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«Ace of the Dragon Division (Web Novel) - Chapter 868: How are you, sister-in-law?

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Chapter 868: How are you, sister-in-law?

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If bei Shan insisted on making things difficult for these people just because they were in China, it would indeed cause a diplomatic dispute, and the top leaders would not allow such a thing to happen. It could only be said that the other party had found such a tricky way to come here and arrest Lin chuxue. To be honest, if Lin chuxue didn’t want to, Xu Cheng had a way to take her away from the police, but Lin chuxue’s parents were probably already under control, so she had to go. He and Lin chuxue looked at each other, and he felt the determination in her eyes. Xu Cheng chose to support her. Bei Shan pulled Xu Cheng to the side and asked in a low voice,””I say, are you crazy? How could you be at ease after they took Lin chuxue away? You’ll still go and save her, and then you’ll be threatened in all kinds of ways. If you ask me, I don’t think we should let them take Xiaoxue away today!” “Is there a way?” Xu Cheng looked at bei Shan and asked back,”the Embassy documents they submitted are all real. Soon, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs will talk to you and tell you not to get involved in this matter. What can you do?” You’ll only lose your job if you insist. Alright, since this matter has already been brought to the table, there’s nothing we can do about it. However, I have my own methods. For now, the Dragon division and the country shouldn’t interfere in this matter, I’ll take responsibility. ” When the station reached the level of diplomacy, this matter wasn’t under bei Shan and the J of diamonds ‘jurisdiction. At most, they had the right to express their opinions, but they couldn’t change the fact that Lin chuxue would still be taken away. Because it was impossible for the country to change the policy and destroy the Treaty just because Lin chuxue was alone. So, in this matter, bei Shan and the J of diamonds didn’t have enough power! This was enough to show how powerful the capital society was! They could’ve used the same trick before, but China could’ve used the excuse of ‘not seeing her’ to not hand her over. But now, with her present, it was impossible for China to protect Lin chuxue! “I’ll go. ” At this time, Lin chuxue completely interrupted bei Shan’s thoughts of fighting for it. The Royal British police heard that Lin chuxue was willing to cooperate and smiled.””Take him away.” The two police officers took Lin chuxue out of the restaurant and got into the Ministry of Foreign Affairs ‘car. Xu Cheng went to a corner and took out his phone.””Everyone, listen to my orders. Next stop United Kingdom!” Then, he disappeared into the corner. Didn’t you want to capture my woman and threaten me? Alright, I’ll do it this time. I’ll make you regret what it means to invite a God over but not send him away! No, it was the Grim Reaper! On the side of the British Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the head of the Embassy was very happy to hear the news of Lin chuxue’s arrest. He quickly took out his phone and called an unknown number.”Hello? Mr. Ross, the woman you want is already in my hands. I’ll arrange a plane to bring her back to United Kingdom tomorrow. ” “No, let her return to China immediately. Don’t wait until tomorrow. I’m afraid she’ll be rescued before tomorrow.” “Who will save him? Is this a joke? This is the Embassy, who has the guts to come and cause trouble?” “Who would dare?” “What if it’s the deviant Corp?” Ross smiled. The head of the British Embassy’s eyes suddenly contracted. A person’s name was like the shadow of a tree! If it was the deviant Corp, he would really be afraid! “I’ll immediately send him over. ” The director swallowed his saliva and didn’t dare to relax. He picked up his phone and made arrangements for the police in charge of catching Lin chuxue to send her back to England the next day. On the plane, there were a total of six police officers in charge of detaining Lin chuxue, and they all booked first class to avoid being disturbed by other irrelevant people. At this moment, a male flight attendant was pouring juice for the passengers with a smile on his face. When he pushed it to the first class cabin, he pulled open the curtain and saw six men and a beautiful woman inside. The strange thing was that the six of them were squeezed together. The flight attendant asked,””What kind of juice do you need?” The six MI6 agents were already tense, and at this point, they felt a little exhausted. One of them couldn’t help but say,””I’ll have a Coke. ” As soon as he opened his mouth, the other six cautious companions could not help but feel thirsty and wanted to drink fruit juice. The flight attendant looked at the beautiful woman who was taking a nap with her eyes closed and asked,””What do you need to drink?” Lin chuxue didn’t open her eyes and didn’t even blink, nor did she answer him. The flight attendant smiled when he saw the six MI6 agents drink juice or Coke. He pulled open the curtain and walked out. In the aisle, there was a guy reading a magazine. When he saw the flight attendant come out of the first-class cabin, he smiled at him. The guy who was reading the magazine was none other than Zhang Xiu. The flight attendant in front of him was not a real flight attendant, but a fake. He was diesel. The contractor of this plane from China to Britain was United Kingdom, so the flight attendant must be a foreigner, and diesel was the best candidate. If something happened on this plane, China didn’t need to be responsible, so they simply took action here! The flight attendant walked into the bathroom, where there was a naked, unconscious man. He quickly changed back into his suit and snapped his fingers at the real ‘flight attendant’ who was unconscious. The real flight attendant suddenly woke up. The man in the suit had already left the washroom. He sat down beside the man who was reading the magazine and picked up a magazine to read. “Sister-in-law is indeed a great beauty!” “Even with her eyes closed,” diesel grinned.”I can see her perfect face.” Zhang Xiu pointed at a magazine from one or two years ago on the plane, which happened to have a picture of Lin chuxue on it. “”The other day, I accidentally searched for sister-in-law. It’s incredible. The Rose of Britain. She’s known as the National treasure of Britain for her beauty. She’s a legendary woman who grew up beautiful. I’m really curious how leader managed to get her.” Diesel nodded.”She’s much prettier in real life than in the photos. I went in to take a look just now, and her aura was very calm. Who the F * ck said she’s just a vase?” “Are you done?” Zhang Xiu asked him. “Yes.” Diesel nodded.”They all drank your drink.” Zhang Xiu nodded and looked at the mechanical watch on his wrist.””It’s been five minutes. Let’s go in and say hello to sister-in-law.” As he spoke, Zhang Xiu was very calm and confident. Diesel and him stood up and walked over to the first-class cabin. They pulled open the curtain and saw that the six MI6 agents had already fallen asleep. “How are you, sister-in-law?” Zhang Xiu called out casually. Lin chuxue, who had been napping with her eyes closed, suddenly opened her eyes and saw two strange men. She was suddenly curious and thought that they had called the wrong person. “We didn’t hear wrong. We were calling you sister-in-law.” Diesel walked in and smiled. “You guys are?” Lin chuxue was confused. “Didn’t Big Brother Cheng want to introduce you to us? I’m diesel. ” “I’m Zhang Xiu. “


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