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«Amazing Doctor With Super Vision (Web Novel) - Chapter 370 Was I Too Fierce Just Now

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Chapter 370 Was I Too Fierce Just Now

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“Then you rest!” Seeing that Li Yong really looks tired, Wei Fangxia won’t force him.

“I mean, you make me comfortable for a while.” Li Yong repeats with a smile.

“What do you mean?” Wei Fangxia doesn’t understand. Seeing that Li Yong looks a little lustful, she slightly frowns.

“Let’s do this.” Li Yong hugs Wei Fangxia and kisses her gently.

He watched for a long time when he was treating her. Wei Fangxia has fair skin and red lips. Her face is very delicate and her boobs are plump. The two black nipples are like ripe purple grapes full of delicious temptation.

It was also because of all sorts of fantasies he had that he took off Wei Fangxia’s clothes, leaving only a pair of socks.

He has been hot in the heart when looking at her beautiful body. Although he is very tired now, he still feels excited at the thought of the joy of having sex. At this moment, he can’t control himself. For fear of Wei Fangxia’s resistance, he is particularly gentle and careful. He takes care of Wei Fangxia’s feelings specifically.

Wei Fangxia doesn’t resist or dodge. She greets Li Yong’s approach, not because Li Yong healed her, not because Li Yong’s powerful ability, and not because Li Yong is wealthy.

At this moment, she has opened her heart only because of Li Yong’s understanding and care, and his irresistible gentle eyes. At this moment, Li Yong is exuding his glorious charm as a man.

Every movement and every breath of Li Yong make her very comfortable and she is unable to resist.

It is a spiritual exchange and seems to have transcended the vile lust of flesh.

When Li Yong kisses her left face, she smiles and says, “Just one kiss?”

“I have other thoughts?” Li Yong says with a smile as he suppresses his desire.

“What thoughts?” Wei Fangxia’s face has already been red and is very beautiful.

“I still want to kiss you here, here, and here…Can you meet my…perverted requests?”

Wei Fangxia’s heart beats quickly as Li Yong points at each place of her body. When Li Yong begins to kiss her, she has melted all over the body. She was so disgusted with it in the past, but now she has a faint desire.

Seeing that Li Yong looks at her with burning eyes and his fingers keep pointing at her but he doesn’t take action, Wei Fangxia suddenly feels that Li Yong is not resolute and direct at all.

In order to end the feeling of suffering as soon as possible, she has to put the place that Li Yong wants to kiss close to him and almost places it in front of Li Yong. Li Yong now kisses it slowly.

She hugs Li Yong’s head and gives it a hard squeeze. She feels excited this way.

However, she stops suddenly and feels that as a woman, she should be reserved, gentle, virtuous, and arrogant. Especially when doing this kind of thing. She should calm down a bit and definitely can’t take the initiative.

So she resists the strong desire in her heart and says with a smile, “Xiaoyong, you can whatever you want. I don’t blame you. You’d better…be more intense…”

“I didn’t expect you to be more anxious than I am.”

Li Yong chuckles and immediately jumps on her like a wild ox. Then he begins to move.

After they finished, Li Yong is very tired. He lies on Wei Fangxia’s body and falls asleep directly.

Wei Fangxia is reluctant to push him away, so she hugs him gently and falls asleep again with a sweet smile.

The mobile phone rings suddenly and wakes up the two people. Li Yong finds his phone and it is Hao Huihua calling.

“Yong, there’s only half an hour left before we should board the plane. Why haven’t you come over yet?” Hao Huihua says anxiously on the phone. Li Yong looks at the time. It is already 7:30 p.m.

The plane will take off at 8:00 p.m. There is exactly half an hour left before they should board the plane.

God! How could he forget to go abroad? He feels guilty in the heart.

“I’m sorry, Ms. Hao. I’ll be right there.” Li Yong says hurriedly.

“We’ll wait for you.” Hao Huihua’s tone softens again.

Li Yong hangs up the phone and starts getting dressed. He also urges Wei Fangxia, “Hurry up, we’ll be late.”

Wei Fangxia is not in a hurry. She doesn’t get dressed and puts Li Yong’s clothes aside.

“Darling, why do you…” Li Yong looks puzzled.

“Don’t call me darling.” Wei Fangxia says seriously.

“Baby, you…”

“Don’t call me baby either.”

“What do you want to do, Ms. Wei? Hurry up and give me my clothes. We’re in a hurry.”

“Have you forgotten what the black shadow said? She said she would be waiting for you in Thailand. If you go there, you will die. Xiaoyong, you can’t go. You really can’t go.” Wei Fangxia persuades him seriously.

She also walks towards Li Yong and hugs him. She looks really scared. She is afraid that Li Yong will be in danger abroad. That old woman in black makes her scared. She could dodge the bullets, which really made her scared.

“Ms. Wei, I have promised Ms. Sui. I can’t break my word! A lot of people are waiting for us at the airport. We can’t delay. Hurry up. Let’s go together.” Li Yong comforts and persuades her.

“I won’t go. You can’t go either.” Wei Fangxia don’t let go of him. She holds Li Yong tightly, as if she wants to protect Li Yong and keep him in her arms forever. At this moment, she is like a mother cat that is full of motherhood guarding the kitten.

In fact, Li Yong doesn’t know that there is great danger abroad. However, he was not scared by the old woman in black. Now he urgently needs spiritual power and needs to make a breakthrough. He feels that he must go to improve his strength.

He feels that danger is not terrible. The terrible thing is having no courage to face danger.

His name is Li Yong. There is a “Yong” in his name which means “brave”. He thinks he can’t be unworthy of it. He must be brave.

He gently pats Wei Fangxia’s smooth back and persuades her again, “Ms. Wei, don’t worry. That old woman in black is no match for me at all. Besides, I have already discussed with my wife and she has agreed.”

“She won’t agree you to go if she knows that a killer is waiting for you in Thailand.”

“Yes! My wife won’t agree, because she loves me. You don’t agree either. Have you fallen in love with me too?” Li Yong asks with a smile.

“No. I’m just working.” Wei Fangxia becomes soft in the heart but she is still very tough in words.

“Ms. Wei, work is your reason. However, I also have a reason to go. Thailand is the largest gem trading center in Asia. There are a lot of jade stones and I want to go to buy some. I have to make money to support the family! Ms. Wei, hurry up. Don’t waste time. It will be too late. I will give you another piece of good jade by then.”

“Wealth and life… Which is more important?” Wei Fangxia asks loudly.

“Of course life is more important.” Li Yong replies.

“That old woman in black is going to kill you. What if you die?” Wei Fangxia says sadly.

“I have beaten her away. She is not my opponent.” Li Yong says confidently, “Hurry up and get dressed.”

Seeing that Li Yong insists on going, Wei Fangxia reluctantly lets go of him, but she still grabs Li Yong’s hand and says, “I know the old woman in black is not your opponent, but what if she finds a lot of helpers?”

Li Yong didn’t think about this problem. It is suddenly put forward by Wei Fangxia. He feels that it’s very likely to happen.

But he won’t be frightened. The more the old woman in black threatens him, the more he wants to go there. He says smilingly, “Ms. Wei, don’t think nonsense. I won’t be afraid even if she has many helpers.”

“Actually, I’m not afraid either. But that old woman could dodge my bullets, so I…” Wei Fangxia finally realizes that a gun is not omnipotent. Martial arts are not as bad as she thought.

Li Yong says smilingly, “Now you know how powerful kung fu is! You once said that you wouldn’t be afraid as long as you had the gun. Now you are afraid! Ha-ha, do you want to learn kung fu? I can help you.”

“I… What kung fu can I learn?” Wei Fangxia becomes interested.

“Kung fu on the bed. Fight with me every night for three hundred rounds. You’ll make progress every day.”

“Go to hell.” Wei Fangxia kicks Li Yong angrily. Seeing that Li Yong doesn’t hide and just gets the kick, she feels that she kicked him too hard. She asks hurriedly, “Does it hurt?”

“The skin on my body is thicker than the skin on my face. Do you think whether it’s hurt?” Li Yong says with a smile and urges her, “Get dressed quickly and we need to catch the plane.”

They come out of the room and sees that Zheng Xinmei has cleaned up the room. She placed new furniture in the room and even replaced the floor that was damaged by the gun. The whole living room is emitting a faint fragrance and its style is brand new.

Li Yong doesn’t have time to praise her. He pulls Wei Fangxia into the elevator.

Wei Fangxia is wearing a blue dress with a black silk belt inlaid with pearls that looks like a black rainbow tied around the waist. Her waist looks very slender.

She is in high heels. Her beautiful long legs are wrapped in black stockings. She looks mature and stable from the head to the feet. She shakes off Li Yong’s hand and says seriously, “Don’t pull me. Pay attention to your image.”

“Ms. Wei, we have already entered the stage of physical communication. What does it matter to hold hands?”

“Stay away from me.” Wei Fangxia becomes more serious.

After being pushed away by her, Li Yong gets close to her smilingly again. Anyway, there are only two of them in the elevator, so he is not afraid of being seen by others. He suddenly lifts the hemline of Wei Fangxia’s dress and looks inside. He praises, “You’re so charming.”

“Go to hell!” Wei Fangxia is startled and kicks Li Yong. She looks angry now.

Li Yong has to restrain himself and dares not to act abruptly. He doesn’t want to make Wei Fangxia angry. He thought that Wei Fangxia would laugh happily like she was on the bed if he showed a lustful look. It turns out that it’s not true.

They drive on the road towards the airport.

Seeing that Li Yong doesn’t talk or smile as if he has changed into another man, Wei Fangxia asks, “Are you angry?”

“Why should I be angry?” Li Yong says faintly.

“Was I too fierce just now?” Wei Fangxia hesitates for a moment and asks.

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