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«Amazing Doctor With Super Vision (Web Novel) - Chapter 384 Top-class Jade Worth a Dozen Million Yuan

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Chapter 384 Top-class Jade Worth a Dozen Million Yuan

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Seeing Wei Fangxia closing her eyes sadly, Li Yong pats her and then Wei Fangxia opens her eyes.

“See, Ms. Wei, I’ve got it again. How’s it? Am I good?” Li Yong says complacently.

“Bastard, do you want to die? Do you really want to die?” Wei Fangxia scolds him loudly and suddenly extends her arms and hugs Li Yong. She uses all her strength to hug him tightly, as if she is afraid that Li Yong will suddenly leave her.

Just now, at the thought of Li Yong who would die in this absurd way in front of her, she was suddenly very sad and nearly cried. It makes her realize that Li Yong has taken an important place in her heart. She doesn’t want to lose him. She wants to keep this man by her side forever.

Being hugged so tightly by Wei Fangxia, Li Yong is also moved. He feels the deep affection of Wei Fangxia for him. He didn’t expect that Wei Fangxia, who is a violent and savage woman, also could be affectionate.

Li Yong smiles gratefully and says, “Ms. Wei, I am not dead. I just want you to understand that by practicing kung fu to the extreme, you can ignore guns and bullets. Some powerful people with special abilities can’t be killed even by missiles.”

“I know. I’ve known early that there are such people among the guardians of Huaxia. But you are a bastard. What if…” Wei Fangxia doesn’t let go of him. Saying this, she opens her mouth and bites Li Yong’s shoulder hard. She thinks Li Yong will cry out in pain.

Unexpectedly, Li Yong has no reaction, so she bites him hard again. Her teeth even hurt because Li Yong’s muscle seems to be harder than her teeth. She dares not to bite him again. She just looks at Li Yong’s side face and chuckles.

“Since you know it, you can start to practice! I happen to have a mental cultivation method that suits you very well. This is also what Director Yang meant. She asked me to teach you kung fu.” Li Yong says with a smile.

“But I…” Wei Fangxia says hesitantly, “Okay! I’ll try to practice.”

“Your attitude is not right. You have to make up your mind and only in this way can you succeed. You can’t do anything well with the attitude of trying, let alone practice.” Li Yong criticizes her.

“Okay, I’ll practice well.” Wei Fangxia says seriously.

“Then you should call me master.”

“Bah, no.”

“It’s all right to call me Yong.”

“You’re a pervert.”

“Well, the word pervert means the same to me as Yong.”

Saying this, Li Yong sits down at the desk and writes down the first level of ordinary mental cultivation method on the paper with a pen.

This is what Du Duoduo practices, and Lyu Chun also practices it. In practice, Li Yong gradually finds that this is the most simple cultivation method that is easy to learn. There is no hope if Wei Fangxia can’t even practice it.

“What is this?” Wei Fangxia reads the first sentence and feels it difficult to understand.

Li Yong explains it to her. Wei Fangxia can’t fully understand it at first, but finally she is enlightened.

Li Yong feels that it might work, so he begins to lead her to practice. Perhaps it’s because Wei Fangxia’s body has been transformed by the spiritual power infused by him and has become different. It seems that she is very suitable to practice.

Therefore, Wei Fangxia soon practices the internal strength. She is so quick, which even makes Li Yong feel strange.

Seeing that Wei Fangxia has sunk into the state of practice, Li Yong gently walks out of the room to find Hao Huihua.

He has sold more than half of his top-class jade and has earned more than a billion yuan. He wants to take advantage of the last day’s exhibition to sell all his jade. He estimates that he can make at least another 500 million yuan.

He pushes the door open rudely. Only now does he find that Hao Huihua has just woken up and hasn’t got dressed.

After hesitating for a moment, Li Yong asks with a smile, “Ms. Hao, may I come in?”

Although he asks so, he has walked in the room before Hao Huihua reacts. He also closes the door behind him and looks like a decent man. But he feels hot in his heart.

In his opinion, it doesn’t matter that he watches her naked since he has seen it long ago.

However, the shy and lazy look of Hao Huihua now is even more charming than the reserved and shy look of her that night in the water.

Hao Huihua blushes and has already picked up her clothes to cover the important parts of her body.

“You…” She really wants to drive Li Yong out, but Li Yong has already walked in very naturally. He has seen everything even if she drives him out. So she says nothing and just blushes.

“Get dressed! I’ll just look at you. I’ll guarantee with my personality that I won’t do anything else.” Li Yong looks joyful.

“Do…do you have something to tell me?” She asks softly. Her voice comes out of her teeth, because she bites her lip tightly and her lip has become purple. She is angry and helpless at Li Yong’s abruptness.

“There is still one day left. Can I sell out my jade? I’ll make a big promotion if the jade can’t be sold out.” Li Yong says with a smile. He does not want to bring back the jade here. In his view, taking jade back will be too troublesome. Perhaps he’ll have to declare customs and wait for approval. The jade may be detained by customs. Taking a bank card is simple and convenient.

“I just want to tell you that my teacher said the head of our delegation was not satisfied with you and wouldn’t help you sell the jade any longer.” Hao Huihua is also very awkward. She and Sui Yezhu were both criticized by the head of the team.

“Not satisfied with me? Why?” Li Yong seems to understand.

“The head thought that you had made a great fortune by the influence of the delegation and had a serious influence on the reputation of the delegation. He also criticized my teacher. She was also very awkward and let me tell you this.”

Hao Huihua says this as she gets dressed. She has jumped out of bed when she finishes talking.

Her body is beautiful and graceful. Li Yong can’t move his gaze as long as he looks at her.

After the initial panic, she seems to get used to Li Yong’s hot gaze. She has always been very confident about her beauty and sexy body. Many men were more crazy than Li Yong when they saw her.

However, she doesn’t like that kind of crazy men. Sometimes, crazy men can be lunatic.

Compared with those crazy men, she likes Li Yong more who is slightly reserved.

Even when he saw her most beautiful naked body, he just looked at her quietly. He didn’t do anything excessive or say anything flirtatious. This fully demonstrates the connotation and determination of Li Yong.

Although Li Yong is watching every movement of Hao Huihua putting on her clothes carefully, he is thinking about the special purpose of the head of the delegation. When he sees Hao Huihua putting the silk stockings on her sexy long legs, he comes up with an idea.

“Ms. Hao, take me to see the head of the delegation! I’d like to talk to him directly.” He says faintly.

Hao Huihua puts on her high heels and says with a smile, “You should have talked to the head early. At the beginning, the head praised you and said you were young and promising. He really thought highly of you. But you did not take him as a head and didn’t even greet him when you met him. So he had other views on you and said you were supercilious.”

“Hey, each time I saw him, he was surrounded by a crowd of flatterers. I thought he was too busy to talk with me, so I didn’t come up to say hello. I did it for his own good. Did he blame me for that?”

Li Yong is depressed for a while. He feels it is really hard to be a human. If you don’t flatter, you’ll be said to be supercilious.

“Hee-hee… Even my teacher will be angry if she knows what you said. My teacher also follows him all around every day. There is no other way. He is the head of the delegation. Everything should be approved by him.”

Then Hao Huihua starts to wash and make up. Li Yong walks over to watch. Gradually, the subject of their conversation changes from the head to other things. They get along very well with each other.

Hao Huihua doesn’t dislike Li Yong, and Li Yong likes to look at her. He suddenly thinks that sometimes he feels a different kind of satisfaction when he watches a beautiful woman get dressed and make up.

Then Hao Huihua takes Li Yong to the room of the head. Li Yong directly sends him a piece of top-class jade.

The head pretends to refuse and then accepts it smilingly. He immediately begins to praise Li Yong and says that Li Yong is a rare hero in the world. Li Yong thinks: I spent several million yuan to buy it.

The problem is settled with a piece of jade. The head not only allows Li Yong to continue to sell the top-class jade at the gem exhibition, but also specially arranges several booths for him to give him more space.

Walking out of the head’s room, Li Yong looks at Hao Huihua, and Hao Huihua also looks at Li Yong.

After they walked to a farther place and saw that there was no one around, Hao Huihua sighs and says, “Yong, you are really generous! That piece of top-class jade is worth as least six million yuan and you just sent it to him. Don’t you feel pity? In fact, the problem can be solved as long as you send him something that is worth about one million yuan. You should have discussed with me.”

“It doesn’t matter. I can just regard it as making friends with a bastard! Since the greedy head dared to accept, I dared to send. With this contact, it must be easier to ask him to do something in the future. I take it as my first investment in the social network!” Li Yong smiles faintly. On piece of jade is not important to him at all.

“Now, you should be able to sell out your jade today.” Hao Huihua is full of confidence.

“That’s good. By the way, where is Ms. Sui? I’ll go to visit her.”

Coming to Sui Yezhu’s room, Li Yong begins to chat with her about anything. As they chat, Li Yong sees that Sui Yezhu becomes happy, so he sends her a piece of top-class jade.

But Sui Yezhu doesn’t accept. She refuses firmly. After refusing Li Yong several times, she gets angry and begins to reprimand Li Yong angrily. Seeing that she really won’t accept it, Li Yong becomes more and more respectful for her. Such experts and scholars like her are the real hope of Huaxia! In the face of the top-class jade that is worth a dozen million yuan, she can remain unmoved, which makes Li Yong respect her greatly.

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