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«Amazing Doctor With Super Vision (Web Novel) - Chapter 378 Vortex of Spiritual Power

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Chapter 378 Vortex of Spiritual Power

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After hanging up the phone, Master Dou bends his body and whispers to the woman in front of him, “My lady, Heiniao is looking for this man. Do you want us to tell Heiniao where the man is?”

“Heiniao and I are sworn enemies to each other. Why should I tell him?” The woman’s voice is sweet, but she is arrogant.

“But we and this man are also sworn enemies. We can get benefits whether Heiniao dies or this man dies.”

“What do you mean?” The woman blinks her bright eyes and looks happy.

“Tell Heiniao and let them kill each other.” Master Dou says resentfully.

“But Heiniao won’t believe me.” The woman sighs.

“We can let someone else to tell him.” Master Dou suddenly reveals an expression of ingratiation.

“Then you can go to do it.” The woman waves her hand and looks indifferent.

“Yes.” Master Dou bows and retreats.

Li Yong walks under the big tree, picks up the bird and looks at it. Then he throws it away, because he doesn’t know what kind of electronic equipment it is. It exploded after the bird died, leaving no clue.

Then Li Yong becomes more careful. He keeps looking up at the sky. When he sees a bird flying by, he will have a good look at it with the clairvoyant vision because he thinks the bird is watching him.

This makes him miserable, because there are too many birds. Some of them have already flown away before he can see them with the clairvoyant vision.

After returning to the hotel, Li Yong is so tired that he decides not to go out.

He even refused Sui Yezhu who wanted to take him to attend the jade seminar to meet the world-class treasure identification masters by saying that he is not comfortable. Hao Huihua also didn’t go. She is tired and sleepy after suffering a lot last night, so she has a rest directly after she went back to her room. She obeys Li Yong’s instruction and says nothing about what happened last night.

“Liar, you said you would be back soon, but you come back until now. Liar! Luckily, nothing has happened to you! If something happened to you, it would be too late to be regretful. You lied to me. You also lied to yourself! You didn’t take your life seriously, did you? Liar, will you lie to me in the future? Liar, you even turned off your phone. Why do you need your phone if you turn it off every day? Liar…”

Wei Fangxia is very dissatisfied with Li Yong. She stands in front of the bed and sets her feet shoulder-width apart. She puts her left hand on her waist and points at Li Yong with her right hand. She is very fierce and struggles to criticize Li Yong. She has been waiting for Li Yong since yesterday afternoon and Li Yong came back until this morning.

During this period, she made countless phone calls, but Li Yong’s phone has been turned off all the time.

She was so worried and thought that Li Yong had been killed by a killer. She even began to blame herself and regretted driving Li Yong out, not living in one room with Li Yong and not protecting Li Yong all the time.

When she was regretful very much, Li Yong came back without being injured.

What the hell is this?

So she bursts with anger and keeps criticizing Li Yong to vent her discontent.

Li Yong ignores her. He can hear far away and block the noise. He thinks about it and the spiritual power blocks his ears. Then he can’t hear anything, so he won’t get angry and looks calm.

He closes his eyes and practices secretly to familiarize himself with the surging power in his body.

According to the Reviving Method, when he practices to the sixth level, he can absorb the spiritual power in the air by using his body as the medium. However, the world now is different from that in ancient times. There is no spiritual power in the air at all.

Li Yong can’t absorb any even if he wants to. He can’t practice in this way.

Gradually, he realizes that he has to absorb more spiritual power if he wants to continue to practice.

There is a vortex of spiritual power in his body. This vortex is so hungry that it seems to be a great space. All his power has been absorbed by the vortex.

But as soon as his begins to think, the power bursts out of the vortex and is at the mercy of his thoughts.

He takes out the twelve precious gems with spiritual power inside and he bought them yesterday. When he wants to take them one by one and absorb the spiritual power, he finds that when he begins to think, the spiritual power flies out with white light, flies into his body and then is absorbed into the vortex.

He thinks again and all the spiritual power in the other eleven gems flies out and flies into his body. He is surprised to find that he doesn’t have to pick them up one by one now.

As long as he thinks, the spiritual power will fly out of the gem and fly into his body automatically.

He takes out the 108 Buddha beads that contain spiritual power and thinks again. The 108 wisps of spiritual power fly out and become 108 wisps of white light. Then the spiritual power flies into his body and then into the vortex of spiritual power.

But the vortex of spiritual power is still very hungry, as if it needs endless spiritual power.

If he puts jade that contains spiritual power in his hand to absorb, he can’t feed the vortex even if he absorbs it day and night.

Fortunately, he can absorb spiritual power as long as he begins to think.

In order to further verify the effect, Li Yong immediately gets out of bed and walks out excitedly.

“Where are you going?” Wei Fangxia has been staying with Li Yong. She sits beside him when she gets tired of scolding him and never leaves.

“Go shopping.” Li Yong says cheerfully.

“You went shopping for a whole day yesterday and you still want to go shopping today. Aren’t you afraid of dying of tiredness?” Wei Fangxia says fiercely.

“If you are afraid of tiredness, just stay in the hotel and don’t follow me.” Li Yong walks out joyfully, as if he is going to meet his wife that he hasn’t seen for half a year. He simply can’t hide his excitement and joy.

“I will follow you.” Wei Fangxia wears high heels and a piece of pleated skirt. She carries a bag in her hand with a police pistol in the bag and follows Li Yong closely.

She looks sexy and charming in these clothes and is a beautiful scenery both at home and abroad.

However, Li Yong doesn’t notice her at this moment and also doesn’t find that she is carefully dressed today. Not only is she dressed sexily and charmingly, but she has also made up and used perfume.

If Li Yong had discovered this, he would have asked, “Why are you so beautiful? Are you trying to seduce me?” At that time, Wei Fangxia would have retorted angrily, but in fact, that’s exactly what she is thinking.

When Li Yong comes to a gem shop and sees that there is a lot of spiritual power. He thinks and many wisps of spiritual power fly out of the gems and fly into his body through the glass, wooden door and human bodies. More than a hundred wisps of spiritual power in the stone are instantly absorbed into his body.

This kind of feeling is really very wonderful, making Li Yong very excited.

“Ha-ha-ha, that’s great! That’s great!”

He can’t help hugging Wei Fangxia and kisses her in her pink face.

“Bastard.” Being kissed by Li Yong in public, Wei Fangxia is scared and her face becomes pale, as if many people are laughing at her. She waves her fists angrily and keeps beating Li Yong.

Li Yong doesn’t care. He stands upright with a happy smile on his face. When Wei Fangxia is tired, he jumps and walks happily to the next gem store.

Wei Fangxia grits her teeth resentfully and hesitates for a moment, but she follows him finally.

“Liar, wait for me.” Seeing that Li Yong walks quickly, she shouts.

Fortunately, they are abroad and there aren’t many people who can understand Huaxia language. If they were in Huaxia, people would look at this liar and they may chase after him and beat him. Because most of Huaxia people hate liars.

“What are you shouting? Who is a liar?” Li Yong asks with a smile, as if he enjoys it very much.

“It’s you, a liar.” Wei Fangxia catches up with him and is still very angry.

“Did I cheat you out of your money or your body?” Li Yong winks and sighs.

“You didn’t keep your words, so you’re a liar.” Wei Fangxia sneers coldly. She feels bitter when she remembers that Li Yong has cheated her out of her body.

She is a good woman and has been keeping herself as pure as jade for more than 20 years. But she has been touched by Li Yong and Li Yong also touched her boobs, which almost has become the greatest pain in her heart.

“Okay, I’m a liar. I’m a big liar, okay?” Li Yong is in a good mood today and won’t mind at all.

He walks cheerfully into another gem store. He thinks and gets dozens of wisps of spiritual power.

So his face is immediately filled with a more brilliant smile.

“I call you liar and you’re so happy. Do you particularly enjoy being called liar and bastard by me? You’re a masochist and a pervert.” Wei Fangxia follows him and says angrily.

Li Yong chuckles and doesn’t care at all. He moves his feet and runs happily to another gem store.

Bangkok really deserves to be the largest gem trading center in Asia. There is one gem shop next to another. Li Yong wanders from the morning to the afternoon, and then to the evening. He doesn’t know how many gem stores he has visited in a whole day. But as long as a store had spiritual power, he would go in and absorb all the spiritual power.

He finds that his thought can absorb spiritual power that is about 200 meters away. He can’t do it if it’s farther.

Two hundred meters around is already a large area. There is almost no such big shop. Each time he gets to a gem store, he just thinks and the spiritual power is absorbed by him.

When he has absorbed ten thousand wisps of spiritual power, he finds that the vortex of spiritual power is finally saturated and can no longer absorb.

Even if he can force the spiritual power into his body, it will disappear soon.

This makes him realize that he can only continue to absorb until he breaks the barrier of the seventh level of the Reviving Method. Now he should have practiced to the completeness of the sixth level.

However, the barrier of the seventh level is much more difficult than that of the sixth level. It’s extremely difficult to break through without understanding, fighting, a narrow escape and rich experiences.

Li Yong calms down and feels that he can’t be hasty. He has to understand it gradually. That’s the only thing he can do.

So he stops going shopping and takes Wei Fangxia into a Huaxia restaurant to have a good meal.

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