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«Amazing Doctor With Super Vision (Web Novel) - Chapter 380 Offer a Reward of Five Million Dollars

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Chapter 380 Offer a Reward of Five Million Dollars

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“Goodbye.” Wei Fangxia pouts and says.

Watching Li Yong walk out of the room, Wei Fangxia feels disappointed. She knows how much she longs for Li Yong’s hand. She finds that she is addicted to Li Yong’s hand. It makes her feel terrible, but she can’t stop thinking about it.

Lying in bed, she is so energetic that she turns around and can’t fall asleep, as if she has been sleeping for hundreds of years and finally wakes up. She doesn’t need sleep or rest at all now. She just wants to find something to do.

But now it’s late at night. What can she do alone?

She regrets driving Li Yong away. They can chat if Li Yong is here. It doesn’t matter even if Li Yong takes advantage of her. He has done it once. What does it matter if he does it again?

“Bah, Wei Fangxia, how could you think this way?” She wants to despise herself, but she just can’t.

Li Yong comes downstairs and wants to book another room, but he is told that all the rooms have been occupied.

Reservation is only accepted here for the time being. If Li Yong really needs a room, he can pay the money to make a reservation. When there is an empty room, they will make phone calls to inform the guests according to the reservation sequence.

“Yong, what are you doing here?” Hao Huihua happens to come downstairs and sees Li Yong standing at the front desk. She makes a detour, walks towards him and asks smilingly.

“I… I want to book another room.” Li Yong says honestly with a smile.

“Don’t you have a room with your girlfriend?” Hao Huihua also deliberately aggravates the tone a bit when she says “girlfriend” to express the strange feeling in her heart. Then, seeing no one around, she asks softly, “Did she drive you out again?”

Li Yong is a little embarrassed and nods slightly. This kind of thing is really disgraceful. As a man, he took his girlfriend to travel but was driven out of the room by his girlfriend who refused to live with him. This is definitely the most painful thing for men. If a man has a girlfriend but he doesn’t sleep with her, he’ll be damned.

“If you don’t mind, come to my room to sleep for one night!” Seeing that Li Yong can’t get a room, Hao Huihua thinks for a moment and says softly.

As soon as she says this, she thinks that she is too bold. She is startled by her boldness.

She took the initiative to invite a man to live in her room, and the man has had a girlfriend. What should she do if others know it? What’s worse is that she’s actually afraid that the man will mind.

As the most beautiful girl in school, a successful start-up female boss, and an arrogant goddess, how could she do this?

How could she be so crazy? At ordinary times, she had a clear recognition of herself, but now she feels a little strange.

“Of course I don’t mind. Thank you.” Li Yong says gratefully, “Just let me sleep in the sofa.”

Li Yong didn’t expect that Hao Huihua would invite him to live in her room. He thinks: Does Ms. Hao like me?

Thinking of this, he is complacent and is very happy.

Seeing that Li Yong has agreed, she can’t go back on her words. Hao Huihua grits her teeth and no longer thinks of the terrible consequences. She thinks that even if the consequences are terrible, they can’t be worse than being stripped off clothes by Li Yong and washing her body in the river. As she has experienced the terrible scene and has had a considerable capacity to bear, she makes up her mind and smiles gently, “Wait for me. I will go out and I’ll come back soon.”

“I’ll accompany you!” Li Yong follows her.

“Well… All right!” Hao Huihua wanted to refuse, but she agrees. She seems to be very hesitant.

They come to the supermarket. Li Yong now understands why Hao Huihua was hesitant. She menstruates and is coming to buy special items for women. Li Yong follows her and has a look. He finds that Hao Huihua is a little embarrassed, so he quietly retreats.

Back in the hotel, Hao Huihua is also a little nervous. She looks around and is a little uneasy when she takes Li Yong into her room. It’s late in the night. She is afraid of being seen by people she knows. That would be embarrassing.

Because Li Yong has a girlfriend who is sleeping in the next room.

Fortunately, she didn’t meet any acquaintance. They walk into the room smoothly.

After small talk, Li Yong lies down on the sofa to rest directly. He urges the spiritual power in his body and practices secretly. He finds that his physique changes a little bit each time he urges the spiritual power to circulate in his body once. Although he is a spiritual body now, he is the tenth-rate spiritual body.

He can transform his body into a high-class spiritual body only by practicing constantly.

In this process, his IQ, physical power, mentality, audition, eyesight, perceptual ability, and other abilities will be gradually enhanced. So after absorbing the spiritual power, he has to keep practicing day and night.

It’s like going to school. You have to work hard and struggle. The more efforts you make, the more you’re possible to get.

In the process of practicing, the spiritual power is also constantly consumed. He gradually discovers that urging the spiritual power to circulate once in his body consumes one wisp of spiritual power. He needs to do it seven times a night. Seven wisps of spiritual power are needed.

Li Yong suddenly understands that he has just begun to practice the sixth level of the mental cultivation method. He is far from the perfect state.

Although his strength has been greatly increased, his physical transformation has not kept pace with it. In the years that follow, he has to continue to exercise his body and practice all kinds of perceptual abilities.

The next day, jewelry, jade and antiques transported by plane from Huaxia are officially exhibited in Bangkok.

Li Yong goes to visit the scene with Sui Yezhu, who introduces several well-known experts and scholars to him. Li Yong makes the acquaintance of them. However, because of his personality, he won’t go to flatter those arrogant experts and scholars. He definitely won’t go to ask them to evaluate his jewelry and jade.

In his heart, only jewelry and jade that contain the spiritual power of the air and the earth are the most precious. Other things are not important.

Li Yong sees that his bloodstone is placed in the most prominent position. He looks at the bloodstone for a moment and thinks that the bloodstone is valuable only when being placed here. He won’t take a careful look at it if it’s placed in his hand. Then he wouldn’t have found the beauty and features of the bloodstone.

Whether it’s luxury jade or fine calligraphy and painting, they will be valuable only when being displayed and appreciated by people. They can make people exchange ideas and thoughts.

What’s the difference between a precious thing and rubbish if you hide it and don’t care about it?

This is the spirit of sharing. Li Yong sends out the mental cultivation method. It’s also a spirit of sharing.

Then, Li Yong follows Sui Yezhu to visit the exhibition hall. He finds that many of the jade stones here contain spiritual power. It’s a pity that the spiritual power in the vortex has been saturated. He can no longer absorb. This makes him feel very regretful and pitiful. He really wants to buy all the jade stones that contain spiritual power, but he doesn’t have so much money.

In the afternoon, a Thai businessman wants to buy Li Yong’s bloodstone. Sui Yezhu asks Li Yong whether he wants to sell it. Li Yong has many bloodstones like this, so he wants to sell of course.

So he gets 110 million yuan. Then another piece of bloodstone is placed there. This piece also belongs to Li Yong. He’ll sell it as long as someone wants to buy.

At the end of the day, he has sold four pieces of first-class bloodstone and has got 360 million yuan.

Li Yong is surprised to find that the prices are higher at such exhibitions than the prices at the auction. He doesn’t have to offer a price. The buyers offer him with reasonable prices. Because they like his jade and don’t care about money as long as they like.

Li Yong also discovers that there are really many rich people in the world. Sometimes he looks at the number in the bank card and thinks that he is already very rich, but compared with those international rich people, he is far away from them.

Therefore, Li Yong plans to make money. He is going to buy some precious goods in the antique market, just like what he did in the antique market of Shikang City. He will look for some jade stones that are not very good and buys them at low prices. Then he will change their qualities with the spiritual power and turn them into top-class jade stones. Then he will sell them at high prices.

This is absolutely a profit-making business. He needs to spend about 10,000 yuan to buy a piece of ordinary jade. He will change it into a piece of top-class jade with the spiritual power. Then it can be sold for tens of millions of yuan.

The ringtone interrupts Li Yong’s money-making plan. He takes out his mobile phone. Seeing that it’s Du Duoduo calling, he hurriedly finds a quiet place and answers, “Duoduo.”

“Yong, I couldn’t buy the information of Heiniao and Lin Tao no matter how much I spent. I guess that they are very dangerous. You must be careful.”

“Well, I see. What about Master Dou? Do you have some news about him?”

“Master Dou is a monk who used to be one of the guardians of the Shaolin Temple in Huaxia. He was driven out because he broke the rules of the temple. Later, in order to survive, he became a killer, and he ranked 198th on the killer list. He is a very powerful man. You also should be careful and it’s best not to have a head-on conflict with him.”

“Okay.” Li Yong answers faintly. He feels warm in the heart when being cared about by Du Duoduo. Although he has looked down on the monk, he still says in a very obedient tone and is grateful.

He feels that a man who is cared about by a woman should be grateful to the woman. This is the most basic morality.

Du Duoduo keeps silent for a moment. She seems to think for a while and then says, “Yong, I also found that someone issued a mission to kill you and offered a reward of five million dollars.”

“Oh, is my life so worthless?” Li Yong is not surprised, but is still angry at the price. Is he looked down upon by others? He has hundreds of millions of yuan in his bank card and the person who wants to kill him offered a reward of only five million dollars. He is really angry.

“Yong, the reward is already very high. It’s about 50 million yuan. That’s enough to make a lot of killers take action. You must be careful. You can’t be careless.”

“What kind of killer can he hire with such a price?” Li Yong asks curiously.

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