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«Ace of the Dragon Division (Web Novel) - Chapter 871: A move from the sky

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Chapter 871: A move from the sky

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This time, things were getting out of hand! It was the mysterious organization, the deviant Corp, that had been spreading like wildfire in the mercenary world and the underground world recently! It was just like the literal meaning of their organization: A hacker from another world. A mysterious, loner who annihilated the existence of all laws. They dared to openly challenge the United States and confront any country’s Special Forces. In the land of mercenaries, they were legends, but in the world, they were a group of arrogant people with equal strength. So far, they had not failed to kill anyone. The terrifying thing was that if you knew them well, you would know that they would never do such a cheap thing as assassinating ordinary people. They would only kill politicians, warlords, or the top rich. As long as it was a target that was marked as an S-level difficulty in the assassin Alliance and not recommended for assassination, there was no problem in the eyes of the deviant Corp. If there was, it was only a matter of time. The King of Hell will let you die at midnight, but he won’t keep you alive until midnight! The Wei nation’s Mitsubishi consortium’s entire family was killed! The Wei nation’s Mitsui family’s head and second generation heir were also involved in the provocation and indirectly lost their lives. The Alliance of 30 top tycoons in the Wei nation all collapsed and died tragically! These people were all people that the assassin Alliance didn’t dare to kill or touch. Even if it was the world’s top mercenaries or assassins, it would take a lot of courage to kill these people, but the deviant Corp was different. So far, in the global cases against the deviant Corp, there was not a single outstanding record. In other words, in the major events that the deviant Corp was involved in, the police had not arrested any of the deviant Corp members, and even … The information on the members of the deviant Corp around the world was very limited, almost zero! If you say that they only dare to lay their hands on the rich, then you’re gravely mistaken. One of the three Hall Masters of the Yamaguchi-gumi had been abandoned and set up camp. The whole Yamaguchi was still in internal strife. In addition, in front of the live broadcast of more than 1 billion members on social media sites around the world, he killed the Foreign Minister of Korea! At that time, the entire nation’s police force had come to protect this person, but what happened in the end? Didn’t he also announce his death? Would you also say that it was just the Ministry of National Defense of a small, unarmed country that only relied on the United States? then, if the royal family of the Abu Dhabi consortium of the United Arab Emirates in the Middle East was killed, would you be convinced? I’ll kill you in your house! After this incident, every country in the world regarded the deviant Corp as the most unwelcomed organization, and they were most afraid of them visiting. However, such an organization still had tens of millions of followers and fans on social forums. This was simply too outrageous. In the words of these netizens: The deviant Corp was an unruly stream in this world, they didn’t merge with the secular world, they dared to fight against all power, and oppression and rules were nothing to them! As an intelligence agent, it was inexcusable that she didn’t understand these things. However, it was also because she understood them too well that she was more afraid of them! “I’m not leaving! In order not to affect the other areas, let’s stop the battle here. They are coming for Miss Nicole. As long as she stays here, these people will only follow her shadow. ” The agent codename 020 answered the phone. The others didn’t understand. “Using the same method, they can leave their vehicles and people on the highway. In that case, we won’t leave. We’ll combine the three vehicles to block their fire and wait for reinforcements.” Number 020. “Stay here and wait for death?” Someone expressed his disagreement. “They are the deviant Corp!” The agent codename 020 shouted. The remaining nine soldiers were all shocked! A person’s name was like a tree’s shadow! The deviant Corp’s name was really intimidating. The world’s security guards wanted to prove themselves by fighting against the arrogant deviant Corp, but they were afraid that they couldn’t beat them, which was a very contradictory feeling. “The higher-ups want us to stop the battle here and keep their attention here. The support team will outflank the sniper from behind in three minutes.” “We only need to hold on for three minutes!” 020 said, his breathing rapid. The others were silent for a while. To put it nicely, he was doing it for the people, but to put it bluntly, he was just being cannon fodder! What was the reason? The whole world was waiting to sanction the deviant Corp, and if the British police could gain the upper hand in the game against the deviant Corp or even disintegrate them, the sacred veil of the deviant Corp would be revealed, and they would no longer be invincible. Now the people had deified the deviant Corp, which wasn’t a good sign. Its existence was a pain in the ass for the authorities around the world, because their rights had been stepped on, but they could do nothing about it. If the deviant Corp wasn’t destroyed, it would be equivalent to slapping the rules of the world, and it would also be equivalent to slapping those powerful countries. So, in order to take down the deviant Corp, this group of people was no less than cannon fodder to fight for opportunities for other colleagues who were rushing over. The three cars didn’t run anymore and simply merged together. Then, all nine of them got out of the car and squatted down to the side to hide. Lin chuxue was also dragged out of the car and brought to a safe area. With the three vehicles as shields, no matter how destructive the large-caliber sniper rifle was, it would not be able to penetrate the three vehicles with such a long range. Therefore, this was the best cover and way to buy time. “Don’t shoot. Sister-in-law is in their hands. If you break the glass, you’ll hurt her. ” Mali patted Chekhov on the shoulder to stop him from shooting. “I know,” “But the real show is only starting now,” Chekhov said as he put his gun away. As he spoke, he turned around and took out a set of gliding equipment from his suitcase. After assembling it simply and quickly, he looked at Mali and said,””Brother, I’m counting on you.” Mali was speechless.”Don’t tell me you called me over just to wait for this?” he asked. Chekhov tied two pistols to his waist and said,””Your strength is second only to the regiment commander. When I was using the sniper rifle just now, one of the bullets missed and hit that person’s thigh. This means that the wind speed is good enough. You just need to use all your strength to throw me into the air and leave the rest of the performance to me.” “Then what about my performance?” “Maybe next time. This time, you can do it as a courtesy. After all, I couldn’t protect my sister-in-law well last time, and I’m still holding a grudge. I have to perform well this time.” After tying the rope, Chekhov stood on the top floor of a building against the wind, looking like a hero who had just died. “Get lost,” he said. Without a word Mali picked up Chekhov’s thin body and threw him out of the building with all his strength. “What the hell!” Chekhov still underestimated Mali’s strength. After he flew out like a cannonball, he almost had difficulty breathing. Fortunately, he quickly pressed the wings to slow down and flew over the high-speed overpass like an eagle.


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