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«Amazing Doctor With Super Vision (Web Novel) - Chapter 374 Scattering Blossom Method

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Chapter 374 Scattering Blossom Method

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He is well aware of the strength of the old woman in black. She was absolutely a first-stage warrior. Even a first-stage warrior could be killed by only one beat with his hand. How horrible is Master Dou? How powerful is he?

Above the first-stage warrior, there are also super-class warrior and venerable warrior. Is Master Dou a super-class warrior or a venerable warrior?

Now, Li Yong obviously still can’t see how powerful Master Dou is. He can’t know much from one beat with his hand.

However, Li Yong knows that he is a first-stage warrior. He is in the same level with the old woman in black who was also a first-stage warrior. While he feels fearful, he also thinks that the old woman in black was not so weak. It is possible that Master Dou suddenly made a move to her, which made her defenseless and killed by Master Dou with one move.

Thinking of this, Li Yong has confidence and courage again. He holds Shi Ying tightly and his eyes are more and more firm.

“Man, you don’t keep your words.” Master Dou doesn’t move right away. He looks at Li Yong and seems to be evaluating Li Yong’s strength. The old woman in black retreated after only one move, so he couldn’t see Li Yong’s true strength.

“I gave you a chance just now, but you missed it.” Li Yong says faintly.

“Do you want to force me to fight with you? You will die if I fight with you.” Master Dou’s tone becomes fierce.

“Come on.” Li Yong doesn’t retreat at all.

“You’re looking for death.” Master Dou suddenly jumps up. When he is in the air, his feet have changed several kicking methods. Each kicking method is very subtle with the sense of killing. People will feel desperate when just taking a glance.

Traceless Invincible Leg!

Li Yong narrows his eyes. He didn’t expect that Master Dou also could do Traceless Invincible Leg. This is the first time he has felt the pressure brought by this domineering kicking method. In the face of such powerful method, he has to deal with it with the same method, because other kung fu can’t withstand it.

Li Yong adds boxing method into the kicking method. Then he uses the combined power and also suddenly jumps up. He fights with Master Dou in an instant. They have been fighting with each other with several moves before they land on the ground.

After they landed, the weeds around them sway wildly, as if they are blown by strong wind. Some are broken and blown into the sky, as if it’s a rain of grass.

In order not to hurt Hao Huihua who is hiding in the weeds, Li Yong deliberately steps back to the side of the river.

Soon he retreats to the edge of the river bank, and behind him is the vast expanse of muddy water. He can’t retreat anymore. However, being suppressed by Master Dou, he can’t take the advantage to fight back.

In order not to fall into the muddy water, he can only do his best to fight back hard.

Every punching and kicking is his ultimate strength, with which he can have broken the stones.

But it still doesn’t work. Facing the Master Dou’s punching and kicking, he is still a little weak. Li Yong is suppressed hard by him. His boiling blood is unable to find its way to flow, which makes him very uncomfortable.

Boom. Master Dou’s fist is like a hill and presses Li Yong with strong wind. Li Yong grits his teeth and urges all the strength in his body to resist. One of his feet is already hung in the air with a clatter.

He holds Shi Ying and Master Dou has nothing in his hands.

He can imagine that if Master Dou also has a weapon in his hand, he might have been defeated.

A piece of cement is trampled down by Li Yong with a clatter. His right leg has been completely hung in the air.

If Master Dou punches him with strength again, Li Yong will be sure to fall into the water. However, Master Dou suddenly stops, because he can’t hit Li Yong into the water. If Li Yong dies in the water, Shi Ying will also fall into the water.

His target is Shi Ying and he doesn’t want to have any other accident.

“You’re not my opponent. If I had wanted to kill you, you would have already died. Give me Shi Ying and you can leave.”

“Come to get it if you have the ability!” Li Yong still doesn’t give in. He would rather die than submit. His face is covered with sweat, as if the impurities have flowed out of his body. He feels refreshed.

“Do you really want to die?” Master Dou shouts angrily. He seems to have some scruples. He is afraid of the mad revenge of the disciples of Nanshan School. The disciples of Nanshan School are throughout the world and are engaged in all walks of life. They are a great force.

According to legend, the person that owns Shi Ying is the Host of Nanshan School. In his eyes, Li Yong is so young that he is unlikely the Host of Nanshan School. But even if he is not the Host, he must be a person with an important identity.

Is he the descendant of Host Lin Tao? Thinking of this, Master Dou who has become a monk feels a little regretful in his heart.

“Kill me? Do you have the ability?” Li Yong laughs and his eyes become more and more firm. His body suddenly emits strong momentum. He feels the barrier of his mental cultivation method is likely to be broken through. In this all-out fight, his body’s potential is gradually stimulated. He becomes braver as he fights.

Now, he suddenly wants to go on fighting. He is longing for fighting. He wants to fight as hard as he can.

“Is Lin Tao your master or your father?” Master Dou hesitates and asks with eyes squinting slightly.

“Why should I tell you?” Li Yong’s sore spot is hit by his master’s name. His face becomes sullen.

“Do you know that he’s going to die?” Master Dou laughs grimly, “I dare not to kill you if he can go on living, but he has fallen into the hands of a fierce man. He’s obviously going to die. You can also die!”

Master Dou seems to have made the final decision. He suddenly waves his fist to punch Li Yong again.

“Master.” Li Yong says in the heart. His tears are falling.

He wants to know the news about his master. Where is the master? He wants to save him.

Seeing that Master Dou’s fist is about to hit him, he also clenches his fist to hit him as hard as he can.


He shouts sadly. In such sadness, he feels that there is a thunderous noise in his body, as if his body is exploding. Then there is a surge of power flowing in his body.

The blow of all his strength makes him break the barrier of the sixth-level mental cultivation method. The internal strength in his body suddenly turns into spiritual power. Now he has become the spiritual body. He is the acquired spiritual body.

Song Xiaojie is an inborn spiritual body, who is very talented with extremely high intelligence and all-round ability. She can learn everything very fast and do everything perfectly.

He is an acquired spiritual body. He acquires it through his own hard work, hard study and non-stop awareness. He gradually changes his physical quality towards good aspects. His body will be better and better and finally become spiritual body.

This is a road of diligent and hard work. Because his IQ is not high and isn’t able to learn things fast, he has to keep learning and trying and learns from failure again and again. Then it’s possible for him to succeed.

Li Yong’s success is to practice spiritual power and transform his body into a spiritual body with it.

When he becomes a spiritual body, his mental, physical and spiritual abilities, as well as all other abilities can be improved.

He fights hard with Master Dou with first punch. He is at a disadvantage a little bit. Then he fights with Master Dou with the second punch. They are evenly matched. When he fights Master Dou with the third punch, Master Dou’s face changes and he takes three steps back.

Li Yong takes a step forward and stands steadily. There is no risk for him to fall into the water anymore.

Then there comes the fourth punch. He sways his body and rushes forward. Master Dou hurriedly resists.

“Ah…” Master Dou screams. He flies back and stops only after hitting a stone with a bang. He looks at Li Yong in shock and his body trembles a little.

“How is it possible? How is it possible?” He can’t accept the fact that Li Yong suddenly becomes stronger, because it is too incredible. He is a warrior and knows that the strength of a warrior needs to be accumulated gradually through days, months and years. A warrior can never relax before it’s possible to get stronger. But Li Yong’s strength seems to come out of nowhere and is too terrible.

Li Yong doesn’t stop. Instead, he waves Shi Ying and rushes to fight again. He wants to suppress Master Dou.

At this moment, Master Dou doesn’t retreat. He jumps on the stone and takes out a string of Buddha beads. He pulls gently with both hands and the Buddha beads are scattered in front of him. He looks serious, as if he has used all his strength. He suddenly waves his long sleeves and the 108 beads roar to Li Yong like 108 bullets. They cover all directions around Li Yong’s body.

In Li Yong’s eyes, these beads are spiritual and each is priceless. They are more powerful than bullets.

It is impossible to dodge. In such a circumstance, he has to use his strength to deal with them. He immediately takes out a handful of silver needles and throws them suddenly with Scattering Blossom Method. The silver needles fly out in the face of the Buddha beads.

The crackle is like the sound of firecracker. The 108 beads are stopped by 108 silver needles. The beads are broken and the silver needles are all bent and melted. After the crackle, there is a sharp scorching smell in the air.

Li Yong and Master Dou look at each other and Master Dou opens his eyes widely and murmurs, “Scattering Blossom Method.”

“You, too.” Li Yong takes a breath and his heart is still fluttering with fear.

At this moment, neither of them moves again. Li Yong is fearful of the Buddha beads of Master Dou and Master Dou is fearful of his silver needles. Master Dou’s Scattering Blossom Method is his strongest killing method. Each time he used it, he could kill a group of people.

He has been in the society for decades, and this is the only time that he has done it to only one person. And it’s also the only time that he hasn’t killed his opponent. He looks at Li Yong who is intact and can’t imagine that Li Yong was not hurt at all.

Only he knows how precious these beads are. Each of them is spiritual and priceless. They are top-class treasures for collection. He spent hundreds of millions of yuan with one move, but he didn’t even hurt Li Yong at all.

It’s the first time that Li Yong has thrown out 108 silver needles with Scattering Blossom Method. He didn’t expect that they were so powerful and he is very surprised. He thinks he can kill many people at once with this move. This is too cruel and terrible.

He doesn’t have so many people to kill, and he wouldn’t use it if it wasn’t for his life.

Looking at Master Dou, he is afraid that Master Dou will use the Buddha beads again, because the number of his silver needles is limited and there aren’t many left. The beads are too powerful. He doesn’t have other ways to resist them except for his silver needles.

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