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«Amazing Doctor With Super Vision (Web Novel) - Chapter 379 Psychological Shadow

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Chapter 379 Psychological Shadow

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After accompanying Li Yong for a whole day, Wei Fangxia can’t walk any longer. As soon as they arrive at the restaurant, she begins to rub her two long legs and keeps complaining that Li Yong was a woman in the last life and had never shopped. He keeps going shopping in this life, because he wants to make up for the last life.

“Do you want me to help you?” Li Yong asks with a smile. He really wants to help Wei Fangxia rub her legs, not because Wei Fangxia’s legs in silk stockings are beautiful and sexy, but because his spiritual power really can relieve Wei Fangxia’s pain now.

Although sometimes he stares at Wei Fangxia’s long legs and really wants to be obscene, he doesn’t have such a thought now. He has deeply realized that Wei Fangxia really hates him to do intimate behaviors in public.

“Don’t touch me.” Wei Fangxia is very reserved. She is afraid of being approached by Li Yong on such an occasion. It seems that she would be too ashamed to live as long as Li Yong came near her. She is still angry with Li Yong because he kissed her on the street this morning.

“You order the dishes!” Li Yong doesn’t insist, because it’s not decent to touch Wei Fangxia’s sexy long legs in the restaurant. He also doesn’t want to be pointed at by others. He decides to let Wei Fangxia endure the pain for a while. He’ll help her when they get back to the hotel.

“Why do we eat Huaxia food? It’s not easy to go abroad. Why do we still eat Huaxia food?” Wei Fangxia glares at Li Yong and thinks that Li Yong is really stupid. As a Huaxia person, he actually chooses to eat Huaxia food when there are so many restaurants abroad.

“It’s a taste of home.” Li Yong looks very happy. He doesn’t pay much attention to it.

“Are you homesick?” Wei Fangxia asks. She thinks that a homesick man is a good man.

“Yes! I miss my beautiful wife! My wife is very kind to me, especially in the evening… She always…” Saying this, Li Yong shows a lustful smile, making Wei Fangxia frown.

“Do you want to know what my wife and I usually do in the evening?” Li Yong asks cheerfully.

“No.” Wei Fangxia says seriously. She hates such a topic. For her, it’s not a question worthy to be asked. What other things can a man and a woman who are husband and wife do except for that thing?

“You really don’t want to know?” Li Yong is slightly disappointed. He seems to want to tell his privacy to others.

“That’s enough!” Wei Fangxia raises her voice and gets angry, “What else can you do in addition to reproduction?”

Li Yong chuckles and says, “It’s wrong.”

“Then what can you do?” Wei Fangxia asks contemptuously.

“My wife is different from other women. She always asks me for money and doesn’t let me touch her if I don’t give her money. She will be very enthusiastic if I give her money, so I have to try to make money!” Li Yong sighs and says.

Wei Fangxia feels very surprised. As far as she knows, Li Yong had nothing at the beginning. He married into and lived with the Han Family. The Han Family is so rich. Will they ask Li Yong for money? Li Yong really has some money now. But in Wei Fangxia’s view, Han Lu won’t care about his money!”

“Hey, I don’t believe it.” Wei Fangxia says coldly.

“I didn’t ask you to believe me.” Li Yong feels that he is innocent.

“Then why did you say it?” Wei Fangxia becomes fierce again.

“I was wrong. After I said it, I find that it is not good to speak ill of others behind their backs, especially my wife. I can’t speak ill of my wife. You can’t tell other people about it!” Li Yong says seriously.

“Ha… I’ll ask Han Lu whether what you said is true when I go back.” Wei Fangxia says complacently.

“You can’t ask her.” Li Yong pats the table and pretends to be angry.

“I will ask her.” Wei Fangxia is not afraid of him at all. She won’t give in to Li Yong.

After dinner, they leave the restaurant and head for the hotel.

Li Yong keeps careful along the way and uses Divine Consciousness Method to keep paying attention to the surroundings. He finds that his Divine Consciousness Method can now cover around 500 meters, which is twice as big as the area that his internal strength can cover.

He thinks that he can feel almost all the danger. No one can pose a threat to him 500 meters away, except a sniper. He can also keenly sense the bullet of the sniper rifle when it is shot at him. He feels that he has had the ability to dodge bullets.

Back into the hotel, Wei Fangxia blocks Li Yong outside the door again, “Don’t come in.”

“You don’t have to stay so far away from me! I won’t stay there for a long time even if I go in.”

“All right! You can stay for a long time. Do you hear me?” Wei Fangxia warns him.

“Hey, am I that kind of person?” Li Yong says arrogantly.

“Who is this kind of person if you are not?” Wei Fangxia recriminates.

Although she doesn’t block Li Yong outside the door, when Li Yong just walks into the room, she says solemnly, “Book another room after a while. You can’t live here. You have to be self-conscious. Don’t wait until I drive you away. Since you are a man, you should do things like a man.”

“Okay,” Li Yong answers faintly and says with a smile, “Are your legs still painful?”

“Of course. I’m so tired after walking such a long way.” As soon as Wei Fangxia sits on the bed, she takes off her high heels and puts her long legs in stockings on the bed. Then she begins to rub them herself. She wants to take off her stockings, but since Li Yong is here, she has to keep wearing them. She is afraid that Li Yong will stare at her lustfully when she takes off her stockings.

“Let me rub them for you and you won’t feel painful.” Li Yong walks over and sits next to Wei Fangxia gently.

“I don’t need. Don’t touch me.” Wei Fangxia says warily.

“What’s the matter with you? You won’t get pregnant even if I touch you!” Saying this, Li Yong ignores Wei Fangxia’s refusal and puts his hand on her calf. He thinks and then a wisp of spiritual power is transfused into her calf.

He clearly feels that this wisp of spiritual power spreads quickly in Wei Fangxia’s calf and immediately removes the fatigue of her calf. Then it spreads along the thigh to the whole body, like a clear stream moistening the dry earth and the earth becomes full of vigor. In the end, this wisp of tiny spiritual power not only eliminates the fatigue of Wei Fangxia’s legs, but also clears the fatigue of her whole body.

Wei Fangxia grabs Li Yong’s hand. She wanted to push his hand away and kick him to vent her hatred.

She regards Li Yong as a lustful man. She thought Li Yong wanted to take advantage of her and she has sworn in the heart that she won’t let Li Yong do it again. However, as soon as Li Yong touches her leg, she immediately has a feeling of comfort and cheerfulness that she has never had before, as if she has finally got what she wants. She stops pushing Li Yong but grabs his hand tightly. She presses his hand on her leg tightly and doesn’t want Li Yong to take away his hand.

At this moment, Li Yong’s hand has the magical power, as if it has become the most wonderful thing in the world and it is worth making efforts to strive for and possess his hand desperately.

She longs for Li Yong to touch her all the time. She doesn’t care where he touches her, as long as he doesn’t take his hand away.

“How do you feel, Ms. Wei?” Li Yong suddenly asks with a smile.

It is Li Yong’s laughter that suddenly breaks all the beautiful fantasies and desires of Wei Fangxia. She is startled and looks up. She suddenly looks incredible on her beautiful face and hurriedly lets go of his hand. She looks at Li Yong, blushes and lowers her head. She says awkwardly, “That…”

At this moment, she even stammers. Her mind is totally blank and she doesn’t know what to do.

She doesn’t dislike Li Yong’s lustful appearance at the moment, but thinks that he is a little cute. She is startled by this thought and hurriedly asks herself in the heart, “What’s the matter with you? How can you fantasize about this man?”

So she grits her teeth and says fiercely, “What kind of magic did you use? Take your hand away now!”

“I’m helping you get rid of fatigue! Are your legs still painful now? Do you still feel tired?”

Li Yong doesn’t take away his hand, but slowly touches Wei Fangxia’s sexy long legs. He thinks it’s her recognition of him as long as Wei Fangxia doesn’t push his hand away. This also makes him discover the ingenious use of spiritual power. A small wisp can remove people’s fatigue and make them refresh with energy, as if they become younger.

“No… I’m not tired or painful.” Wei Fangxia hesitates and tries to be fierce.

At this moment, she wants to be angry but she can’t, because she is really comfortable now. Every pore of her body is opened comfortably, as if she is going to dance excitedly. This special feeling makes her want to laugh and shout to express her feeling. She feels that not only has today’s fatigue disappeared, but also the previous fatigue and the last life’s fatigue has disappeared.

She has never been so relaxed and so happy.

“How is it? Am I good?” Li Yong’s finger slips up and touches Wei Fangxia’s thigh.

“Yes.” Wei Fangxia blushes and bites her red lip, but she doesn’t stop him.

“Next time, when I touch you again, don’t shout loudly. I touch you for your own good. You feel comfortable as soon as I touch you, right?” Li Yong is insatiable. He quietly reaches to touch the most sensitive part of her body–the back of her knee. He remembers that the last time he massaged here, Wei Fangxia’s reaction was the strongest.

“Yes, what do you want to do?” Wei Fangxia realizes something, bends her leg and dodges away. Her face is as red as the morning sun, and her breathing suddenly becomes hasty. It seems that this is really her sensitive spot.

Her strong reaction makes Li Yong realize that she still has grudge for him.

Li Yong regrets in the heart that he was too hard the first time and must have left psychological shadow in her heart.

Now Li Yong feels that he can’t be hasty. Haste makes waste. With his ability, Wei Fangxia will take the initiative to pester him, take his hand and let him touch her.

Thinking of this scene, Li Yong immediately smiles. He slowly stands up and says smilingly, “It’s late today. Go to sleep early. I’ll go to book another room and I won’t disturb you.”

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