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«Ace of the Dragon Division (Web Novel) - Chapter 873: His Excellency the Duke

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Chapter 873: His Excellency the Duke

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The Queen was surprised,”Oh?” Could it be that you have a way to make the sword God take action? To be honest, I don’t want anything to happen to him. After all, he’s our national treasure. ” “There’s never a free lunch in the sky, there’s always a loss when there’s a gain. Not to mention, with the strength of the sword God, who do you think can defeat the deviant Corp, Queen?” The Queen snorted and said,”why didn’t you Knights of the Round Table make a move?” “Don’t think that my MI6 is useless. I heard that most of your Knights have died, and only five of you are left to protect the Lord. If you die again, cloffi, Childe, Morgan, Africa, and you will have no good bodyguards. You must feel bad for feather, but let me tell you, the God of swords is the last individual backing of my royal family. If it weren’t for him, do you crazy people still have any respect for me?” “You must be joking. The United Kingdom Royal family is the belief of the entire Western world in Europe. The entire Europe lacks cultural beliefs. Your existence can make Europe more cohesive. So, no matter how stupid we are, we will not act recklessly, right?” The Lord of Europe smiled. “You also know the status of the royal family in the European people?” The old woman sneered.”Then you shouldn’t have meddled in our government. I know that the royal family has been stripped of power, but don’t even think about the royal family’s last trump card, the God of swords. He has been by my side and protected me for more than sixty years. I won’t let him take the risk. I should give him a chance to live in his later years.” The Lord of Europe laughed.”You’re a kind King. Don’t you know that the royal family caused today’s situation because of your kindness?” The Queen raised her eyebrows. The Lord of Europe did not provoke her. “25%! This is the capital society’s limit. Anyway, the deviant Corp has already been led to England by us. If you don’t agree, then we have no way to drive them out. You can think of a way yourself, why don’t you cooperate and think about it?” The Queen’s eyes were slightly moved when she heard 25%. After saying so much, it was actually just that the benefits were not enough. Since the capital society, who was an old hand in financial wealth, estimated 2 trillion, it couldn’t be wrong. In other words, he could create a fortune of 500 billion US dollars for her within 10 years! If she died, the next Crown Prince would have a great future with this money! She would become the most creative person in the Queen’s history. The Queen said,’you haven’t told me how to get the God of swords to attack. Ever since he became one of the five legendary Masters more than 30 years ago, he had been living in seclusion. Usually, he only studied his swordsmanship, and almost no longer involved himself in any political or Social Affairs. In this world, the most difficult person to make the five legendary Masters take action is sword God. It’s not that I don’t want to cooperate, but to be honest, this old friend of mine who has followed and protected me for a lifetime has already reached this level and no longer listens to me. ” “But he was still full of love for this country.” The Lord of Europe said,”otherwise, he wouldn’t have been protecting the royal family all this time.” This time, the deviant Corp has arrived in England and is still running amok, I believe he won’t turn a blind eye to it and not make a move to expel them. ” “You’re wrong. ” “In his eyes, only swordsmanship is above all else,” the Queen said with a bitter smile. “What if the final destination of the deviant Corp’s pursuit is the residence of the sword God?” The Lord of Europe smiled. “What do you mean by that?” The Queen narrowed her eyes. “The final destination of this woman, Lin chuxue, is not our territory. We know they are fishing, and they actually have the strength to take this woman away, but they didn ‘t. They are very good at casting a long line to catch the big fish. The former Lord of the Wei nation, my former Abu Dhabi, left a tail behind and his entire family was killed, so we have learned to be smart. The Lord will not show up and participate in anything again, unless the deviant Corp is completely out of the water. Only then would the exalts reveal themselves and start a war to hunt down the entire world! Just like what you said, there aren’t many Knights left to protect us, so it’s better to be more cautious. ” The Queen understood.”For this, the final destination you set is the base camp of the God of swords? He wants to use the sword God’s hand to kill the deviant Corp. ” “That’s right, at present, there are only two people in the world who can make the Knights fear them and compete with the deviant Corp leader. One was a Vatican Bishop! But he doesn’t want to be with us, and we can’t order him around, so only Mr. God of swords can help us. We know that the God of swords likes peace and quiet, and if his territory is invaded, coupled with the arrogant nature of the deviant Corp, the God of swords will definitely punish him. We don’t need him to kill them all, as long as we can defeat the deviant Corp leader, the rest of the small fries won’t be a problem, and we will naturally have a way to clean it up. At that time, the stalemate between the land of mercenaries and the United States will be won without a fight! We don’t even care about Kush without his teeth. ” “Since you’ve already arranged everything, why are you still here to talk to me?” The Queen sneered. “You can’t say that,” The Lord of Europe laughed.”We are also afraid that Mr. God of swords will be unhappy with us if he knows that we have used him. So, we hope that the Queen can communicate with him after this. Although he is no longer loyal to the royal family, he still has feelings for you. He will still have to give you face if you say something.” The Queen narrowed her eyes at him with deep meaning.”You have the Duke with you, so why are you afraid of the God of swords? If it wasn’t for him and his family behind you, I really had the courage to follow Hitler and kill you all!” “What’s the status of a Duke? Why would he fall out with sword God for us? Don’t say anything out of anger. The overall situation has been set for decades. The sun never sets is already history. People should look forward. In other words, if not for the presence of the God of swords, your family would have been history!” The Queen’s expression changed drastically. “Alright, we’re here to make a fortune out of harmony. There’s no need to be so angry. I’m here today to inform you that if the Duke were to personally make a move, I’m afraid he’ll have a bad opinion of you. To be honest, the deviant Corp has already touched the fundamental interests of the capital society, and the Duke is very angry, but because the deviant Corp leader has been in the dark, it’s hard for him to make a move, and we can’t let the Duke worry about it anymore, or else the existence of the capital society would be meaningless. If we trouble him with such a small matter, we deserve to be killed and our entire Alliance disintegrated. ” “I rather hope that all of you will be killed. That way, my monarch will be able to return to its former glory.” The Queen sneered. “With the Duke around, your wish will not come true for centuries.” The Lord of Europe smiled. The Queen thought of the Duke and felt a sense of defeat. Once, there was a person who became someone’s servant. A hundred years later, this person’s family developed and became a huge financial family. They were the Childe family! And the master they had been loyal to for generations had the title of “the Duke of Xuanji.” Freemasonry then established seven parts of the world from Childe! Childe became the Duke’s spokesperson, and strictly speaking, the Freemasonry belonged to that Duke.


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