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«Ace of the Dragon Division (Web Novel) - Chapter 865: Planning the kidnapping

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Chapter 865: Planning the kidnapping

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After Lin chuxue went back to her bedroom, Xu Cheng followed closely behind. “Why would you want to have dinner with him?” Xu Cheng’s face didn’t look good. “Are you jealous?” Lin chuxue smiled with her back to him as she looked for clothes in the closet. “Do you know how dangerous you are?” Xu Cheng rolled his eyes at her.”They couldn’t find me. They couldn’t lure me out. So, they could only use you to threaten me again.” “I know,” Lin chuxue suddenly turned around and covered Xu Cheng’s mouth, not letting him get angry and continue to say things out of anger. After a long time, she slowly put some distance between them and looked at Xu Cheng affectionately.””Xu Cheng, to be able to come back to life and see you again, for me, it’s already a great deal. Listen to me, since there’s no way out, since it’s either you or them who will die, then just let it go. ” “What do you mean?” Xu Cheng was stunned. Lin chuxue smiled.”I won’t hide anymore. I’ll go out. I’ll walk out. Aren’t they looking for me?” Let them come, and you kill them with all your might! We’ll kill as many as we can!” “You want to be a target?” Xu Cheng was shocked. Lin chuxue’s delicate hand covered Xu Cheng’s mouth as she softly said,””Rather than waiting for death, it’s better to take the initiative to attack and beat him at his own game.” “No!” “That’s very dangerous!”Xu Cheng’s face darkened. “There’s no other way!” Lin chuxue said,”this is the only thing I can do for you. Can you listen to me?” I’ve never asked you for anything in my life, and I’ve never asked for anything. Just listen to me this time. ” She hooked her hands around the back of Xu Cheng’s head, and the two of them were face to face. Lin chuxue stared at him and said,””I’ve always believed that you would protect me, so I’m not afraid of being a target. Don’t you have confidence in yourself?” “I …” Xu Cheng didn’t know what to say. Lin chuxue hugged him tightly and rested her head on Xu Cheng’s shoulder as she faintly said,””Can you let my beautiful flower that bloomed under the sun have a little value? Let me draw them away, and you can kill as many as you can! Even if I’m covered in wounds in the end, you’re the most suitable match, aren’t you? I don’t want to use your money to become the perfect woman. ” Xu Cheng’s heart felt like it was struck by lightning. He never thought that Lin chuxue would make such a request. He wanted to refuse. But Lin chuxue’s arms around him were getting tighter and tighter, as if telling him that she had made up her mind. Xu Cheng’s eyes were red as he helplessly closed them and sighed.””Good! But what does this have to do with you having dinner with Tevez?” Lin chuxue: “I just called home, but I couldn’t get through to mom, dad, or Lei’s phone. I’m afraid I’m not the only one involved in this, so since it’s already the worst result, you can do it without any hesitation!” Xu Cheng’s eyes suddenly widened. Tevez, who was downstairs, was very excited. He didn’t expect things to go so smoothly. He only came here today to show his face, and there was still a long way to go, but he didn’t expect Lin chuxue to actually agree to go out to dinner with him. How could Tevez not be excited to be able to complete the mission so quickly? Thinking about how he could kill his way back home and have the right of inheritance, those brothers and sisters at home who laughed at him must be very dumbfounded, right? Sitting on the sofa in the living room, Tevez kicked one of his hands into his pocket, where there was a cell phone. He quickly pressed the dial button and dialed the first default number, then hung up. This was the secret code they had agreed on before! On the other side, a bearded spy in charge of contacting him saw the caller ID and hung up, so he immediately made a call. “We’re getting ready to catch them. It’s going very smoothly.” In the villa. Lin chuxue was wearing an orange-red dress, holding a Hermes bag that hadn’t been changed a few years ago, and wearing crystal-colored high heels. She smiled at Tevez and said,””Let’s go,”he said. She casually let her hair down in a single wave, and her every move was extremely charming! Tevez was stunned for a moment, but he quickly regained his senses and said in a gentlemanly manner,””Please, do you want to take your car or mine?” “You can have a seat. By the way, do you mind if my two bodyguards come along?” “Of course I don’t mind,” Tevez didn’t want people to be suspicious at this time, so he must have asked Lin chuxue to bring her bodyguards to make her feel at ease. In any case, he was confident that those people had the ability to deal with the two bodyguards and then take them away. Tevez was driving an A6, which was more in line with his down-and-out identity. Lin chuxue sat in the front passenger seat, and behind her were bei Shan and the J of diamonds. “By the way, why didn’t your other bodyguard come with you?” Tevez asked subconsciously while driving. “He’s in charge of staying at home. ” Lin chuxue said. No one noticed that Xu Cheng was sitting on top of the car and following them, but no one could see him. When their car passed by the entrance, one of the taxi drivers just got off and paid the bill. Then, these two cars naturally pretended to go to the city with Tevez and the others, without letting bei Shan and the J of diamonds notice. When the taxi driver saw Lin chuxue in the car, he knew that Tevez couldn’t possibly leak the news at this time, and he was the only one who could do it. He picked up his phone and arranged,””The most famous English restaurant in the city is ready. Get the surveillance room ready, and don’t leave any evidence for the police. The head chef has already arranged for her to be drugged. Make sure she goes to the toilet so that the bodyguards can’t enter the women’s toilet. Our people will prepare one inside. The air conditioner’s vent is a good escape exit. If the mission fails, we will use Plan B openly!” “Understood!” “Received.” They knew that they could only take Lin chuxue away by using their wits because even the Knight couldn’t take her away by force, so they could only use their wits to commit crimes with high intelligence. On the way, Tevez stopped at a red light intersection. In front of him, there was a car, and he knew the license plate number. This private car was in charge of taking over the car behind. If they kept following, it would attract the attention of bei Shan and the J of diamonds. He was an expert in scouting, so he had to play with them very professionally. After the light turned green, the taxi turned and left. Bei Shan and the J of diamonds, who had been suspicious and vigilant, finally looked away and relaxed a little. As an expert, bei Shan wasn’t someone to be trifled with. He was good at stirring things up, and suddenly, he suggested to Lin chuxue,””Miss Lin, I happen to know a newly opened United Kingdom-style restaurant. Why don’t we go there?” Tevez’s hand on the steering wheel trembled. “A new shop?” He smiled and said,”why didn’t I know?” I’m British so I know most of the newly opened restaurants and have been to them. To be honest, they’re not as good as this restaurant I’m talking about. Do you think I don’t know your taste, Nicole? I guarantee that the restaurant I’m talking about is definitely the most authentic. ” It had already been arranged, how could it be changed at the last minute? Tevez naturally had to fight for it.


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