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«Amazing Doctor With Super Vision (Web Novel) - Chapter 371 Get More Spiritual Power

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Chapter 371 Get More Spiritual Power

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“No, compared with your boobs, you are not fierce at all.” Li Yong smiles and says.

“Hey. I’m serious.” Wei Fangxia glares at Li Yong.

Li Yong also says seriously, “To be honest, you are much gentler than before.”

Seeing that Li Yong is really not angry, Wei Fangxia is relieved. She also smiles and says seriously, “I don’t like to pull and push with others outside, and I don’t like to do intimate behaviors in front of outsiders. Remember, this is my bottom line. You can’t flirt with me in front of others no matter how much I care about you. I can’t stand it.”

“Okay.” Li Yong solemnly answers.

When they hurriedly get to the airport, they just catch up with the last group of passengers.

Boarding on the plane, Hao Huihua complains, “I thought you were not coming.”

“It’s good that you come.” Sui Yezhu is not angry at all, and is happy because of Li Yong’s arrival. It is just that she feels a bit regretful for failing to introduce those experts and scholars to Li Yong.

She really wants to help Li Yong and lets Li Yong put in an appearance here. As long as Li Yong can impress these top experts and scholars even just a little, he is worth the trip.

In the cabin, Li Yong is sitting in the middle with Wei Fangxia on his left and Hao Huihua on his right. Sui Yezhu is on the right of Hao Huihua. Seeing that Hao Huihua and Sui Yezhu are holding hands together, Li Yong also grabs Wei Fangxia’s hand.

Wei Fangxia tries to withdraw her hand but fails. Li Yong has actually forgotten her warning. She can’t help glaring at Li Yong, but Li Yong smilingly points at Hao Huihua and Sui Yezhu’s hands that are held together.

He means that since Hao Huihua and Sui Yezhu are holding hands, they should also hold their hands together.

They are two women. We’re different. Wei Fangxia wants to express this meaning with her eyes, but Li Yong obviously can’t understand. Perhaps he can understand, but he just pretends not to understand. He doesn’t let go, but holds her hand more tightly.

Wei Fangxia takes a deep breath and puts up with it.

Li Yong feels that Wei Fangxia, a woman who is only crazy on the bed and dares not to show her heart in front of outsiders, indeed has psychological disorder compared with those men and women who dare to make out in the park. Therefore, he intentionally gets close to Wei Fangxia. He wants to use this method to cure Wei Fangxia’s psychological disorder.

He not only grabs Wei Fangxia’s hand, but also leans over towards Wei Fangxia’s shoulder.

When Wei Fangxia can’t stand it, he suddenly kisses her. Wei Fangxia is so angry that she almost spits blood.

Because Wei Fangxia sees that Hao Huihua on Li Yong’s right is looking over and seeing Li Yong’s indecent behavior.

We’re on the plane! You bastard… Wei Fangxia is so angry that she pinches Li Yong hard.

Seeing that Wei Fangxia is really angry, Li Yong has to let go of her, pretends to be serious and closes his eyes to rest.

Bang! Thump!

The plane suddenly makes a strange noise. Then the fuselage suddenly shakes like a car running on an uneven road. The car keeps shaking, making the passengers also shake. They can’t sit still at all.



“What’s happening?”

People are shouting in the cabin. Everyone is frightened. They think there is something wrong with the plane.

Li Yong is very calm. He feels that Wei Fangxia grabs his hand. Her hand is very sweaty. Her soft body leans on Li Yong and shivers. When he wants to hug Wei Fangxia and comfort her, Hao Huihua suddenly reaches her hand from the other side and grabs his hand tightly.

Each of his hands is held by a woman. His two hands connect two women. Li Yong can hug neither of them, so he has to continue to sit. At the same time, he also holds their hands tightly, conveying the power from his heart to them.

“Ms. Wei, you took the initiative this time. You can’t blame me!” Li Yong stretches out his neck and whispers.

Wei Fangxia doesn’t respond, as if she didn’t hear him. She still leans tightly on Li Yong and dares not to let go. The flutter of the plane continues, as if it’s endless. A desperate atmosphere gradually permeates the cabin.

They all feel that the plane is falling rapidly into the boundless South Sea.

At this moment, the voice of the captain sounds on the radio, “Dear passengers, please do not panic. The plane is passing through air turbulence, which is caused by unstable air flowing up and down the wing. It will make the fuselage bump and shake temporarily. This is normal. Please do not panic. We’re raising the height, and the plane will soon fly out of this turbulent area…”

Wei Fangxia now calms down. She gets back to her seat, sits down and sighs, “I encountered it before, but this time it is too serious. It’s like the plane crashing into the sea…”

This reminds Li Yong of the missing plane of Malaysia Airlines, which has been missing for several years and has not been found yet.

Li Yong thinks: If I also encountered the disaster of the plane crashing into the sea, would I survive?

Presumably, it will be difficult to survive. At least with his current capacity, it is still very difficult.

While Li Yong is thinking randomly, he feels that Hao Huihua is going to take back her hand. He uses a little strength and doesn’t let go of her hand. He looks at Hao Huihua who blushes and says, “It’s horrible.”

“Don’t be afraid. We won’t have an accident.” Although he says this, Li Yong is still praying in his heart. He really doesn’t want anything to happen, at least not before he is able to protect himself.

If he dies like this, he dares not to think about…

The plane flies overnight and arrives in Bangkok, Thailand the next morning.

There are more than 30 people with Sui Yezhu. They all have high reputation in Huaxia. Their delegation clearly has political complexion. The officials of Bangkok come to greet them as soon as they get off the plane.

They are taken into a luxury hotel by the officials of Bangkok. Because Li Yong and Wei Fangxia are a couple, they are arranged in one room.

Wei Fangxia discovers this when she returns to the room for a rest. She is extremely not satisfied with it.

When she enters the room, she feels that all the people are pointing at her behind her back and scolding her for robbing the man from the other woman. She can’t stand the feeling and almost gets crazy. She angrily drives Li Yong out and lets him book another room and stay away from her.

Li Yong thinks that they are in Thailand and it’s impossible for both of them to encounter an acquaintance. Why is Wei Fangxia still like this? They can fully enjoy the world of two people and needn’t be afraid of anything.

Li Yong tries to persuade Wei Fangxia, but Wei Fangxia doesn’t listen at all.

Seeing Wei Fangxia’s desperate appearance, he is worried about Wei Fangxia’s anxiety. He is sure that Wei Fangxia has psychological disorder, which is very serious. The seventh level of mental cultivation method of Reviving Method has a treatment for mental illness. He even wants to practice to the seventh level now to cure Wei Fangxia.

After being driven out of the room, Li Yong stands in the corridor and sighs. He meets Hao Huihua when he is about to book another room.

“Did you have a quarrel?” Hao Huihua saw the scene that Li Yong was driven out by Wei Fangxia, so she says with a smile, “You had a quarrel abroad. It’s not good to be seen by foreigners. Our national image will be destroyed! As a man, you should give in to her.”

“Hehe, we just talked loudly. We were not quarreling.” Li Yong won’t admit. He smiles and asks, “Do you want to rest? If you don’t need to rest, let’s go out for a walk.”

“I slept all night on the plane. I’m not sleepy now. Let’s go for a walk.”

“I want to visit jade and jewelry stores. Can you be my guide?” Li Yong says smilingly.

“Of course.” Hao Huihua says with a sweet smile, “Bangkok is the largest jade trading base in Asia, and is also the world’s famous Buddhist capital. There are jewelry shops everywhere. Almost half of the jewelry is related to Buddhism…”

Hao Huihua immediately plays her role and begins to impart her knowledge of Bangkok to Li Yong.

They walk out of the luxury hotel. There is a building not far from here, which is a large gem mall.

There are many people here with different skin colors. They are from different places of the world, speaking different languages.

The service here is good. Li Yong does not have to spend money to buy. The salesperson will give him whichever he wants to see.

Li Yong takes Hao Huihua to visit from the first floor to the sixth floor. They visit the whole gem mall and Li Yong gets 430 wisps of tiny spiritual power in total. He has got so much benefit and is embarrassed to leave without buying anything.

He picks up a piece of Buddha’s light jade and asks, “Ms. Hao, is this beautiful?”

Hao Huihua nods and says, “Yes.”

“Then I’ll send it to you.” In order to thank Hao Huihua for her knowledge and guide service, Li Yong decides to send it to her. So he takes out his bank card and buys it. He can use Huaxia bank card directly here, which is really convenient.

“Why do you give it to me? I don’t want it.” Hao Huihua sees this piece of Buddha’s light jade is worth 600,000 dollars. It’s more than four million yuan in Huaxia currency. She thinks it’s too expensive. The day before yesterday, she just received a piece of top-class white jade from Li Yong that is worth 6 million yuan. Now it’s only two days later. She is really embarrassed to accept another piece again.

“Here you are. Just take it.” Li Yong puts it directly into Hao Huihua’s hand.

“No, I really can’t take it.” Hao Huihua does not want to owe Li Yong too much, so she firmly refuses.

“Take it.” Li Yong puts it into Hao Huihua’s hand again. Their actions have attracted the attention of others.

These people from all over the world do not understand, but they are not blind. They think it is love. A rich man is confessing his affection to the beautiful woman with a valuable gift, so some people cheer.

Hao Huihua is embarrassed and has to accept it.

But then there is something strange between them. Hao Huihua also thinks that Li Yong secretly likes her. He is confessing his affection to her by constantly sending her gifts. So Hao Huihua becomes careful even when she speaks.

Li Yong doesn’t care. He sends her the jade that is worth four million yuan but it really has nothing to do with love. He just feels that it’s laborious for Hao Huihua to accompany him to visit for a long time. It is his gratitude and compensation for her.

“Ms. Hao, is there another gem mall nearby like this? I’d like to visit again.”

“Yes, it’s a little far from here. We have to take a taxi.”

“Then let’s take a taxi.”

They call a taxi easily, because Hao Huihua can speak Thai and she has been here many times.

When he gets in, Li Yong looks behind and discovers that someone is following him. The stalker is as sly as a fox, but is discovered by him. He smiles and gets in as if nothing has happened.

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