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«Ace of the Dragon Division (Web Novel) - Chapter 872: Inviting the legendary sword God to take action

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Chapter 872: Inviting the legendary sword God to take action

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Before Chekhov left, he said to Mali,””Buy me some time. You stay here and shoot the black guns. Make them focus all their attention on you. I’ll punish them from the sky.” Mali picked up the big sniper rifle and looked at the camera. He found that an agent was secretly sticking his head out to look, so he quickly fired another shot without saying a word! Bang! “This technique is so F * cking bad. Can you not insult my reputation?” Chekhov saw from the sky that Mali’s shot didn’t even hit the car, let alone hit anyone. It was simply embarrassing to see a hole in the highway. Mali coughed.”You know nothing. I did it on purpose. I was afraid of hurting sister-in-law.” The agents quickly pulled their necks back and were slightly happy.””They’re still here! The deviant Corp is indeed the deviant Corp, arrogant and conceited. They probably don’t know if they’re surrounded or they’re not afraid of being surrounded at all?” “Headquarters, headquarters, they’re still here, hurry up.” “Roger, Roger, two minutes ready.” Putting down their phones, the nine agents all heaved a sigh of relief. Not far away, the ambulance had already rushed over. The highway was also temporarily closed to prevent other private cars from passing through. After all, there were bloody scenes of injured people on the road, so it was not easy for the media to expose them. Lin chuxue saw that the ground was covered in blood and felt nauseated, but she remained calm. She knew that these people would only push Xu Cheng to the edge. These people were using inhumane methods to threaten her to deal with Xu Cheng, so she didn’t need to show them any pity. At that moment, an agent looked at Lin chuxue and asked her,””You’re really cold-blooded. ” “Do you think I’ll pity you? Then why don’t you take pity on me? Do you know what crime I’ve committed? Why did you capture me? And my parents, Where are they now?” “I don’t know what you’re talking about, but I’m only responsible for following orders and escorting you there safely. Your companions don’t seem to want us to do that, but I have to tell you that anyone who dares to act wildly here will not have a good end.” “It doesn’t matter,” Lin chuxue gritted her teeth and said,”a lot of times, people are forced to come out. Since you dare to capture them, then there’s a price to pay!” Are you the only ones who are allowed to make laws, but you don’t follow the laws and arrest people?” “F*CK!”The special Agent police couldn’t help but curse.””Women are so simple-minded!” As soon as he finished speaking, he was hit in the middle of his forehead by a bullet. The recoil of his head hit the car window, and he fell to the ground. A bloody wound appeared between his eyebrows. Headshot! The other Special Agent soldiers were in a hurry to find the source of the gun. When they looked up and saw the gliding wings above their heads, tututu … Chekhov held a pistol in each hand and fired with both hands. Every shot was like a smart computer accurately locking onto a target, and the bullets hit the agent soldiers between their eyebrows the moment they raised their heads. His hand speed was very fast, and he glided over his head in a flash. However, this flash of a few seconds was enough. In less than five seconds, when Chekhov’s paragliding passed by in the sky, Lin chuxue subconsciously closed her eyes and didn’t move. When she opened her eyes, the nine agents who had kidnapped her were still alive, and they all fell to the ground in the blink of an eye. Lin chuxue saw that each of them had a bloody hole in the middle of their eyebrows, and it was obvious that they all died on the spot. Even Lin chuxue, who was already mentally prepared, couldn’t help but feel a little flustered at this moment. But perhaps he knew he had scared her, so Chekhov flew over and made his presence known to her. “Don’t be afraid, sister-in-law. I’m Chekhov, we’ve met before. I’m sorry for what happened last time. If anyone dares to bully you again, I’ll blow his head off like this. I’m leaving first.” After Chekhov waved at Lin chuxue, he flew over the overpass over their heads. Only then did Lin chuxue let out a sigh of relief. Chekhov was wearing a doll mask and she didn’t recognize him before he flew away. Lin chuxue suddenly realized that none of Xu Cheng’s brothers were normal. When the medical staff arrived, the 15 Special Agent police officers who were escorting Lin chuxue were all dead! Lin chuxue didn’t have a single wound on her body, and she just stood there, pretending to be calm. Following closely behind the medical staff was another group of men in Black. They had received orders from the higher-ups to come and capture Lin chuxue. It was not easy to catch her, and there was no way they would let the deviant Corp rescue her. Just like that, Lin chuxue was escorted into a black Mercedes-Benz MPV, and they continued to head towards their destination. Within the Royal Castle. The Queen already knew about the attack on the Mi6 agents, and when she learned that the deviant Corp had arrived in England, she was furious and said to the Freemasonry representative in a deep voice,””What are you guys doing? Look at the newspaper, look at it yourself, the whole of London is in a state of terror, how could you lure the deviant Corp here?” Sitting opposite her was the Freemasonry representative who had succeeded the Abu Dhabi representative as the new Lord of Europe. He was an old man in his sixties and said slowly,””This woman is the only woman who punished the deviant Corp’s leader, and this leader has already disappeared or changed his appearance and can’t be found. To deal with the mysterious deviant Corp and remove the veil, we can only use this woman.” “I mean, why did you choose to lure her to England?” the Queen was furious. “Please calm down, my queen. After all, this woman is a British citizen and she’s under protection in China. It’s really difficult for us to do anything. We really have no choice but to use the country jump in Britain to extradite her back to China. Otherwise, the Chinese side will not let her go. However, don’t be angry, Queen. We can give the royal family a share of the loot. ” The Queen looked at him and continued. She knew who was behind this guy and knew that since they were talking about benefits, it must not be small. “First, the whole world, including America, is helpless against the deviant Corp. If we catch them all here, we will be famous both internally and externally, and even the reputation of the royal family will be raised to a higher level. The second is the biggest point of interest. We found out that the mandala lab, the most advanced in the world in biotechnology, is backed by this deviant Corp. Think about the mandala Lab’s technology, are you not going to do anything, Queen?” The Queen snorted,”this is what you’re interested in, right?” With your resources and status in America, it’s impossible that you can’t do anything to the mandala lab, right?” “Of course we did, but the mandala group and connections they have are already very large. At least if we fall out with the members they have recruited, it will be very detrimental to our reputation and status in America. Moreover, the real factory of the mandala lab is not in America, and the real core technology is not here, so we can’t fall out with those forces because of an empty shell. But think about it, my queen, if the mandala lab were to go public, with their current financial books, it wouldn’t be a problem for them to be worth 400 to 500 billion US dollars! However, this is not the future share price because its technology is monopolized. In the future, it can focus on other projects in the biology field. The conservative value that it can create in 10 years is estimated to be 2 trillion US dollars!” Even the Rothschild family, the financial Empire in the world, would not be immune to this amount of money. Not to mention trillions, even if it was tens of billions of dollars, businessmen would lose their humanity and law! “You want to use the Army?” the Queen’s eyes narrowed. “That’s right. ” “Of course!” Europe’s new Lord smiled.” 20% of the permanent shares will belong to you, but we have another request. We hope that one of the five legends, the Duke of the God of swords, can help!” The Queen’s eyes narrowed.”He hasn’t been involved in worldly affairs for twenty years. It’ll be difficult to get him to help!” “It’s simple. ” The Lord of Europe smiled.


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