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«Amazing Doctor With Super Vision (Web Novel) - Chapter 373 Kill Her by Another’s Hand

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Chapter 373 Kill Her by Another’s Hand

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This scene makes Hao Huihua tremble with fear. She leans on Li Yong with her whole body. Her elastic boobs squeeze Li Yong’s arm. But Li Yong has no feeling, because he finds the killer is very powerful.

He opens the clairvoyant vision and looks over at where the gunfire comes from. Soon he discovers two snipers with curly beard in the distance. They are lying on a high slope. One of them is wiping a sniper gun and the other is loading bullets.

The shot before was apparently fired by the bearded man who is loading bullets. He killed the driver with one shot.

“Yong, there seems to be…” Hao Huihua heard the gunshot. Her voice trembles and she can barely speak, as if the next shot is about to hit her. She is very frightened.

She is just an ordinary woman without the experience that Wei Fangxia owns. She is not as calm as Wei Fangxia at all.

In order not to frighten her, Li Yong pokes at her. Hao Huihua immediately loses consciousness. Li Yong supports her and lets her slowly lie in the green grass. Li Yong wants to wake her up after solving the trouble. Otherwise, when he approaches the snipers, he can’t guarantee her safety. He doesn’t want Hao Huihua to have an accident.

Li Yong sees that the two snipers are aiming their guns at where he is. They are able to aim accurately in such a dark night. Apparently their guns are equipped with thermal sensor. Li Yong feels that he should deal with the two men first.

As he is about to go over under the cover of the weeds, he suddenly notices that there is danger approaching behind him. He turns his head and sees the old woman in black taking a bald monk and leaping from a big boat in the middle of the river.

They are like two big birds. Under the cover of the night, they stretch their arms and are very fast and quiet.

Had it not been for Li Yong’s Divine Consciousness Method, he would not have discovered the danger that is approaching quickly.

If Li Yong hasn’t had the clairvoyant vision, he wouldn’t have seen through the night and wouldn’t have seen them.

Unexpectedly, there is a monk among the killers, and the monk is as powerful as the old woman. Li Yong thinks it’s very interesting.

Now, he obviously doesn’t have time to get rid of the two snipers. As long as they don’t get too close, they won’t threaten him. He looks at the old woman in black and the bald monk. He knows that they are his powerful enemies.

There are two snipers aiming at him from behind him and powerful enemies in front of him. Li Yong finds that he is in a very bad situation.

Had it not been for Hao Huihua, he would have run away. But it’s impossible to escape with Hao Huihua.

At this moment, he is watching the old woman in black and the bald monk while eavesdropping on the conversation of the two snipers.

Because they speak Huaxia language, Li Yong can understand them even if they have a strong local accent.

“Are we going to kill that man?” One of the snipers asks.

“Madam asked us to wait for her news.” The other says.

“I’d like to shoot right now. He is 1,500 meters away from us. I think I can shoot him at the head.”

“Let’s wait for our Madam’s order. She’ll get angry if we act on our own.”

At this moment, in Li Yong’s eyes, the bald monk lands on the shore. Then he jumps up again and immediately leaves the old woman in black behind. Now he lands on a place not far from Li Yong. When the bald monk stands still and looks into Li Yong’s eyes with his gloomy eyes, the old woman in black catches up with him.

Li Yong is a little bit frightened. He finds that he has got into big trouble. He can see from the figure and strength of the bald monk that he is obviously more powerful than the old woman in black! Li Yong doesn’t seem to be his opponent at all.

“Master Dou, it’s him.” The old woman in black points to Li Yong and talks to the monk docilely.

The monk holds the Buddha beads in one hand and puts the other hand on his chest. He looks like a monk. But his face is ferocious. The fury in his eyes makes Li Yong extremely uncomfortable, as if he is a demon that eats people.

“Man, give me Shi Ying.” The bald monk speaks Huaxia language with a strong accent of the north of the country. It seems that he has just come out of the mountains of the northern part of Huaxia.

By this time, Li Yong is not shocked any longer. The enemy has come in front of him. It is no use being shocked. He has to take it seriously. In the face of a strong enemy, he must pretend to be fearless no matter how afraid he is.

“Do you want it?” Li Yong shakes his wrist and holds Shi Ying in his hand. In this dark night, Shi Ying is the elf of the night, emitting black light, as if the light can sting people’s eyes.

He knows that there is no unprovoked killing in this world. People kill others just because they are fighting for something.

Looking at Shi Ying, he thinks it is a good thing, but it is too good.

The bald monk immediately narrows his gloomy eyes and his eyes emit greedy light. He walks over step by step. He laughs while walking, “Yes, I have been looking for it for many years. Finally, Shi Ying appears again. Man, give me Shi Ying. I can be merciful and won’t kill you today.

“Okay! I can give Shi Ying to you, but you have to kill her first.” Li Yong points to the old woman in black. He wants to kill her with another’s hand. Seeing that the bald monk is eager to get Shi Ying, Li Yong doesn’t know if he will kill her.

The old woman in black suddenly takes a step back. Although her face is covered with the black gauze, Li Yong can see from her eyes that she is angry, shocked and frightened.

Especially when the bald monk looks at her, her body that looks like black shadow is trembling slightly.

“Master Dou, do you really want to kill me?” Her voice is trembling, as if she is in great fear.

She seems to be extremely afraid of Master Dou, but Master Dou doesn’t do it. He takes back his gaze and looks at Li Yong again. He says calmly, “Give me Shi Ying first, and I can kill her right away.”

“I don’t trust you.” Li Yong says directly.

“You’re really cunning. Do you want to kill her with my hand? I won’t do as you wish. Since you don’t hand it in obediently, I’ll have to be rude. You have no way to escape here.”

“Man, you’ll die today.” After Master Dou said this, the old woman in black seizes this rare opportunity and suddenly rushes to Li Yong. She wants to snatch Shi Ying and dedicate it to Master Dou, lest Master Dou suddenly changes his mind and comes to kill her. She has no ability to fight with Master Dou.

As for Li Yong, she thinks she can take the advantage since Master Dou is here.

Master Dou wanted to move. Seeing that the old woman in black has taken the lead, he stops and watches.

He knows that all the people who own Shi Ying have an outstanding ability. He wants to see Li Yong’s strength first.

The speed of the old woman in black is so fast that she jumps in front of Li Yong in an instant. With the cover of the night, it is very difficult for ordinary people to find out her malicious move. However, she can’t hide under Li Yong’s clairvoyant vision.

Her short knife cuts directly towards Li Yong’s neck. She is trying to cut off Li Yong’s head.

Li Yong smiles slightly, leans his body and dodges. At the same time, he waves black Shi Ying and stabs into the side of the old woman. The old woman finds that she can’t dodge, so she screams and waves her fist to punch him.

Shi Ying is stabbed into the old woman’s waist, while the old woman hits Li Yong on the shoulder with her fist.

Shi Ying is so sharp that even though the old woman in black is wearing armor, Shi Ying still stabs a blood hole on her body.

The punch of the old woman is also very fierce. Li Yong’s shoulder is almost scattered. It’s very painful.

“Man, how could you…be so strong?” The old woman in black steps back in horror. She dares not to move again.

Yesterday, she had a fight with Li Yong. At that time, Li Yong’s strength was a little stronger than her. Seeing that she couldn’t kill him, so she retreated. But today, only after one day, Li Yong has surpassed her a lot.

She is fearful that Li Yong could hurt her with only one move. She is especially afraid of the feeling when Shi Ying was stabbed into her body. She feels that her body is like tofu. If she hadn’t dodged quickly, her intestines would have flown out.

People want to live. Killers and ordinary people all have the desire to continue to live.

If Master Dou hadn’t stood aside, the old woman in black would have fled.

Li Yong has been prepared for the increase in his strength, but he is still a little surprised that he is so powerful. This increases his confidence and makes him feel that if the old woman in black did not retreat and they continued to fight, he would kill her within ten moves.

“Don’t run. Don’t you want to kill me? Come on!” Li Yong is complacent. At this moment, he seems to forget the pain in his shoulder. He shakes his shoulder as if he is a madman.

But instead of going forward, the old woman in black retreats again. She comes to the side of Master Dou and looks at him timidly, “Master Dou, he was not so powerful yesterday. You should be careful of him…”

Master Dou stares at Li Yong with an expressionless face, as if he is about to jump up and kill him.

But all of a sudden, he pats backwards without warning. His hand moves quickly and pats on the head of the old woman in black, who opens her eyes widely but slowly falls down. She dies with a grievance.

“You are useless. You’d better lend your life to me to use.”

“You…” The old woman in black can only say a word. Then she becomes silent forever.

“Man, I have killed this woman. Give me Shi Ying.” There is suddenly a scary smile on Master Dou’s ferocious face, but it doesn’t like a smile at all. Instead, he looks more scary.

“It’s too late.” Li Yong becomes serious. He is secretly preventing Master Dou from attacking him suddenly. He sensed death when Master Dou patted the old woman. He actually killed the old woman by patting her, which surprises Li Yong a lot.

Master Dou could kill the old woman by beating her with his hand, which makes him very shocked.

He is well aware of the strength of the old woman in black. She was absolutely a first-stage warrior. Even a first-stage warrior could be killed by only one beat with his hand. How horrible is Master Dou? How powerful is he?

Above the first-stage warrior, there are also super-class warrior and venerable warrior. Is Master Dou a super-class warrior or a venerable warrior?

Now, Li Yong obviously still can’t see how powerful Master Dou is. He can’t know much from one beat with his hand.

However, Li Yong knows that he is a first-stage warrior. He is in the same level with the old woman in black who was also a first-stage warrior. While he feels fearful, he also thinks that the old woman in black was not so weak. It is possible that Master Dou suddenly made a move to her, which made her defenseless and killed by Master Dou with one move.

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