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«Amazing Doctor With Super Vision (Web Novel) - Chapter 377 Don’t Look at Me

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Chapter 377 Don’t Look at Me

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“Don’t be afraid. I’ll help you get them back.” Li Yong comforts her and turns to run forward a few steps. The flow here is very gentle, so he easily takes the clothes in his hands.

Then Li Yong jumps onto another stone. He washes her clothes and smiles at Hao Huihua who is in the water, “Ms. Hao, I’m washing your clothes. You can rest assured and I will wash them clean. We’ll go back as long as they become dry.”

“I…” Hao Huihua really wants to say that she can wash them herself. But she sees that Li Yong is washing happily, so she doesn’t say anything. As a man, Li Yong not only washes clothes for a woman but also is so happy. This makes her feel warm in the heart.

After washing the clothes, Li Yong finds a clean stone and spreads the clothes for drying.

Although there is no sunlight at night, the wind is strong and the air is dry. This place is located in tropical area and it’s the dry season. Li Yong feels that the clothes will be dried not long after being washed.

He sits on a stone like a thinker. After a long time, Hao Huihua still hasn’t come back to the river bank. Li Yong turns his head and sees that Hao Huihua is still squatting in the water without wearing any clothes. She is too awkward to get up.

“Why don’t you come up? Are you afraid of being seen by me?” Li Yong asks.

“No, no.” Hao Huihua’s face becomes redder and redder. She can’t tell her true thoughts.

“I’m a doctor. I’ve treated a lot of women. There’s no difference between men and women in the doctor’s eyes. Don’t be afraid.” Although Li Yong says this, he doesn’t believe it himself. It’s absolutely nonsense that there’s no difference between men and women in the doctor’s eyes.

However, Hao Huihua actually believes it. She gets up and walks up slowly.

She covers her body with her hands, but she didn’t know how to do it. Her hands are too small and the body is too big. Her hands can’t cover her body at all. She covers her boobs for a moment, and then covers her private part, which reflects that she is very conflicted.

She looks reserved and her face is red, but she still gets up her courage and stands in front of Li Yong boldly.

The drops of water on her body keep sliding and dropping down, imperceptibly adding a different kind of beauty to her.

“Don’t look at me…” She feels Li Yong’s hot gaze. He is turning his head like a bean sprout.

Li Yong smiles and turns his head back. He knows that it is not good to stare at her, but he really wants to look at her. Therefore, he begins to look at her again not long after.

At this moment, he finds that Hao Huihua is also looking at him.

“Ms. Hao, you don’t let me look at you, but you’re looking at me secretly.” Li Yong says with a smile, “Ms. Hao, do you think I’m good-looking? You can enjoy it if you want to look at me. I’m not so stingy.”

Hao Huihua blushes again. She lowers her head quickly and is very awkward. She just wanted to see whether Li Yong was peeking at her and didn’t expect to meet Li Yong’s eyes.

“I didn’t.” She denies in a trembling voice. She is so embarrassed that she can’t take a breath and nearly faints.

“It really doesn’t matter. You can have a good look! We are all adults. In fact, some secrets are not secrets at all. The human body is just like this. There is nothing that can’t be seen.” Li Yong persuades her happily.

Hao Huihua turns around and covers her face with her hands. Now she can’t care about other places of her body.

Li Yong looks at her back and then lies down on the stone to have a rest.

He urges the spiritual power in his body and finds that the meridians have had qualitative changes. It’s easy for him to mobilize all the power and he can control and use the power more skillfully. Then he discovers that his feeling also has had qualitative changes. He can sense a speck of dust on his skin as long as he wants to.

When the wind blows over, he can feel clearly which part of his body is the first place blown by the wind and which is the second. He can sense the speed of the wind and the impurities in the air. He can also sense the strength of the wind.

He never found that nature is so mysterious and interesting, which makes him very happy.

Moreover, his ability to control his own desire has also increased. Facing Hao Huihua’s body that is like white jade, he can control himself no matter how eager he is and how strong his desire is.

He would have lost control if it had been in the past. He would use Ecstasy Finger Technique even if Hao Huihua resisted. He would make her docile and gentle and also make her willing to serve him.

He would go a step further to develop the physical desires of her body and turn her into a goddess of desire. Then she would seduce him with all kinds of means to satisfy his perverted desire to conquer.

But he didn’t. He feels that he is getting stronger and maturer.

He can have a good control of his negative emotions and evil desires. He will no longer do things that go too far.

He likes himself now very much. He feels that the spiritual power has changed his reliability and he has progressed a lot.

“Yong, Yong.” After some time, Li Yong is woken up by Hao Huihua, “The clothes are dry now and the sky is getting bright. Let’s go back!” She says in a gentle voice. Seeing that Li Yong wakes up, she hurriedly turns back and her voice is smaller. She is afraid that Li Yong will find out that she has observed him for a long time and has seen everything.

In the past, the male body is still mysterious to her, but now she has deeply remembered it in her mind and it’s no longer mysterious. This night, Li Yong slept for more than a half night and she secretly looked at him for more than a half night.Visit v ip novel. com

Li Yong sees that she has got dressed. She is just lack of a pair of black silk stockings.

Her long, bare and white legs are much more sexier than that when she wears silk stockings.

Li Yong gets up and finds that his private part has erected. Fortunately, Hao Huihua has turned her head away and isn’t looking at him. That makes him less embarrassed. He quickly puts on his clothes and comforts his penis with his thoughts. Gradually his private part stops erecting, so he gets relieved and sighs. He doesn’t know how long Hao Huihua has peeped at him.

“Ms. Hao, let’s go!” Li Yong walks along the river towards the road.

“Okay.” Hao Huihua answers softly and quickens her pace to keep up with Li Yong. She smiles and takes the initiative to hold Li Yong’s arm, expressing a hint of intimacy.

The figures of two people are overlapped together. From a distance, they look like a couple that are in love.

Li Yong suddenly stops when they almost get to the road.

Because he senses the danger again, as if the mysterious stalker reappears again. His heart beats quickly. He thinks that this stalker is really powerful and is following him so closely like a shadow.

He immediately senses the surroundings with Divine Consciousness Method and looks around with the clairvoyant vision at the same time.

The dawn is just breaking and there are no pedestrians around. Even though he sees through all the obstacles around him, he finds no one. There is really no one here in the wilderness except for him and Hao Huihua.

He feels very strange. How can he smell danger if there is no one here?

Can anyone be invisible? It is said that some people get special abilities of their bodies under special circumstances, in which invisibility is one of them. This kind of person is very terrible and is the most powerful existence in the killer’s world.

It can’t be someone who’s paid a lot of money to hire an invisible killer!

At the thought of this, Li Yong is so frightened that his forehead is sweaty

But as soon as he thinks about it, he feels that he is too worried. Even if an invisible killer comes, he can see him with his clairvoyant vision. His clairvoyant vision can see through everything, so he should be able to see the invisible killer.

But he hasn’t tried after all, so he is not very sure about it. Then he becomes fearful again. He always thinks that an invisible killer will appear in front of him the next moment and kill him with one move.

He stands still and looks at the surroundings with his clairvoyant vision again.

“Yong, what’s the matter?” Li Yong’s abnormal behavior makes Hao Huihua also become fearful. She holds Li Yong’s arm tightly. Then she turns around and looks at a distance together with Li Yong.

She sees nothing. There is just ordinary scene around them.

“Don’t be afraid. I’m here. It’s all right.” Li Yong mutters in response. His voice is trembling. Even he feels that he is not very confident. Because he can still clearly sense the danger and it seems to be close to him, but he still can’t find the danger in the dark.

There’s really no one around. There’s no one.

Since there is no one, how can there be danger?

Except for a few birds on a big tree, there is hardly any living thing.

How can there be danger without living things?

Bird? Is it bird?

Li Yong looks again at the big tree and immediately looks at the bouncing birds with the clairvoyant vision.

He suddenly finds that one beautiful bird is carrying an electronic chip. The danger is from this bird’s body. The smell of the electronic chip is different from the surroundings. Such difference made Li Yong’s Divine Consciousness Method judge it to be dangerous.

He understands at once that this bird is raised artificially. Someone is tracking him with it.

Li Yong looks serious and immediately takes out a silver needle. He waves his arm and suddenly throws it upwards. The silver needle is shot at the bird’s head like a bullet.

The bird lets out a wail, flutters its wings and falls down slowly. The other birds are alarmed by the bird’s wail and all fly away in alarm.

In a palace-like house, someone finds that the screen of a surveillance device suddenly becomes black.

“Damn it, someone has killed our bird.” A man shouts and scolds.

“Which bird?” Another man asks.

“No. 207.”

“Damn it, that’s the most expensive one. That’s a very important target. Report to the superior.”

Soon, they make a phone call to a luxurious temple in Bangkok.

It is Master Dou who answers the phone. At this moment, he is standing respectfully in front of a young woman in a short black wind coat. When he hears the news, he immediately orders, “Send more birds and be sure to keep an eye on this man.

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