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«Amazing Doctor With Super Vision (Web Novel) - Chapter 383 Stupid Act of Committing Suicide

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Chapter 383 Stupid Act of Committing Suicide

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“Thank you for your praise, but I have to correct you. I am a kind wolf and not hungry at all. You can touch my belly if you don’t believe me. I’m really not hungry.” Li Yong picks up his shirt, showing his white belly.

“Hey, you can’t sleep in her room tonight.” Wei Fangxia orders him fiercely.

“Where do you let me sleep if I don’t sleep in her room? There is no room available in this hotel. Do you want me to sleep in the corridor?” Li Yong is very depressed. He thinks Wei Fangxia has gone too far. It’s the first time that he has felt a woman is annoying.

“Who let you sleep in the corridor? You can sleep here.” Wei Fangxia points at the sofa and says angrily.

Li Yong suddenly finds that Wei Fangxia is not annoying any longer. Instead, she is very cute. It seems that she has changed a lot and has allowed him to sleep here.

Li Yong immediately lies down on the sofa. He laughs and says, “Ms. Wei, you are so good to me.”

“I’m not good to you. Don’t flatter yourself.” Wei Fangxia immediately shows a ferocious look, as if she does it deliberately. Her personality does not allow her to show enthusiasm to Li Yong.

“Well… Can I take off my clothes?” Li Yong asks with a smile.

“No.” Wei Fangxia shouts.

“Can I take off my underpants?” Li Yong asks happily.

“No.” Wei Fangxia is already angry.

“I’ll take off my underpants only and won’t take off my pants. Why not?” Li Yong is puzzled.

“Bastard, you just can’t.” Wei Fangxia almost goes crazy. How can he take off his underpants without taking off his pants? She can’t figure it out.

“Well… Can I take off my socks?” Li Yong points at his feet.

“Hum.” Wei Fangxia doesn’t want to answer. She is annoyed by such questions.

Lying on the sofa, Li Yong tosses and turns and then says, “Ms. Wei, I can’t sleep while wearing my clothes! I’m used to sleeping naked, or I’ll lose sleep. I’m not afraid of you looking at me. I’m going to take them off! I’m really going to do it!”

“No!” Wei Fangxia shouts.

“I didn’t ask you to do it. Why are you so excited? Or I’ll just live in Ms. Hao’s room. Ms. Hao is not so fastidious as you. She will allow me to take off my clothes. She’ll even help me do it.” Li Yong keeps sighing.

“Really?” Wei Fangxia feels incredible. Today she was really angry when she learned from Hao Huihua that Li Yong slept in her room. But she didn’t show it in front of Hao Huihua.

Hao Huihua told her that Li Yong only slept on the sofa. She didn’t ask whether Li Yong took off his clothes. She didn’t even think about this question. Now she thinks that it was really possible for Li Yong to take off his clothes in Hao Huihua’s room, which makes her even more sad.

It is as if her treasure has been robbed by someone else. She is indescribably sad.

“Of course it’s true. Why do I need to lie to you? You are both women, but why are you so different?” Li Yong sighs and sits up, “If you don’t let me take off my clothes, I’ll go to Ms. Hao’s room.”

“Don’t you dare!” Wei Fangxia becomes an angry bird. She even wants to kill Li Yong who is as stupid as a pig.

“You don’t let me take off my clothes, so I’ll go to her room. You can’t interfere with my freedom.” Li Yong insists.

Wei Fangxia thinks for a moment and says reluctantly, “Okay, you can take off your clothes! But don’t let me see it.”

“You won’t see it if you close your eyes.” Li Yong quickly takes off his clothes and jumps on the sofa, as if he is showing off his body. Seeing that Wei Fangxia really closes her eyes, turns away her head, and doesn’t look at him, Li Yong stops showing off, lies down on the sofa and begins to practice.

Wei Fangxia feels that Li Yong becomes silent, so she looks at the sofa. She finds that Li Yong has closed his eyes and is breathing regularly, as if he has fallen asleep. Wei Fangxia wonders, “Has he fallen asleep so fast?”

Then she can’t take her eyes back, because Li Yong didn’t cover himself with the quilt after he took off all his clothes. He just lies on the sofa with both arms above his head. He has fallen asleep this way. Why should Wei Fangxia mind it when facing a man who has fallen asleep? She can just stare at him, and it’s okay even if she scolds him!

Therefore, Wei Fangxia opens her eyes widely and looks at Li Yong as she wants by the light in the room.

This night, she looks at Li Yong thousands of times. She is even more dedicated than the biologists who study the human body.

One who has seen the ocean thinks nothing of mere rivers.

Having seen Li Yong’s body, she feels deeply that she is no longer interested in any other men.

In her eyes, no other man could be more like a man than Li Yong.

Because Li Yong is not only muscular, powerful and handsome, his penis is also very strong. She has experienced it and can’t forget it. Sometimes she even misses it.

How can a man who is as perfect as Li Yong be stained by lustful personality?

Wei Fangxia feels that she should look at Li Yong from a different angle. At this moment, she realizes that perhaps the lustful personality is not a shortcoming of a man. Sometimes it can be a merit.

Even Li Yong himself doesn’t know his merits.

He really doesn’t know that his body and temperament have become better since he practiced the Reviving Method. Especially after he practiced the spiritual power, his body has changed dramatically again. It seems that he is more handsome than any other men. Even his look is full of masculine charm when he is sleeping.

Besides, as he practices, his body is become more and more perfect.

This night, facing Li Yong’s charming naked body, Wei Fangxia is more and more obsessed, just like that night beside the river, Hao Huihua appreciated Li Yong secretly for a whole night. She also showed her desire and appreciation of Li Yong.

It is like a small flame in her heart. Once it’s ignited, it will burn more and more vigorously and can’t be extinguished.

At night when all is still, she asks herself if she really wants to own this powerful body.

But when she wakes up the next day, she pretends to close her eyes and urges Li Yong to get dressed.

Only when Li Yong has got dressed does she open her eyes. She shows a look with disdain and pretends to be angry and dissatisfied with Li Yong’s behavior of being naked.

“Bastard, why did you take off all your clothes?”

“I’m used to it!” Li Yong smiles.

“Then why didn’t you cover yourself with the quilt?”

“Can’t you cover it for me?”

“Hey, why should I do it for you? Don’t you have hands?”

Li Yong has been accustomed to the inexplicable anger and yelling of women. He finds that the relationship between him and Wei Fangxia is just like the relationship between him and Han Lu at the beginning.

They just can’t talk with each other harmoniously. There are always all kinds of contradictions and misunderstandings between them. But as they get along and get to know each other for a long time, he believes that all the problems will be solved by him in the end.

He firmly believes that he can turn all the tigresses into gentle and obedient lambs.

Li Yong raises his hands and says smilingly, “I have hands, but I had fallen asleep. It’s a little cold in this room. You seem to have adjusted the air conditioning to a low temperature!” Saying this, Li Yong deliberately embraces himself with both arms, as if he feels a little cold.Visit vi p novel. com

In fact, he doesn’t feel much about the temperature. Whether it’s hot or cold, his body is self-regulating and he doesn’t feel cold or hot at all. This is another ability of his body.

“You should be frozen to death.” Wei Fangxia says ferociously and then bursts into laughter, as if she is very proud of making Li Yong feel cold. Seeing that Li Yong looks miserable, she turns the air conditioning down a few more degrees, which makes her very happy.

“Where’s your gun, Ms. Wei? Show me.” Li Yong changes the subject.

“Why do you want to see it? It’s a gun, not an ordinary object. I can’t show it to you randomly.” Wei Fangxia says seriously.

“You are so stingy. I won’t hide it if you want to see mine.” Li Yong says with a smile.

“Go to hell! Am I crazy? Why should I see yours?” Wei Fangxia says angrily.

“I want to do an experiment to see if my reaction is faster than bullets.” Li Yong picks up Wei Fangxia’s bag beside her pillow, clumsily unzips it, and takes out the black 95-style pistol.

“Don’t touch my gun. Give it back to me.” Wei Fangxia jumps out of bed at once and wants to grab it.

However, Li Yong has lifted the gun and shoots at the oil painting on the wall. There is a naked woman in the painting. Under the gaze of Li Yong with his clairvoyant vision, the bullet shakes off a layer of dust, flies out quickly and directly fires at the woman’s eye with a bang.

At the same time, Li Yong suddenly stamps his feet. His body flashes suddenly and chases after the bullet like a shadow. Sure enough, his speed has caught up with the bullet as he thought. He takes the bullet in his hand.

Seeing Li Yong lifting the bullet high complacently, Wei Fangxia opens her eyes widely in surprise.

She runs with barefoot, pulls down Li Yong’s arm, takes the bullet and looks at it. She is still shocked.

“How is it? Am I powerful?” Li Yong says proudly like a victorious general. He looks really awesome, as if all the people need to warship him.

Wei Fangxia punches Li Yong, blinks her long eyelashes and says in shock, “Awesome. You’re really awesome.”

“I’ll show you one more time.” Saying this, Li Yong suddenly points the muzzle of the gun at his head, like a scene in the movie Kung Fu. He pulls the trigger and a bullet is shot at his head with a bang.

The bullet is so close to Li Yong and is so fast. Wei Fangxia only has time to scream, “No!”

She thinks Li Yong has gone mad. If he kills himself, he will screw it up.

This is definitely black humor! Sometimes, a person can’t suppress the desire to show off and it’s normal to do it. But Li Yong has gone too far to take the risk of his life to show off.

Hearing the gunshot, Wei Fangxia’s heart sinks to the bottom. The scene of Li Yong’s brain spattering around has appeared in her mind. She closes her eyes tightly and dares not to watch.

It’s absolutely a stupid act of committing suicide! Wei Fangxia dares not to see the scene of Li Yong’s tragic death.

However, Li Yong is not the kind of person who makes fun of his own life. He is confident enough to play such a game. He lifts his hand to hold the bullet and is faster than the Evil God of Fire Cloud in the movie Kung Fu.

He takes the bullet and looks at it. From now on, he will no longer be afraid of guns.

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