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«Amazing Doctor With Super Vision (Web Novel) - Chapter 376 I’ll Help You Wash

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Chapter 376 I’ll Help You Wash

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She feels it’s hot and soft there, but in the next second it suddenly hardens and pushes her face away.

At this moment, Li Yong pats her head. She hurriedly looks up and sees Li Yong’s faint smile.

“Are you afraid of the dead?” Li Yong asks.

“I…am afraid…” Hao Huihua is frightened by the two words “the dead”. She has forgotten about embarrassment.”

“Then I won’t let you see. Close your eyes and follow me.” Li Yong supports Hao Huihua up and grabs one of her hands. Hao Huihua is very docile. She closes her eyes tightly and follows Li Yong.

But the grassland is bumpy and there is water. They stagger when walking. Hao Huihua can’t stand steadily in high heels and nearly falls after walking several steps. She has to lean closely on Li Yong and takes Li Yong as her backing.

“I’d better pick you up!”

Li Yong picks Hao Huihua up. Hao Huihua now finds that her silk stockings are broken with several holes. Her white skin of her thighs is exposed. Even the panties are revealed a little bit. Li Yong is looking at it with shining eyes. He seems to be smiling and lustful.

Hao Huihua becomes nervous and hurriedly raises her hand to cover. She blushes and her whole body becomes red. In Li Yong’s eyes, she becomes more sexy and seductive. He feels hot in his heart and is turned on. His hot blood is boiling.

“Do you feel painful?” Li Yong hurriedly uses the conversation to divert his attention. Because now it’s obviously not a good time to have sex. Even he feels ashamed to be turned on at this moment.

“Yes.” Hao Huihua gently inhales, as if she can’t talk because of the pain.

“Do you feel itchy?” Li Yong continues to ask.

“Yes.” Hao Huihua feels that her body is covered with horrible insects that are constantly biting her and eating her, making her feel very itchy.

“Your skin was hurt by the weeds. I’ll treat you after we get out.” Saying this, Li Yong walks forward. He wants to attract the boa constrictor here to swallow the bodies of the two snipers.

Fortunately, he didn’t kill the boa constrictor just now. It’s better to let the boa constrictor to clean up the bodies.

At this moment, the boa constrictor is still following him, because he was just too fast and left the boa constrictor behind. But the boa constrictor is looking for his smell and slowly approaches him. It is really a hungry boa constrictor, as if it has tasted the delicious human body so it tracks to eat human body.

In order not to frighten Hao Huihua, Li Yong doesn’t stop or hesitate. When walking on the high slope, he sees that there is an expensive gemstone ring on the sniper’s finger and there is spiritual power in the gem. But he is not touched. Li Yong looks at the sniper rifle that is more attractive to him at this moment.

He wants to have one and learn how to shoot. When he was a child, he loved to play with guns. All day long, he took a bent stick as a machine gun and imitated the sound of gunshot. He also let his classmates who were pointed at by him cooperate with him. When he made the action of shooting and imitated the sound of gunshot, his classmates would cry and fall down together.

It was like that the classmates were shot by a real machine gun. The game brought much joy to his childhood.

But he knows that he can’t bring a sniper rifle back to China. He can’t take the plane with a gun. Besides, even if he can take it back, the gun and ammunition control is extremely strict in Huaxia. He does not want to be a law-breaking citizen.

He’ll realize this dream if he can have a chance in the future! He feels that there will always be chances.

Hearing the sound of the boa constrictor approaching, Li Yong quickens his pace and walks down the high slope. He looks back and sees that the boa constrictor is devouring the body of the first sniper with its big mouth. Because the body is a bit large, the boa constrictor is shaking it head hard as if it’s adjusting the best position of the body in his mouth.

Li Yong doesn’t stop to keep looking at it. It’s enough to take a glance.

Hao Huihua looks up along the way. She looks at the dark sky sometimes and looks at Li Yong’s handsome face occasionally, so she didn’t see the body or the boa constrictor.

In Li Yong’s arms, she doesn’t see any cruelty and bloodshed. She thinks the world is still very beautiful.

They come to a small road. Li Yong places Hao Huihua on a stone by the side of the road.

“Ms. Hao, I’ll give you a treatment.” Li Yong says and takes out the silver needle.

Hao Hhuihua hurriedly says okay, because she has seen that there are bleeding wounds in her arms and thighs. Some places have turned black and purple. These were cut by the stems and leaves of the weeds, some of which are poisonous.visit v ip novel. com

When Li Yong carried her and ran, the stems and leaves of the weeds were as sharp as knives.

She sits down obediently and also raises her skirt to facilitate Li Yong to do acupuncture.

She only raises it a little bit. She is afraid that Li Yong will see her underwear. She keeps paying attention to Li Yong’s eyes and look. As long as Li Yong shows indecent expression, she will immediately cover her body up. She would rather not let Li Yong treat her.

However, when Li Yong is treating her, he is very serious and very focused. He won’t take a glance even if there are ten women around him who are naked and seducing him.

He’s a doctor, so he enjoys it most when he treats the patients.

This makes Hao Huihua feel good about him and she makes sure that Li Yong is not the kind of hypocrite who takes advantage of another’s perilous state.

Soon, Li Yong cures Hao Huihua’s wounds. Now, Hao Huihua doesn’t feel painful or itchy any longer in addition to the broken silk stockings, dirty clothes, scattered hairs and high heels that are covered with mud.

Li Yong doesn’t feel much better. His shoes are full of mud. His body is dirty, sticky, and smelly, as if there is something very dirty on his body.

“We’re so dirty and covered with mud. We can’t take a taxi at all. Maybe there will be some unnecessary misunderstanding when we meet the local residents. Let’s wash here.”

There is a small river beside them and there are some stones in it. This place is far from the city and the water is clear. Before Hao Huihua agrees, Li Yong has jumped on the stones in the river, takes off his clothes one by one and begins to wash.

“I… I…” Hao Huihua blushes for a moment and also jumps on a stone. Seeing that Li Yong has taken off all his clothes, she doesn’t take action. Although it is night now and Li Yong can’t see her clearly, she still blushes and her heart beats quickly.

The reservedness and shyness of a woman make it impossible for her to do that. She just occasionally looks at Li Yong. Her eyes can’t see through the night and can only see a rough outline. She can’t see the parts that she wants to see.

But even though she can’t see clearly, she still blushes and her heart beats quickly. Besides, she dares not to take off her clothes, because she is afraid that Li Yong will look at her. She thinks that Li Yong can’t see her body clearly, but she is still afraid.

Li Yong doesn’t care about her. After a quick wash, he washes his clothes in the river.

After he finished washing his clothes, he sees that Hao Huihua is still standing there. She has only washed her feet.

Li Yong puts his clothes and shoes on a clean stone for drying. Then he jumps in front of Hao Huihua and asks, “Ms. Hao, why haven’t you washed yet?”

“I… I…” Looking at Li Yong’s strong body, Hao Huihua’s heart beats faster and her face turns red.

Because the distance is so close now and they almost lean against each other. Such distance makes Hao Huihua see some places that make her embarrassed even if it’s a very dark night.

Her face is very red and her mind is almost blank. She doesn’t know what to do.

Just now, she saw that Li Yong didn’t take a peek at her when he turned his back to her, which makes her just relax. All of a sudden, Li Yong comes in front of her and is naked. For a moment, she is totally confused and doesn’t know what to do.

“You are the lady of a wealthy family! Do you want me to help you wash? Then I will help you wash!” Saying this, Li Yong seizes Hao Huihua’s arm and begins to take off her clothes.

At this moment, Hao Huihua is stunned and her mind becomes blanker than before. She doesn’t react at all. She doesn’t cooperate with him or stop him. Seeing that Li Yong has taken off her skirt skillfully and wants to take off her stockings, she now reacts and says hurriedly, “Yong, don’t…”

“Why not? I did nothing to you.” Li Yong is serious and looks like a decent man. But he is very excited in his heart. He didn’t expect Hao Huihua’s body to be so good. Her skin is like white jade and feels good. When he took off her skirt, he touched her on purpose and it was really soft.

At this moment, he is very impulsive. There are thousands of imaginations in his mind.

Did nothing? He has taken off her clothes. How could he say that he did nothing?

Hao Huihua opens her eyes widely and hurriedly steps back, but there is just narrow space on the stone and it’s very slippery. She only takes two steps back. Then she suddenly shakes and is about to fall into the water.

“Ah…” She reaches her hand to grab Li Yong, but she just can’t grab him and is falling into the water.

Fortunately, Li Yong reacts quickly. He jumps into the water first and catches her with his arms. They are near the river bank, so the water is not deep and is only as high as their waists. Looking at the beauty in his arms, Li Yong’s whole body is burning.

He really wants to play a game of water with Hao Huihua. He wants to splash water on Hao Huihua and watches her scream and laugh. Thinking about this, he really wants to make out with her in the water, but he is afraid that it will leave a psychological shadow in Hao Huihua’s heart. He feels that Hao Huihua is too reserved and can’t do this kind of thing.

Therefore, although he hugs Hao Huihua, he doesn’t take action. His intuition tells him that Hao Huihua is afraid of this strange place and doesn’t have the mood to do such a thing.

“Clothes, my clothes.” Hao Huihua points somewhere behind Li Yong and exclaims. She also jumps, as if she wants to run over. Li Yong turns his head and sees that her clothes that are taken off have been washed away by the water.

What should she do if she doesn’t have clothes since there is no shop in the wilderness?

Should she be naked all the time?

At this moment, Hao Huihua is very anxious. She would have rushed to chase after her clothes if Li Yong hadn’t hugged her.

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