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«Ace of the Dragon Division (Web Novel) - Chapter 869: It’s time to show off my real skills

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Chapter 869: It’s time to show off my real skills

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When Lin chuxue heard that they were Xu Cheng’s brothers, she was immediately shocked. The main thing was that there were still enemies here, so how could they be exposed? Zhang Xiu saw through Lin chuxue’s thoughts and smiled.””Don’t worry, the medicine they just drank has a lot of sleeping ingredients. Even if the plane crashes, they won’t wake up. Sis-in-law, from now on, Big Brother Cheng and US will be by your side at all times. You’re not fighting alone.” “Is the person he offended really that powerful?” Lin chuxue asked curiously. Zhang Xiu and diesel looked at each other, nodded, and said seriously,””It’s beyond my imagination. As you can see, they can even use the Ministry of Foreign Affairs ‘Embassy to arrest you. It’s enough to show that they have people in the British political scene. If sister-in-law is afraid, you can tell us. This counterattack mission will be terminated and you will be free. With the regiment commander’s current connections, it won’t be a problem to find you a place with political protection.” “And then I’ll completely part ways with him, right?” Lin chuxue faintly said. Diesel and Zhang Xiu looked at each other and smiled bitterly.””Sis-in-law, there are many things that you’ll understand when you find out the truth. Big Brother Cheng can’t help himself.” “What am I afraid of?” Lin chuxue snorted.”I’ve even eaten bullets before. What am I afraid of? you guys don’t have to teach me what to do.” Diesel and Zhang Xiu smiled.”We have a total of 12 members who can be considered a family. The boss is Big Brother Cheng, and the other Brotherhood will be meeting you one after another in the coming days. Big Brother Cheng wanted to make it a little more Grand, but who knew that something would happen to you, sister-in-law? now, I can only come to say hello to you like this.” “Alright, we’re about to land. See you at the next stop.” After that, the two of them walked out of the first-class cabin. Not long after, the air stewardess came out and announced that they were going to land the plane to welcome everyone to England. When she came into the first-class cabin to inform them that she could get off the plane, she saw that the six agents were still asleep and gently called out,””Sir, we’ve arrived United Kingdom wake up.” In the end, the air stewardess couldn’t wake them up no matter how she tried. “Reception, reception, there’s a guest here. I don’t know if he’s airsick, so he came over to take a look.” The air stewardess picked up her own headset and said. Not long after, the airport Police came over to take a look. After they had a look, one of the police officers exclaimed,””They’ve died from shock!” All the staff members present were shocked. Lin chuxue sat there in a daze, and Zhang Xiu’s indifferent words still appeared in her mind,”They wouldn’t wake up even if the plane crashed. So this was what he meant. “Seal the scene for now and call the forensic doctor over.” The police immediately knew how to deal with the scene. However, what they were waiting for was not a forensic doctor, but the highest Intelligence Agency in Britain, MI6.””From now on, this case is no longer under the jurisdiction of the local police. We’ll take over.” Then, they took Lin chuxue out of the airport. “Hello? Boss, we’ve got him under control. ” One of the agents who were holding Lin chuxue called his superior. “Good, it’s good that you didn’t lose her. Be careful, this woman is not simple. She should have accomplices. The death of six of our colleagues on the plane is enough to prove that these people want to protect this woman. You must make sure that this woman safely reaches the destination I told you.” “Yes! They don’t have the right to do anything in the UK, not to mention them, even the CIA can’t do this. We’ll let them know the horror of MI6 “s Intelligence Agency.” The leader of the operation team promised over the phone. There was a moment of silence on the other end of the phone. He gave up telling his subordinates who’ those people ‘were, in case they peed their pants. “Very good. After this mission is completed, I can give each of you a promotion! Remember, from now on, you can’t hand over this mission to anyone other than me. You’re not allowed to disclose the details of the mission to anyone else, understand?” The 15 MI6 agents were all overjoyed. “yesir! I will not fail my mission!” After hanging up the phone, the captain looked at the beautiful woman in the trunk and asked curiously,””What did you do wrong?” Lin chuxue,”does a groundless crime count?” I’m a citizen, but I’ve been treated unfairly, and you’re still helping the evildoer. Since you don’t know what I’m guilty of, why did you arrest me?” Captain: “every time a criminal says the same line as you. Let me tell you, once you enter England, tell your companions to give up on coming to save you, or I can execute them on the spot!” “Then I have nothing to say.” Lin chuxue didn’t want to waste any more time. “Drive,” the captain waved his hand. The five MI6 vehicles left the airport one after another and set off on the highway. The speed of the five cars was very tacit, and they protected the car that was holding Lin chuxue in the middle, while the other four acted as cover. “You want MI6 to personally escort someone in the country? What level of criminal is this woman?” One of the agents asked curiously. “I know this woman. Have you guys forgotten about the number one beauty of our rose of Britain?” “I would have forgotten about it if you didn’t mention it. No wonder I said she was so beautiful. But didn’t she get married abroad? I think she’s married to a sick man of East Asia. I’m really puzzled. Our great empire, the number one beauty, is actually married to a Chinese coward?” “I remember now, her husband is quite capable. Have you forgotten what happened at the Queen’s Birthday banquet four years ago? I understand what crime this woman has committed. She has disrespected the Queen, no wonder she was sent back. ” “Now that you mention it, I remember. Is her husband the bastard who killed Kalan in one move? The bastard who beat up the upper-class nobles. I really wanted to kill this yellow-skinned monkey with one shot. ” “Then the rescue that the senior officer is talking about is not her man, right? This is interesting. I didn’t have the chance before, but this time, I can kill him. ” The captain looked at Lin chuxue and laughed.””You’d better not let your man appear, or I’ll make him regret insulting the nobles at the banquet!” Just as he finished speaking, there was a loud bang! A sniper bullet pierced through the car window and directly hit the captain in between his eyebrows! The other agents in the car were stunned. They saw their Captain fall to the ground and never wake up again. He was still alive just a moment ago, but in the blink of an eye, a bullet had gone through his head! Lin chuxue was also shocked. Not far away Mali suddenly slapped Chekhov on the back of his head.””Why did you hit other cars and sister-in-law’s car? Aren’t you afraid of hurting sister-in-law? Aren’t you afraid that the Guild leader will kill you with a slap?” Chekhov grinned.”I saw him shouting at his sister-in-law. I’ll teach him a lesson. Don’t you trust my shooting skills?” Don’t worry, it’s time to show off my real skills. I failed to show off last time, but this time, I have to show off in front of sister-in-law. ” (The update has been adjusted to daytime.)


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