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«Amazing Doctor With Super Vision (Web Novel) - Chapter 375 The Boa Constrictor

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Chapter 375 The Boa Constrictor

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“Man, you’re really good.” Master Dou praises him.

“Are you still going to kill me?” Li Yong pretends to be relaxed and asks with a faint smile.

“No.” Master Dou smiles bitterly, because he has no confidence to kill Li Yong.

“Well, now it’s my turn to kill you. I can’t let go of the man who wants to kill me.” Li Yong shakes his wrist and Shi Ying buzzes, as if it can’t wait.

“Ha-ha-ha…” Master Dou raises his head and laughs loudly.

Li Yong doesn’t move right away. He looks at Master Dou and has scanned his body with the clairvoyant vision several times. After making sure that there is no bead on his body, he suddenly rushes forward and waves Shi Ying that is like a black elf.

Master Dou doesn’t fight with Li Yong directly, but dodges skillfully.

“Man, there are a lot of people who want to kill me and I have been living well. Although you’re very powerful, you’re not powerful enough to kill me.” Master Dou retreats while fighting with Li Yong. His strength is not as strong as that of Li Yong, but he moves flexibly, as if he has wings. He can always dodge away.

Li Yong can’t punch or kick him, and Shi Ying also can’t hurt him. Li Yong soon discovers that it is not easy to defeat Master Dou. With his current strength, he really can’t kill him. It would be better if he had several hundred silver needles. He could use Scattering Blossom Method several times and Master Dou wouldn’t be able to dodge.

Seeing that he can’t control the evil monk, Li Yong stops fighting with all his might. Instead, he slows down and asks while fighting, “Evil monk, where is my master?”

“It turns out that Lin Tao is your master. Ha-ha-ha… He’s dying. Don’t think about him.”

“Is he in the hands of Heiniao?” Li Yong asks again.

“You know Lord Heiniao. Yes! Heiniao is torturing him every day in order to find you.”

“Where are they?” Li Yong becomes furious. He wants to kill Heiniao to save his master.

“I won’t tell you. You can’t find the place even if I tell you. But I’ll tell Lord Heiniao about you. You can wait for him to kill you!”

Saying this, Master Dou turns around and runs to the river bank. He runs faster and faster, as if he is going to jump into the river.

But just as he is about to fall into the river, he suddenly jumps up like a big bird and lands onto a big boat in the river.

He and the old woman in black jumped to the river bank from this big boat just now. Now he is going back alone.

When Li Yong is about to go after him, he suddenly hears the sound of broken air. He sees that 108 Buddha beads are roaring towards him through the dark night. Apparently, Master Dou is afraid that Li Yong will go after him, so he uses his strong method again.

Master Dou has wasted collections that are worth hundreds of millions of yuan.

Li Yong doesn’t have enough silver needles, so he has to dodge backwards in a hurry. He steps back and stops when the power of the beads has diminished. Then he takes all the beads in his hand. The 108 beads are made of very good jade and were hand-polished. The spiritual power in them is very valuable.

When Li Yong takes all the beads in his hand, he sees that the big boat has gone along the big river. However, with his strength, he can still jump up. He hesitates for a moment and doesn’t go after him in the end.

Because he is worried that as he leaps into the air, Master Dou will once again use the Buddha beads. At that time, he will be unable to dodge and is very likely to be injured by such powerful Buddha beads or even killed.

Although there are no Buddha beads on Master Dou’s body, there are clearly many on the boat.

Looking at the ship gradually driving away, Li Yong murmurs, “Master, I will certainly save you out.”

But where is the master? How can he find him?

Li Yong suddenly thinks of Du Duoduo, who was once a killer in the dark world. He remembers that Du Duoduo once took missions on a killer website called Heaven.

It is said that there is much information on the website and anyone can buy it with enough money.

So he puts away Shi Ying and immediately takes out his phone to call Du Duoduo.

“Yong.” Du Duoduo’s sweet voice passes immediately.

“Help me investigate Heiniao and Master Dou. I want all the information about them.” Li Yong says calmly, “And my master Lin Tao… I want all the information about him too.”

“Yong, do you want me to buy information on the killer website Heaven?” Du Duoduo is very surprised, because Li Yong once solemnly told her to get rid of the identity as a killer and to be an ordinary person.

“Yes, help me.” Li Yong also knows that Du Duoduo is no longer a killer. But now he really needs the information and he doesn’t know how to get it, so he has to find Du Duoduo.

“All right. I’ll let you know as soon as I get the information.” Du Duoduo promises.

Hanging up the phone, Li Yong finds that there are several text messages. These are all call reminders. The calls were all from Wei Fangxia.

Li Yong ignores and turns off the phone again.

At this moment, he suddenly hears a strange noise in the grass. He hurriedly runs over and opens the clairvoyant vision. He sees that a boa constrictor is devouring the body of the old woman in black, whose upper body has been completely swallowed, leaving only the two long and thin black legs. Her legs seem to be very small and thin. They are like the arms of a child.

But just in an instant, the legs are gone, and even the shoes on the feet are also gone.

The boa constrictor stretches out a long red tongue and its eyes are emitting green light. It continues to climb into the deep of the weeds.

Li Yong is nervous and hurriedly runs to Hao Huihua’s hiding place. Fortunately Hao Huihua is still there. If Hao Huihua is also devoured by the boa constrictor, Li Yong will never forgive himself.

Seeing the boa constrictor getting closer and closer, Li Yong picks up Hao Huihua and hurriedly runs to the high slope in the distance. Li Yong’s footsteps seem to startle the boa constrictor. The boa constrictor immediately quickens its pace and chases after Li Yong.

Li Yong senses the danger. He turns his head and sees the boa constrictor closely following him.

Damn it. It’s so fast! Li Yong feels that the boa constrictor seems to be faster than him.

Should I kill it? Li Yong thinks for a moment. He feels that he can kill the boa constrictor as long as he uses Scattering Blossom Method to throw the silver needles. Although the boa constrictor is crawling fast, it can never dodge.

But he finally decides not to kill the boa constrictor. He won’t take lives randomly. By the time he runs to the road, the boa constrictor won’t chase after him any longer. He feels that as long as he runs faster, the boa constrictor can’t catch up with him.

So he takes Hao Huihua tightly who is still fainted through tall weeds and keeps running.

As he runs, he watches the high slope in the distance and urges his strength to eavesdrop. He finds that after he broke the barrier of the six-level mental cultivation method, not only is his clairvoyant vision enhanced, but also his hearing becomes much stronger. When he calms down and pays attention, he can even see the ants in the grass and hear the sound of the ants crawling.

At this moment, the two bearded snipers are still lying on the high slope and waiting.

“Damn it. There are so many mosquitoes here. They’re killing me.” One sniper complains.

“Here, apply some medicine.”

“Why haven’t Madam given us the information? Is it reliable to work with the monk?”

“Who knows?”

“Why can’t I see those people?”

“Maybe they have been killed by Madam!”

“Yes! In fact, it’s not difficult to kill that man. Madam didn’t have to cooperate with the monk at all.”

Hearing their conversation, Li Yong quickly approaches them.

One kilometer, five hundred meters, two hundred meters, one hundred meters…

As he gets to the place that is 100 meters from them, Li Yong slows down and takes a detour. He gets close to the snipers from their backs. He decides to kill the two snipers. He can’t let go of anyone who tries to kill him.

“Yong…” Hao Huihua suddenly wakes up. She feels painful and itchy on the body, and is very uncomfortable. Then she finds herself weak, as if she can barely lift her arms.

She opens her bright eyes and looks at Li Yong in horror. She says gently, “Yong.”

“Hush, don’t make a noise.” Li Yong almost puts his mouth very close to Hao Huihua’s ear and gently reminds her.

Hao Huihua’s ears are the most sensitive part of her body. She blushes, grabs Li Yong tightly and dares not to speak again.

She finds that there are weeds all around them. Some are taller than human. Li Yong carries her through the weeds. Her arms and legs are painful and itchy when being touched by the weeds.

In the dark night, the grasses are like ghosts that are sucking her blood, which is very scary.

She wants to ask Li Yong where they are, but she opens her mouth and says nothing.

Li Yong asked her not to make a sound, so she dares not to speak.

Li Yong stops suddenly when he is less than twenty meters away from the two snipers. He feels that he can kill them within such a distance with his current strength.

He gently puts Hao Huihua down and signals her to squat down.

Hao Huihua obediently squats down in front of Li Yong. She holds his thighs with both her hands. Her head suddenly touches a protruding place.

She hurriedly lowers her head down. She feels that the gesture is too ambiguous and too embarrassing for her.

But she can’t help raising her head. She wants to see why Li Yong asked her to squat like this. She will be very angry if Li Yong asks her to do that disgusting thing in such a place.

The moon shines through the thick clouds, and a ray of light shines on Li Yong’s handsome face. Li Yong’s expression is quite solemn. He doesn’t look indecent at all.

He seems to be pinching something in his hand. He suddenly raises his arm and shakes it suddenly. A few grasses are broken by his fingers and fly away. The thing that he was pinching flies forward at a fast speed.



The wind blows the grasses with rustlings, and two people suddenly scream, which sounds very discordant. Hao Huihua is startled. She holds Li Yong’s legs with both hands and doesn’t care about embarrassment. She leans her whole face on Li Yong’s crotch.

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