a space ring or a space bracelet? Or a space belt?

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