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«Amazing Doctor With Super Vision (Web Novel) - Chapter 381 One Kiss Is Too Little, Let Me Give You Ten Kisses

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Chapter 381 One Kiss Is Too Little, Let Me Give You Ten Kisses

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“The rank of the killer list is updated every six months, with only the top 200 listed each time. As far as I know, the prices of the killers on the list are more than five million dollars. If someone has accepted this mission to kill you, his strength should be under Master Dou. But you can’t be careless. Some killers have awoken their special abilities. They are very powerful although they are not on the list. You must be careful of everything.”

Li Yong listens quietly and then hangs up the phone. He also knows he must be careful of everything. But now he looks down upon those killers who are weaker than Master Dou! He’ll kill them all as long as they dare to come.

As a matter of fact, he most wants to know about Heiniao and Lin Tao, but there is no news about them at all.

The next day, Li Yong appears at the antique market followed by Wei Fangxia, who carries a travel bag on her shoulders.

Li Yong will buy the jade stones that he likes and put them in the travel bag.

After they visited many antique stores, Li Yong has selected 120 jade stones with different colors. He spent less than two million yuan in total. After he used the spiritual power to remove the impurities and change their qualities, each piece of jade has become top-class jade that is worth several times more than two million yuan.

“I get rich. I get rich!” Li Yong is really happy and feels that the world is beautiful and his life is very happy.

In order to thank Wei Fangxia for her following him all the way, Li Yong takes Wei Fangxia to buy jade stones because he thinks it’s hard for her to carry the bag. The two pieces were selected by him. He hands them to Wei Fangxia and says smilingly, “Ms. Wei, you can buy several pieces, too!”

“No.” Wei Fangxia refuses.

Li Yong gently gets close to her ear, “These two pieces are top-class. I’ll wipe them for you and they will become top-class. You only have to spend about 30,000 yuan to buy them and can sell for at least 30 million yuan.”

Wei Fangxia is touched. She has seen Li Yong’s way of making money. She also secretly tried, but when she bought a piece of jade, it didn’t change at all no matter how hard she wiped it.

The jade stone is still a piece of ordinary jade. It’s impossible for it to become better, not to mention to become top-class.

Now, Li Yong even said these two pieces could be changed. She says excitedly, “Really?”

Li Yong sighs and says, “Do you want to buy them or not? If you don’t, I’ll buy them!”

“Yes, I want to buy them.” Wei Fangxia takes the two pieces of ordinary jade stone in her hand and grits her teeth. She says awkwardly, “But I don’t have so much money! Can you lend the money to me?”

“Don’t you even have 30,000 yuan?” Li Yong says in surprise.

“No.” Wei Fangxia is embarrassed and lowers her head. She feels she is too poor.

But she lifts her head haughtily at once. She is poor, but she is also ambitious. Although she has no money, she has great ambitions and can’t be looked down upon by Li Yong. She glares at Li Yong and wants to borrow money in a reasonable way.

Seeing that Li Yong doesn’t answer, she immediately raises the volume of her voice, “Do you want to lend me money or not?”

“Why should I lend you? I can just give you 30,000 yuan.” Li Yong hands the bank card over.

“No, I want to borrow it. I’ll give you the money back. Don’t look down on me.” Wei Fangxia says seriously.

“All right! It’s up to you.” Li Yong thinks Wei Fangxia is pretending to be lofty. However, when he was poor in the past, he did the same thing. If a classmate invited him to eat, he would definitely invite this classmate. He wouldn’t take advantage of others even if he was very poor. Li Yong also thinks that a poor person should be ambitious.

Wei Fangxia takes Li Yong’s bank card and pays 30,000 yuan. Then she gets two pieces of ordinary jade.

After taking them in her hand, she learns what Li Yong did and begins to wipe the jade stones. After wiping, she uses her fingers to rub them, as if the impurities and spots will disappear after she rubs them.

“Are they really top-class jade stones?” After a while, there is no change at all. Wei Fangxia is discouraged.

“Of course they are.” Li Yong says with a smile.

“Why hasn’t there been any change?” Wei Fangxia asks disappointedly.

“You didn’t use the right method.” Li Yong says seriously.

“What should I do? Can you teach me?” Wei Fangxia says seriously. She doesn’t want to waste 30,000 yuan.

Li Yong takes one piece and says, “Look at me. Do it this way. Okay!”

Saying this, Li Yong rubs the piece of ordinary jade on his arm and then puts it behind his butts and farts at it. At last, he throws it into the air and catches it.

He puts his palm in front of Wei Fangxia’s face and slowly opens it. It turns out that the ordinary jade has been turned into a piece of flawless beautiful jade. It’s crystal clear without any impurities. It is absolutely top-class.

“My god!” Wei Fangxia is completely shocked. She covers her mouth with her hands and almost screams.

A piece of ordinary jade has become a piece of top-class jade. The price will be increased dozens of times!

“You can also try it just as I did. You can do it, too.” Li Yong says seriously.

After hearing Li Yong’s words, Wei Fangxia becomes more confident. So she takes another piece of jade stone, rubs it on her arm first and then puts it behind her butts. At this moment, she hesitates.

“What’s the matter? Hurry up, you have to do it at a stretch and don’t hesitate. Come on.” Li Yong encourages her.

Wei Fangxia is so embarrassed that her face becomes red. She says gently, “I have no fart. I can’t do it.”

Li Yong holds back his laughter and says more seriously, “This is an important process. You have to fart. Without fart, the jade won’t change at all. Let me help you! Come on, give it to me.”

After taking the ordinary jade handed by Wei Fangxia, Li Yong rubs it on his arm, and then puts it behind his butts. He farts again loudly, which startles Wei Fangxia.

In fact, no one can fart whenever they want to. It can’t be controlled by anyone at all. Someone tries to hold back a fart in an important occasion, but he just can’t. Fart comes like a torrent and is unstoppable. Fart goes like spring breeze and one will feel refreshed. Li Yong heard that a boss lost an order of 100 million yuan because of a fart.

After that, the boss even wanted to weld his anus with electric welding. It took many people to stop him.

But Li Yong has spiritual power. He can control the flow of air in his stomach as long as he urges the spiritual power to circulate in his stomach. It’s too easy for him to fart.

This is a wonderful use of spiritual power. There are many other uses of it and Li Yong is groping for them.

When farting, Li Yong’s spiritual power has entered the jade through his fingertips. He consumes only two wisps of spiritual power to transform the ordinary jade into top-class jade in an instant.

Finally, Li Yong happily throws it into the air. The jade flips in the air several times, reflecting the sunlight like a light bulb. Then it immediately falls into Li Yong’s hand.

Li Yong clenches his fist and waves it. Then he stretches out his fist in front of Wei Fangxia and opens it slowly. Wei Fangxia’s eyes suddenly become bright and see another piece of top-class jade.

“My god! I’m rich now. I’m rich now. I’m going to sell it to give the money back to you. My god! I’m going to be a multimillionaire, too. I can buy a house in Zhonghai City. No, I’m going to buy a villa…”

Wei Fangxia grabs the two pieces of top-class jade tightly in her hand and is very excited.Visit vi p novel. com

“You needn’t give back the money to me. Just let me kiss you.” Saying this, Li Yong takes this opportunity to hold Wei Fangxia’s beautiful face and suddenly kisses her sexy red lips. He also puts out his tongue to open Wei Fangxia’s teeth. He makes a circle with his tongue in Wei Fangxia’s mouth and kisses her passionately.

At this moment, Wei Fangxia is obsessed with money. Her mind is filled with money and vision of a better life in the future. She forgets that they are on the street and she doesn’t notice that many people are looking at them. She even doesn’t feel that Li Yong is kissing her. She is thinking about how to spend the money and has forgotten herself.

Li Yong seizes this good opportunity. He feels that it’s not enough to kiss her only once, so he kisses her continuously.

Only when Wei Fangxia feels painful on her mouth does she blink her eyes and become sober.

“Ah… Bastard, stay away from me.” Wei Fangxia pushes Li Yong away with strength and becomes very angry, which makes the passersby to laugh. They are all amused by the strange man and woman.

However, their laughter further irritates Wei Fangxia, so she kicks Li Yong again with much strength.

“I’ve helped you so much. Can’t I kiss you?” Li Yong feels a little aggrieved. He feels he has suffered great loss after being beaten by a woman in front of so many people. But he can’t beat her back. Is he still a man if he beats a woman in front of so many people? Is it still a human being if he does so? This is a question worth thinking about.

Li Yong’s aggrieved expression makes Wei Fangxia feel sour in her heart. She also realizes that she has gone too far.

Regardless of embarrassment and shyness, she pulls Li Yong’s hand. She even doesn’t have time to care about how others talk about them.

She quickly takes Li Yong to a place where there are few people. She looks around first and then says gently, “Why did you have to kiss me here? If you want to kiss me, I’ll let you kiss me after we go back.”

“Okay, you said it. I’ll kiss you as much as I want after we go back.” Li Yong says happily.

“No, you can only give me one kiss at most.” Wei Fangxia blushes and says.

“It’s too little. Let me give you ten kisses!” Li Yong discusses with her.

“One kiss.” Wei Fangxia insists.

“Ten.” Li Yong is also very self-willed.

Wei Fangxia is very embarrassed. Her face is very red, as if she has a fever. She grits her teeth and says, “Let’s make a compromise, five.”

“All right, let’s make it five. I’ll make a concession of five kisses.” Li Yong smiles triumphantly.

After walking around for a while, they return to the hotel. Li Yong reminds her along the way that he is going to kiss her as long as they get to the hotel. He will give her one kiss today and one kiss tomorrow. He wants to kiss her for five days in a row.

There is another plan. He gives her one kiss this evening, one kiss tonight, and three kisses tomorrow morning.

There are other options. He can give her one kiss each year and kiss her for five years in a row.

He can give her one kiss this life and kiss her for five lifetimes in a row.

Wei Fangxia is so embarrassed that her face is indescribably red. Sometimes she would like to disappear and sometimes she wants to shoot Li Yong.

Fortunately, they are speaking Huaxia language. Fortunately, they are in a foreign country, where there aren’t many people who can understand them.

Otherwise, Wei Fangxia must be crazy.

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