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«Amazing Doctor With Super Vision (Web Novel) - Chapter 372 The Mysterious Stalker

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Chapter 372 The Mysterious Stalker

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“Li Yong, where are you?” Wei Fangxia calls. She rested this morning and becomes vigorous now. She remembered that she had to continue to protect Li Yong, but couldn’t find him.

“I’m shopping.” Li Yong says smilingly.

“Tell me your position. I’ll go over there now.” Wei Fangxia has already forgotten the quarrel just now. She doesn’t want to live in a same room with Li Yong in the hotel, but she wants to stay with Li Yong.

“I’ll be right back. You’d better wait for me to go back!” Li Yong says faintly. He has been tracked here. He is regretful to bring Hao Huihua out. He is not willing to let Wei Fangxia to take risk here.

As a man, he should protect the women around him. He doesn’t need a woman’s protection. Had it not been for Wei Fangxia’s big boobs and butts, he would not have taken her with him.

“Okay, you must be careful.” Wei Fangxia orders gallantly. She really cares about Li Yong.

“Don’t worry! I’m not afraid of anyone.” Li Yong says bravely.

Seeing Li Yong talking to Wei Fangxia on the phone, Hao Huihua smiles and finds it very interesting.

After hanging up the phone, Li Yong turns it off directly.

Next, it’s the prime time for him to absorb spiritual power. He doesn’t want to be disturbed.

There is also the hidden stalker. He has to figure out a way to deal with him and mustn’t be distracted by the phone.

After a twenty-minute drive, Li Yong and Hao Huihua arrive at another luxury gem mall.

Li Yong opens the clairvoyant vision to see and becomes very happy, because this gem mall is bigger than the one they visited just now. There are many wisps of spiritual power here, which makes him very happy and excited.

This is his desire which is like the grasses longing for the rain and men longing for women.

The service in this gem mall is also very good. No matter which good Li Yong wants to see, the salesperson takes it out politely to let him hold it. This makes him deeply aware that he has to improve the service in order to make his jewelry and jade business bigger and stronger. The management must be strengthened.

With this awareness, Li Yong visits from the first floor to the eighth floor and touches all the gems with spiritual power. After he absorbed 570 wisps of spiritual power, he finds that there is a saturated state in his body. He can no longer absorb.

Together with the 430 wisps he absorbed in the previous mall, he now has a thousand wisps of spiritual power stored in his body.

Although he can’t absorb, he still touches the last few pieces of gem with spiritual power over and over again. He just can’t stop. This almost becomes his habitual action. He feels very strange, because he doesn’t feel full in his body. There seems to be a lot of space in the meridians. Why can’t he continue to absorb spiritual power?

Looking at the twelve beautiful eye-catching gems that contain spiritual power, Li Yong is not willing to leave. He calculates the price. They are worth totally more than three billion yuan. He thinks for a moment and finally buys them.

“Yong, why do you buy so many gems?” Hao Huihua is shocked by Li Yong’s generosity.

“I’ll take them back and send them to my family and friends. I have to take some gifts back since I go abroad!” Li Yong thinks of Han Lu and Han Fei, as well as all the women that he has a relationship with. He decides to send each of them with one piece equally.

“Yong, if you buy so much, you may have to declare the goods and pay a large amount of tariff. It’s not a good deal.”

“Oh, it doesn’t matter.” Li Yong really doesn’t care. He’s no longer a poor man who can’t afford to rent a house.

“You need to pay a large amount of tariff for the goods that are worth three billion yuan. Yong, I can ask the teacher to help. We can bring your gems back together with the jewelry and jade on display. Then you can save the cost.” Hao Huihua says smilingly.

“Thank you.” Li Yong thinks that he should save what can be saved. Although this is not legal, he also doesn’t think that he must be law-abiding citizen. In his opinion, some laws are unreasonable. For some people, the binding force is strong, but for others, it has little effect. There are many privileged people that are often at large.

“Don’t be too polite. Come on. Let me help you take it.” Hao Huihua takes all the gems in her hand and holds them gently.

“Let’s go back to the hotel.” Now Li Yong only wants to enter the practicing state immediately to break through the barrier.

At this moment, Li Yong finds greedy eyes glancing at him. He has been feeling that someone is stalking him. Now the stalker can’t wait. People are touched by wealth, and it is true.

Li Yong wants to locate the stalker and find him out. But he soon discovers that he can’t catch the scent of the stalker. He looks at the place where the gaze is from, but still finds nothing.

This makes him feel that this is a clever and powerful stalker. He is aware of the danger.

He is serious in the heart, but still pretends to enjoy his trip. As he walks toward the elevator, he grabs Hao Huihua’s hand and pulls her to the staircase next to the elevator.

“Yong, why do you walk this way?” Hao Huihua gets nervous because there are few people in the stairs. This is the eighth floor. Everyone takes the elevator to go down. No one takes the stairs.

“You see, there are carved flowers on the stairs. We can enjoy them.” Li Yong continues to hold Hao Huihua’s hand and walks slowly downstairs. He still pretends to be cheerful. He doesn’t want Hao Huihua to worry.

However, Hao Huihua has discovered the change of Li Yong. She looks at Li Yong and finds that Li Yong’s expression is a little serious and his eyes seem to be shining. She asks uneasily, “Yong, what’s the matter with you?”

Li Yong appears to be admiring the carved flowers on the stairs. In fact, he is opening his clairvoyant vision to look for the mysterious stalker. As a result, he doesn’t see the stalker follow him into the stairs, as if the stalker has stopped following him, which reassures him a little bit. He says smilingly, “It’s all right. Let’s go!”

Hao Huihua smiles and gently holds Li Yong’s hand. She takes Li Yong’s strange behavior as the reveal of his true sentiments. She feels that Li Yong must have pulled her into the staircase on purpose. He just wants to hold her hand in a place where there is no one else.

In fact, as long as Li Yong wants, he can hold her hand even in a crowded place. She won’t refuse.

Walking out of the gem mall, they come to the roadside and are going to take a taxi to leave.

At this moment, Li Yong is aware of the danger again, which makes him realize that he is still stalked. The stalker emits a sense of killing. Obviously the stalker is ready to move.

He looks back, but the sense of killing has disappeared. He finds nothing.

A master! The stalker must be a master. He makes such a judgment in his mind.

He opens the clairvoyant vision to make sure that there is no danger in the taxi. Then he takes Hao Huihua in.

“Yong, my teacher said the top-class white jade you sent me is worth more than six million yuan. Today, you gave me a gem that is worth more than four million yuan. I want so ask you why you are so good to me.” Hao Huihua asks with a smile.

This question has been in her mind for a long time. She thought a lot and wanted to ask Li Yong several times, but she was too embarrassed to open her mouth. Now, seeing that Li Yong is holding her hand, she finally asks.

“Do I need a reason to be nice to you? I’m just being good to you.” Li Yong says with a smile.

“Then what’s your purpose?” Hao Huihua continues to ask.

“What purpose can I have?” Li Yong asks in surprise. He didn’t expect Hao Huihua to think so. It really hurts him. He really has no purpose! It’s just a gift. What purpose can he have?

“Really?” Hao Huihua clenches her fingers and grabs Li Yong’s hand with strength. Because she is touched by what Li Yong said. Li Yong said he had no purpose at all, so she thinks the friendship is particularly precious.

“How can I lie to you? You should know that all gifts with purposes are not real gifts. Those are at most deals. I really gave them to you without any purposes. Don’t think nonsense!”

Seeing that Li Yong is quite serious, Hao Huihua can’t help being a little disappointed. At this moment, she actually expects Li Yong to have some purposes. At least he shouldn’t turn a blind eye to her beauty!

“I believe you.” Hao Huihua smiles brightly, looking very sweet, beautiful and charming.

“What is that?” Li Yong asks while looking at the giant Buddha statue outside the window.

Hao Huihua follows Li Yong’s gaze to see and says strangely, “This isn’t the way to go back!”

Then she asks the driver in Thai language. The driver suddenly becomes dumb and says nothing. He also speeds up the car. Hao Huihua is a little scared and hurriedly says to Li Yong, “Yong, where is this driver going to take us to? This is not the way back to the hotel!”

Li Yong also realizes that something is wrong. He pats the driver on the shoulder, but the driver doesn’t turn back. He makes a sharp turn and drives the car into a path. Because the speed of the car is very fast, Li Yong doesn’t have a good way to control the driver. He is afraid of causing a car accident and injuring Hao Huihua. He does not want to take a risk.

From the rearview mirror, he sees the driver’s face is grim and he is frightened. His manners are also fluttered, as if he is enduring huge stress. Li Yong urges Divine Consciousness Method and carefully senses around, but he doesn’t find any danger. So he comforts Hao Huihua, “It doesn’t matter. Perhaps the driver wants to take a short cut!”

“It’s not a short cut. We’re getting more and more far away from the hotel.” Hao Huihua says positively.

“Oh, it doesn’t matter. We’re traveling anyway. It’s the same wherever we are going.” Li Yong says faintly.

At this moment, the car drives to a grassland that is overgrown with weeds and finally stops beside a long river.

Now the driver jabbers in Thai language. Li Yong can’t understand it, so he waits for Hao Huihua’s interpreting. He sees that Hao Huihua looks frightened and says anxiously, “Yong, the driver said someone forced him to bring us here. If he didn’t bring us here, he would be killed. He doesn’t want the fare and is driving us out of the car.”

“Then get off!” Li Yong also does not want to force a poor driver. He would like to see who he will meet here. Is it a killer or the stalker?

If it’s a killer, he doesn’t know if it has anything to do with the old woman in black.

If it’s a stalker, Li Yong feels that the stalker doesn’t seem to be following.

Because there is no car following. This is a small mud road. It’s easy to discover if there is a car coming.

Li Yong helps Hao Huihua get off the car. As it is a mud road, Hao Huihua can’t stand steadily in high heels.

As soon as they stand steadily, the taxi roars away. But before it drives far away, there is a burst of gunfire. The taxi rushes straight into the river with a bang and big splash. Then the lights go out. The care quickly sinks into the water. It seems to be a homicide.

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