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«Ace of the Dragon Division (Web Novel) - Chapter 870: They are the deviant Corp

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Chapter 870: They are the deviant Corp

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The 14 Surviving MI6 members expressed their shock at the sudden appearance of the sniper! This was the capital of England! They actually dared to make a move? He was really bold. “This bunch of bastards are tired of living. I must kill them.” An agent holding onto the captain’s body gritted his teeth to vent his anger. “The enemy is at threeo’ clock. Everyone, pay attention to your defense.” A professional secret agent soldier shouted. For a moment, everyone subconsciously hid themselves, trying not to expose themselves to the sniper’s camera. “You’re very experienced, your judgment is very sharp. ” Chekhov looked at the camera in the sniper rifle and couldn’t help but praise. In the camera, the agents all covered themselves, and the car suddenly sped up, not giving him any time to aim. “But it’s useless.” Chekhov changed to a large-caliber sniper rifle, aimed at the last tire, and directly blew it up in the process of moving. Finally, after the wheel of this car exploded, the entire car shook violently. Under the high speed, one of the tires burst, causing a serious imbalance. The butt shook violently, almost knocking the other cars around it into the air. Fortunately, the sixth Bureau agent’s skills were excellent, and he forcefully controlled the steering wheel to prevent the car from losing control. However, the car had to stop. “Go! Don’t stop. ” “You’re leaving even with a ruined car,”the car in front shouted. With a flat tire, the car wanted to leave, but it didn’t plan to slow down and was ready to take advantage of the inertia to increase the horsepower to escape the sniper’s best area. Who knew that at that time, Chekhov’s second large-caliber destructive sniper bullet would come and directly burst the front tire. Now, all that was left of the car was the wheel, and there was no way it could run. The three agents immediately got out of the car and hid on the left side, because Mrs. Chekhov was on the right. “A large-caliber sniper rifle!” The three agents leaned against each other and realized the danger. A large-caliber sniper rifle was mainly used for destruction. Its power and penetration were very strong. Not to mention their guard car, even the school’s car would be penetrated! One of the cars in front wanted to stop and save them, but one of the three agents shouted at him,””Run! Otherwise, you would have stayed too. ” As soon as he finished speaking, a bullet went through the side of the car and directly exploded through the chest of the speaking Special Agent soldier, blood splattering all over the ground. The soldier died on the spot! The remaining two soldiers immediately lay down. It was too narrow to cover the car, and they would be shot sooner or later if they crouched. They could only lie down and wait for help. “Save them!” After the companion in the car in front stopped, he wanted to save his two companions who were still alive. However, the highway was a one-way road, and it was inconvenient to turn around, so he could only go back. The police car closest to the flat tire quickly backed up, opened the door, and shouted to its two companions who were lying on the ground dodging the bullets,””Hurry up and get in!” The two companions were about to stand up and run over when they heard a ‘bang’! The front window of the agent’s car that was opening the door for them was broken, and his head was directly blown up like a watermelon by a large-caliber sniper rifle! Blood splattered all over the highway, leaving the two Special Agent soldiers dumbfounded! This firepower! This accuracy, this sniping skill! Who the F * ck is this? How dare they be so rampant in the capital of England? The two agents looked around at the bodies of their two dead companions and the broken scene. They felt like they couldn’t follow their hearts. It had been a long time since they had met such a bad killer. One of the agents had a phone in his bag, so he quickly took it out and called the headquarters. “Hello? This is MI6 “s intelligence command center …” Bang! Before he could finish his sentence, the car window was shattered, and the soldier who made the call died on the spot with a concussion and a broken glass shard stuck in the back of his head. The phone rolled to the ground not far away. The surviving agent was lying on the ground, looking at the tragic face of another dead comrade. He swallowed his saliva, and the phone on the ground was already connected. “Hello?” “Hello?” The person on the other end of the phone kept asking who was calling, but no one answered. The agent on the ground gritted his teeth and suddenly ran, ready to pounce on his phone and call the police. However, the moment he flew out, Chekhov’s bullet had already flown over and directly hit the agent’s leg. His entire leg exploded and disappeared! “Ah!” Before the soldier could pick up the phone, he was lying on the ground. One of his legs was gone, and the ground was covered in blood. He held his bloody leg with both hands and screamed hysterically. The three cars in front wanted to stop, but someone shouted,””Let’s go! If we stop, more will die!” There were only 10 soldiers left in the car. They witnessed the scene, but they could do nothing. The moment the limbless soldier crawled over to pick up his phone, a bullet hit his head! The companions who saw this from afar in the car were all flustered. At this time, one of the agents took out his phone and called the headquarters. “Sixth Bureau, codename 020, we’ve been attacked. We’re five kilometers away from the airport’s highway entrance. We’ve been attacked by snipers. The target is unclear, but the shooting is terrifyingly accurate. We’re completely restricted on the open highway. Request for backup, do you hear me? We have suffered heavy casualties, requesting for reinforcements, immediately!” “Roger, we’ve sent reinforcements. Three minutes. We’ll give the headquarters three minutes. Try your best to stall for time.” The agent in the car directly cursed,””Three minutes is more than enough for us to die, F* K!” “Calm down, you need to calm down. You’re a professional Special Agent police officer in this situation. Where’s your rationality?” “I’ve already lost my mind. Tell me, a sniper shot a total of seven shots from a range of more than 1000 meters. Two of them burst the front and rear tires, and they burst when he was moving at a high speed of more than 1150 horsepower. You’re also professional police officers, so you should know that in such a situation, you have to consider the wind resistance, range, and force reduction principles to make a judgment. Even an accurate computer can’t do it at such a long distance. It could accurately predict the shot and hit the tire, leaving the car and the person behind. You have no way of knowing what kind of situation we’re in. Our defense experience is useless against them! This was a group of extremely professional assassins! Each of his shots was fatal, and he killed four of our comrades in five shots. Do you think we have three minutes?” Headquarters: “listen to me. A high-caliber sniper rifle may not be able to penetrate everything. You guys line up your vehicles to cover yourselves. Reinforcements will arrive soon. I believe that no matter how arrogant they are, they won’t dare to stay and confront us. ” “Do you guys know who they are?” The agent could not help but ask. There was a moment of silence on the other end of the phone.”Anyway, hang in there. This opponent is beyond your imagination. Otherwise, MI6 wouldn’t have been sent to escort him personally.” The agent gritted his teeth, his expression serious.”We’ve never met such a difficult opponent in this world. Who is it?” After thinking for a moment, the other end said,””The deviant Corp!” The agent’s eyes widened!


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