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«Ace of the Dragon Division (Web Novel) - Chapter 867: Plan B

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Chapter 867: Plan B

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Ten minutes had passed since the ‘cleaning lady’ had closed the door. The other members waiting in the van outside the air-conditioning vent saw that he hadn’t handed the man down with the rope and sack, so they asked curiously,””Shi TOU, have you made your move yet? If you don’t do anything in the toilet, the two people outside will be suspicious. ” The only reply he got was silence. “Send someone over to see what’s going on?” the commander was anxious. One of the guys on guard walked into the women’s washroom, and at this time, he saw Lin chuxue coming out of the women’s washroom safely. He was shocked.””The target has already walked out of the toilet!” “Not good,” the Supreme Commander said.”Sh*tou has failed. Let’s go in and take a look.” The accomplice obeyed and ran into the women’s toilet, but he could not find anyone. He pushed open the door of the toilet one by one, and after breaking through the door of the last toilet, he found stone, who was pretending to be a cleaning lady. He saw him sitting on the toilet chair, motionless, his face pale. The accomplice reached out to check his nose, but he could not feel any breath. “He’s dead!” “How is that possible? No one has entered the toilet before, and the two bodyguards were outside the entire time. Shi TOU probably closed the toilet door before he took action, right?” “Captain, could it be that this woman is hiding her true strength?” The commander: “impossible, the information can’t be wrong. This woman is a weak person. Check the surveillance and see how Shi TOU died. Did this woman do it, or did she have an expert by her side?” “We destroyed the surveillance cameras before we took action,” the other members were puzzled. The Supreme Commander was speechless. “Then quickly execute plan B. We can’t let this woman walk out of this shop. We’ve already alerted the enemy, and Tevez has probably been exposed. We probably won’t have another chance. If we can’t do it in the dark, then we’ll do it in the open. Also, leave Shi TOU’s body there and don’t touch it.” “Yes!” Tevez, who was in the private room, felt that the operation was over and was about to call the commander in charge to ask about it. Who knew that before he could even get through, he saw the door of the private room being pushed open by Lin chuxue. It really gave Tevez a scare, and he dropped his phone on the ground. He looked at Lin chuxue as if she was a ghost, and the latter saw his reaction and asked curiously,””What’s wrong with you?” Tevez almost couldn’t catch his breath. He took a deep breath and said,””No, nothing. Are you alright?” “It’s just a stomachache. Are you okay?” Lin chuxue felt like she didn’t have any appetite for this meal, so she pouted and said,””If that’s the case, I’ll go back first.” “Don ‘t.” Tevez was anxious. He was still wondering how Lin chuxue could be fine. Didn’t he say that she wouldn’t come out after she went to the toilet? Why was it like this? This was his best chance, and he definitely wouldn’t let Lin chuxue leave so easily. “I haven’t had a good meal yet, let’s eat before we leave.” Tevez swallowed his saliva. “I’m almost full, I’ll take my leave. ” Lin chuxue said as she turned around to leave. Tevez walked over and was about to stop her.””It’s rare for you to come out and you’re going back? You haven’t even warmed up yet, we still have so much to talk about. ” “There’s nothing to talk about. ” Lin chuxue picked up her bag and walked out of the room, and Bei Shan and the J of diamonds blocked Tevez. As soon as the three of them turned around, a group of people walked in from the entrance of the restaurant. They were all foreigners and all of them were dressed in suits and leather shoes. One of the leaders took out his id and handed it to Lin chuxue,””Miss Nicole, right? We suspect that you’re involved in a transnational crime and need to come back with us for investigation. ” Bei Shan stood in front of Lin chuxue.”Who are you?” he asked. “The United Kingdom police of England.” The leader handed him his id and said,””We have tracked down an international murder case. Miss Nicole’s family group is involved in it. We have initially concluded that she has the possibility of transferring the group’s debts abroad. We need her to come back with us to investigate it.” Bei Shan: “I’m sorry, this is China’s territory. We need your Ministry of Foreign Affairs to show us some documents.” “It’s ready. ” This staff member took out the Ministry of Foreign Affairs documents that he had already prepared and handed them over to bei Shan, saying,””We have the right to escort Miss Nicole back to the country. This is our United Kingdom business. Please do not interfere with Hua. Our Foreign Affairs Department will negotiate with your country’s leaders. In addition, we found that she was chasing after someone, and this person was also eating in this restaurant today. ” After he finished speaking, the staff quickly walked into the restaurant. Not long after, they carried out the corpse of ‘stone’ from the women’s washroom. “This is a United Kingdom citizen. His death here could be related to Nicole. She must come back with us.” Bei Shan and the J of diamonds were both very surprised. They didn’t expect the other party to have such a move! The main reason was that Lin chuxue had never been registered in China and was still registered in the United Kingdom, so others took advantage of this. If she wasn’t a Chinese citizen, then China had no reason to interfere in her life. Of course, bei Shan knew that this was a scheme of the other side. The documents were all here, and they could indeed take Lin chuxue away. However, bei Shan wouldn’t let them take Lin chuxue away so easily. He also took out his id and said,””I’m sorry, but we also suspect that she is a spy and have evidence of her espionage activities. So, before we have a clear investigation, you can’t take her away for the time being. We have the right to know how much information she knows about our country.” The United Kingdom Royal Police: “both China and Britain have a friendly extradition treaty. This woman is very important to our case. We must bring her back to our country. If your country wants to protect her, the consequences will be a diplomatic dispute. I hope you can speak on behalf of your country. We will continue to investigate the matter of our citizen dying in this restaurant. ” This was a case of being caught red-handed, and he was also warning the two of them: The British died here, and we haven’t even settled the score with your country yet. Speaking of this, the Royal Police officer deliberately said to Lin chuxue,””Your family has already confessed to their crimes. You don’t need to run anymore. China can’t save you.” Lin chuxue’s face slightly changed, this message conveyed an important message: Her parents were in their hands. Lin chuxue looked at the English police officer and said with hatred,””Don’t disappoint me in England, and don’t force me to escape that place.” “You’ve already escaped, haven’t you? Ever since you married a foreigner, your identity has become very sensitive. You’ll only increase the conflict between China and the UK. We can’t let you do anything stupid, so come back with us and turn yourself in. ” As the police officer spoke, he waved his hand, and the staff members all came up and grabbed Lin chuxue’s wrist. “This is China, it’s not up to you to do as you please!” Bei Shan shouted in a deep voice. Just then, Xu Cheng walked over.””Let them take it.”


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