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«Amazing Doctor With Super Vision (Web Novel) - Chapter 382 Don’t Touch My Body

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Chapter 382 Don’t Touch My Body

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They finally get back to the hotel. Li Yong hugs Wei Fangxia, but doesn’t immediately kiss her. He hugs her face to face and with his chest, belly and private part against hers. He looks at her pretty face and begins to rotate.

“Oh… Let me go! Put me down.” Wei Fangxia feels dizzy and feels that the hotel building is collapsing.

After rotating for ten circles, Li Yong stops slowly.

Then he opens his mouth, licks his lips with his tongue to lubricate them first. Then he suddenly kisses Wei Fangxia’s delicate red lips, taking Wei Fangxia’s anger into his stomach.

Kiss seems to be able to comfort people. Wei Fangxia no longer resists or struggles. She is stunned and just lets Li Yong kiss her. At first, Li Yong feels that he is kissing a puppet. Wei Fangxia is like a doll.

Gradually, Wei Fangxia has a reaction. She grits her teeth and refuses to let Li Yong do anything he wants. But she can’t resist. Li Yong just puts out his tongue and gently licks her teeth. Then Wei Fangxia re-opens her mouth and lets Li Yong do anything he wants. She can’t resist effectively any longer.

The more intense Li Yong is, the more she can’t help it.

He kisses her for ten minutes and Wei Fangxia is almost suffocated.

“Bastard, do you want me to be suffocated?” After they separated with each other, Wei Fangxia takes a few breaths and then scolds.

“I can’t help it. Your mouth is too sweet. I’m going to…” Saying this, Li Yong hugs Wei Fangxia again and throws her on the big bed. Then he jumps on her.

“What are you going to do, Bastard?” Wei Fangxia scolds angrily.

“I’m going to kiss you! You’ve promised me. You can’t go back on your words.” Li Yong says smilingly.

“I won’t. You can kiss me well, but don’t touch my body.”

“I want to kiss you on your body. That will be romantic.”


“Where do you run to? Do you think you can run away?”

“Ah, bastard…”

They play for a while and Li Yong kisses her for another ten minutes. He feels that Wei Fangxia’s body has become soft. She begins to moan, Instead of resisting, she reaches out to embrace Li Yong and responds to him.

When Li Yong tickles her tongue, she tightens her arms and hugs Li Yong more tightly, as if she wants Li Yong to be more provocative and violent. But at this moment, Li Yong lets go of Wei Fangxia.

He wants to let Wei Fangxia miss it. She desires for it but she can’t get it. Li Yong wants to make her feel itchy.

At this moment, Wei Fangxia’s hair and clothes are a little messy. She is so tired that she is out of breath, as if she has been kissed by Li Yong for a long time. However, she has become excited and her face has become red. She is looking at Li Yong gently.

“Remember, you still owe me three kisses. I’ll kiss you whenever I want.” Li Yong smiles complacently.

Wei Fangxia doesn’t reply. She just glares at Li Yong discontentedly and seems to want to say something, but she doesn’t say it.

She is tired after being kissed by Li Yong. Seeing that Li Yong has no further action, she walks to the mirror, combs her hair and tidies her dress. Li Yong becomes interested and picks up the comb to help her. Her hair slips through his fingers. Li Yong finds it very interesting, as if he is picking up a handful of silk-like water.

Wei Fangxia gets dressed quickly. She makes a light make-up and looks fresh and refined, like a fairy who lands on the world. Li Yong feels hot in the heart and wants to make out with her again for a while. But Wei Fangxia no longer gives him a chance. She does not want to dress up again.

After talking for a while, they go to the jewelry and jade exhibition. Wei Fangxia wants to sell the two pieces of top-class jade.

As she walks out of the door, Wei Fangxia orders Li Yong, “Don’t kiss me when there are many people. If you dare to do that again, I won’t forgive you. You liar, bastard, do you hear me?”

“I can hold your hand at least!” Li Yong grabs Wei Fangxia’s soft hand and walks out.

Wei Fangxia blushes and doesn’t take back her hand. Being kissed by Li Yong many times in public, she has also become cheeky and the state of her mind also seems to have a clear change. It seems that she is less disgusted with Li Yong’s intimate behaviors.

As long as Li Yong doesn’t go too far, she can barely accept it.

After they arrived at the jewelry and jade exhibition site, they find Hao Huihua. After Wei Fangxia explained the situation to her, Hao Huihua puts her two pieces of top-class jade on the booth. Someone buys one piece before long.

The jade was sold for ten million yuan. Wei Fangxia suddenly changes from a poor woman to a rich woman who owns ten million yuan.

She feels it is like a dream and can’t keep a cold and arrogant look anymore. She shows a charming smile and smiles brightly at Li Yong, as if she is the most beautiful flower in the world.

When she is overjoyed, someone buys her second piece of jade. It is sold for nine million yuan. She is so excited that she grabs Li Yong’s hand and leans on Li Yong’s shoulder. She says gratefully, “Thank you.”

“Call me Yong.” Li Yong has always been particularly fond of this appellation. He would like women who are older than him to call him this way. Wei Fangxia is three years older than him and she has always called him Li Yong or Xiaoyong. He likes Yong more than both the two appellations.

“Yong. I’m really grateful to you today.” Wei Fangxia becomes gentle, which is very rare. She remembers that Li Yong could turn ordinary jade into top-class jade by just farting. She looks at Li Yong’s butts and thinks that Li Yong’s fart is especially precious.

Li Yong puts his hand on her waist, pinches her gently and says smilingly, “Why don’t you give me a few more kisses as an award?” He says with a smile.

“Don’t even think about it.” Wei Fangxia becomes nervous after being pinched by Li Yong and hurriedly stays away from Li Yong. However, when she recalls the intimate behavior just now, she feels incredible that she even began to take the initiative to get close to Li Yong.

Then she deliberately avoids Li Yong and helps Hao Huihua sell Li Yong’s top-class jade.

Li Yong finds that the jade with the same quality was sold for more than ten million yuan yesterday, but is sold for less than ten million yuan today, especially the top-class bloodstone, whose price has declined dramatically.

Yesterday, it could be sold for 100 million yuan, but today it is only worth 80 million yuan to 90 million yuan.

He thinks about it and realizes that there are too many of them. A thing is valued if it is rare. The rarer it is, the more expensive it is.Visit vi p novel. com

Because of his arrival, top-class jade stones appear continuously. Those rich people often see top-class jade stones now, so they begin to offer less money. Realizing this, Li Yong doesn’t reduce the supply because he is leaving in a few days.

He wants to seize the opportunity to make a fortune. He will sell as much as he can and earn as much as he can.

He sells his jade as long as someone gives him money. He didn’t consume much strength anyway.

From a distance, he sees Wei Fangxia and Hao Huihua chatting happily and showing bright and charming smiles. Seeing that some people stop watching the jade but begin to watch them now, Li Yong is also very happy.

He wants to make the two women become his wives and believes that they can definitely get along well with each other.

A man is not allowed to marry more than one woman in Huaxia now. Li Yong wants to change his residence registration to another country where he can marry a lot of women. He’ll buy an island, marry many beautiful women, and live happily with them.

When Li Yong has fallen into his wonderful fantasy, he suddenly finds that Wei Fangxia becomes unhappy and the smile on her face is replaced by cold eyes and ice-cold face. She looks at Li Yong occasionally. There is anger in her eyes except for coldness. She even looks resentful on her ice-cold face.

Li Yong feels very strange. Why does she hate him again?

It didn’t last for an hour for her to like him and now she hates him again endlessly.

He walks over and takes the initiative to show kindness to Wei Fangxia, but he finds that Wei Fangxia doesn’t talk to him at all. She is very angry.

Men also want to keep their reputation, especially in this kind of top-grade luxury occasion. Therefore, Li Yong doesn’t continue to flatter her. He retreats far away and decides to deal with her tonight.

“Liar, where did you sleep last night?” Wei Fangxia takes Li Yong to her room as soon as they return to the hotel in the evening. She slams the door shut and asks angrily.

“I slept in my room!” Li Yong says with a smile as he plays with the jade. He has got a harvest today. He sold more than 50 pieces of top-class jade and earned one billion yuan.

“Which is your room?” Wei Fangxia sneers and asks.

“That one.” Li Yong raises his hand and points casually.

“Liar, don’t think I didn’t know that you slept in Ms. Hao’s room. Am I right? You slept with Ms. Hao, didn’t you?” Wei Fangxia asks fiercely.

Li Yong suddenly understands why Wei Fangxia suddenly ignored him and glared at him resentfully in the jewelry and jade exhibition center. She was jealous!

Li Yong is well aware of the brutality and bullying of women when they are jealous. When his wife Han Lu was jealous, she always became angry inexplicably, which made him suffer a lot and left a history of blood and tears in his heart.

“Ms. Wei, I slept in Ms. Hao’s room, but I didn’t sleep with her.” Li Yong says seriously. He thinks that this thing is not only related to his reputation, but also to Hao Huihua’s reputation. He can care less about his reputation, but he has to defend Hao Huihua’s reputation.

If Hao Huihua is laughed at and scolded by others because she helped him and let him sleep in her room, he will be very angry. So he explains seriously.

“I don’t believe it. Didn’t you do anything to her?” Wei Fangxia glares at Li Yong and continues to ask. In her view, a man and a woman sleep in the same room. How could Li Yong not do anything with his lustful personality?

“Ms. Wei, you have to believe me this time. I really didn’t do anything to her.” Li Yong says very seriously, “Don’t think randomly and don’t talk nonsense. I don’t care if you scold me, but I won’t allow you to hurt her.”

“Hey, what kind of person do you think I am? Ms. Hao is my second sister. I won’t hurt her of course. I am just curious. How did you hook up with my good sister? You sleep with any women you meet. Are you still a human?”

“You say I’m not a human?” Li Yong stretches out his arms and makes a handsome gesture.

“You are a wolf in sheep’s clothing.” Wei Fangxia grits her teeth and glares at Li Yong fiercely, “This is my highest comment of you. You are a super evil wolf.”

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