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«Ace of the Dragon Division (Web Novel) - Chapter 866: Collapse

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Chapter 866: Collapse

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Then, Tevez nervously glanced at Lin chuxue.””What do you think?” Lin chuxue sat in the front passenger seat and said,””I suddenly feel like eating Chinese food today. Why don’t we just go to another restaurant?” Tevez’s heart turned cold when he heard this. “This …” “I’m just joking. ” Lin chuxue suddenly smiled.”Since you’re treating, you can make the decision.” Tevez’s heart almost jumped out of his chest. He was really shocked. “You’re still as mischievous as ever. It’s fine. Since you like Chinese food, we’ll go.” “That’s good. ” “Let’s go to Tenglong Chinese restaurant,”Lin chuxue said. Tevez wanted to die! I’m just playing along, don’t take it seriously! However, since he had already said that, he was obviously in a passive position. “How?” Tevez asked with a bitter smile. “Turn around, I’ll Take You There.” Lin chuxue said. Tevez was anxious. The kidnappers who were in charge of monitoring him were even more anxious. The commander picked up the microphone and said,”there’s a situation on the bus. I think they’ve changed their mind and aren’t going to that store. Find a way to block them and don’t let them turn around!” On the crowded road, a car immediately blocked the back of the Tevez A6. Seeing that they had suddenly braked and were about to turn around, he honked. The car had even occupied the road. “This bastard got his driver’s license for nothing. He’s in my way.” Tevez looked at the rearview mirror with a bitter smile. “Forget it, forget it,” Lin chuxue said.”It’s just a meal and we won’t have to go through so much trouble. Let’s go to the one you mentioned.” Tevez chuckled and couldn’t help but give a thumbs up to his own man in the back of the car. He was indeed a professional. The group drove to the English restaurant Tevez pointed out, and Bei Shan and the J of diamonds got out of the car in advance to check the surroundings. After that, they got into the car and said to Lin chuxue,””Xiaoxue, I don’t agree with you eating here. First of all, there are foreigners here. We don’t have their information, so we don’t know who is clean. It’s a mix of good and bad.” “Senior brother, I have no other choice.” Lin chuxue bitterly smiled.”My parents are probably already kidnapped.” Both bei Shan and the J of diamonds ‘faces changed. “He did.” Lin chuxue said. “Then why didn’t that bastard follow us?” The J of diamonds was speechless. “You still don’t understand Little Junior Brother? Since when did he need us to worry about him? I’m sure he’s made arrangements here in advance. ” “Then let’s go in,” bei Shan said.”We’ll be following you closely.” Lin chuxue nodded, got out of the car, and followed Tevez into the restaurant. Tevez took Lin chuxue to a private room. It was very quiet, but it was clear on all sides, just to tell Lin chuxue: I don’t have any intention of attacking you. Bei Shan and the J of diamonds also took a look at the private room. There were only two windows, and it was more than ten floors below them. It was impossible for anyone to hide on the windowsill or around it, and it was also impossible to take someone out from here. Only then did they feel relieved and let Lin chuxue enter the room. The waiter came in to serve, and Lin chuxue symbolically ordered a few Western dishes. Tevez held the menu and said,””Tell the chef that I ordered it and ask them to serve it quickly.” Then, he paid the waiter, and the waiter would definitely take care of it. Tevez was afraid that Lin chuxue would be suspicious, so he explained,””I usually like to eat here. I know their chef and manager. You don’t know that they usually cook slowly because there are many people here. But since you’re here today, I definitely want them to hurry up.” Lin chuxue nodded and didn’t say anything. Outside the door, after hearing Tevez’s words to the waiter, he frowned and became suspicious. He followed the waiter to the kitchen. The waiter handed the bill in, then thought of something and added,””This is what Mr. Tevez ordered. Hurry up, he’s here with a beautiful woman today.” The apprentices nodded, took the order, and started to cook. However, at this time, the signature Chef said,””I’ll cook what he ordered. Since this guy brought a woman here, it means that this woman is very important to him. I’ll cook personally.” The other apprentices found it strange. Usually, the head chef would not cook personally. He would usually teach them here. He would only cook personally when there were important guests in the restaurant. However, the apprentices didn’t dare to ask too much. They just left the dishes behind. Xu Cheng had been keeping an eye on the head chef to see if he had drugged the food or something, but he didn’t see it. After the three dishes were quickly done, he asked the waiter to bring the cart over and then go out. There was no problem in the kitchen, so Xu Cheng turned around and was about to go to the scene to take a look. Who knew that when he was about to turn around and leave, one of the apprentices in charge of cooking muttered to another apprentice,””Is the head chef crazy today? He cooked two taboo dishes together. I’ve taken a look and these two dishes will cause diarrhea. ” Xu Cheng’s body suddenly trembled, and he quickly walked towards the private room. In the private room, Lin chuxue, who had just eaten, immediately felt that her stomach was not used to it. “I’m sorry, I need to go to the bathroom. ” Hearing the word “toilet”, Xu Cheng, who was hiding, caught the key point. He left early. “What’s wrong?” “My stomach suddenly feels uncomfortable, please excuse me.” Lin chuxue said as she picked up her bag and left the room. When Lin chuxue passed by Tevez, a gloomy smile appeared on his face. The matter was basically done! Everything was going according to their script. Lin chuxue probably wouldn’t be coming back from the bathroom. Tevez didn’t even wait for her. He happily enjoyed the steak and wine, his face full of a relaxed smile. Bei Shan and the J of diamonds followed Lin chuxue closely, but when they saw her go into the women’s room, the two of them were extremely embarrassed. “If there’s anything, just shout it out.” “While you’re on, we’ll try our best not to let anyone else in,” bei Shan said to Lin chuxue. Lin chuxue nodded and then walked into the bathroom. Bei Shan and the J of diamonds were standing at the entrance of the women’s washroom, temporarily not letting other guests use it, which would reduce the possibility of suspicious people getting close to snowy. However, they had overlooked the fact that there was an aunty cleaner inside the female toilet. When Lin chuxue went in, the Auntie was mopping the floor. In such a high-end restaurant, the bathroom must be kept clean at all times, so her appearance wouldn’t be too sudden. After Lin chuxue entered a room, the cleaning lady suddenly pulled off her hair. It turned out to be a wig, revealing a bright bald head. He then took off his mask, revealing a fierce man’s face. He gently walked over, closed the door of the women’s room, and locked it. Then, he walked over to Lin chuxue’s toilet and put on a pair of gloves. He sprinkled some anesthetic on it so that it would be easier to cover the person and immediately knock them out. He stood at the door of Lin chuxue’s toilet, and the moment she opened the door, he would cover her mouth and knock her out. At this moment, his arm was patted from behind. The ‘Auntie’ turned around, but there was nothing! When he turned his head back, he was patted on the other shoulder. When he turned his head to look, he was hit in the chest. His heart instantly clogged up, causing the blood vessels to flow rapidly and burst. He died on the spot!


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