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«Jiuxing Hegemony Body Art (Web Novel) - Chapter 4932: Purgatory Flame

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Chapter 4932: Purgatory Flame

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Gao Jianli’s expression contorted, and with a wave of his sleeve, he sent a black light shooting straight toward Long Chen’s chest.

“Long Chen, watch out!” Yu Luo cried out in shock. Long Chen and Gao Jianli were now extremely close, and Gao Jianli’s actions were also extremely sudden. Furthermore, no one had anticipated that he was hiding a weapon in his sleeve.

Reacting swiftly, Long Chen adjusted the sword in his hand slightly. Both the sword and the streak of black light were deflected away. As Long Chen was still in a weak state, he used the tiniest bit of power to knock aside the sneak attack. He even let the sword be knocked out of his hand so he wasn’t injured.

“You dare to show me such a low-class trick? I know who you are very well. Why pretend to be a hero in front of me? Your dog eyes really are blind,” sneered Long Chen.

Just then, four arrows pierced Gao Jianli’s shoulders and legs, causing him to turn ashen. In an instant, all his energy was sealed by those arrows, and he could no longer decide his own life and death.

Just as the four Protector Elders shot Gao Jianli, the Yellow Spring Pavilion’s master and Cao Guofeng turned around and fled, only for an arrow to pierce their heads and kill them in one go.

The attacker was Yu Luo. Divine light sparkled on top of her bow, and the way she drew back her bowstring was so elegant that Mo Nian almost drooled.

Mo Nian had the urge to call Yu Luo his master. He didn’t want anything other than to master her graceful skill.

Now the only one remaining from the original four leaders was Gao Jianli. The other experts present were all too terrified to move.

“Senior apprentice-brother Long Chen… I beg you, avenge my sisters!”

Just then, that disciple of the Violet Palace Sect ran over, not even caring about his own wounds.

“Just what happened?” Mo Nian immediately stepped forward to support him and feed him a medicinal pill.

The disciple consumed the pill, but he almost wept when asked about what happened. He replied, “Gao Jianli used my big sisters as bait. He wanted to bait you into saving them in front of Heaven Screen Mountain, so he captured them as hostages to threaten you. When you started fighting the vice hall master, they wanted to use my two sisters to distract you. But the two of them… they were unwilling to be used as pawns in their game. They did not want to sell out their friends, so they detonated their dantian to kill themselves.”

Unable to continue any further, that disciple wailed. At the same time, the experts of the Violet Palace Sect lowered their heads, not daring to look at him. Even more so, they didn’t dare to look at Long Chen.

This blow fueled the rage in Long Chen and Mo Nian’s hearts even more. Back then, they were in a bloody battle and failed to notice these things.

When Long Chen’s bloodthirsty gaze fell upon Gao Jianli, Gao Jianli sneered, “That’s right, those two sluts deserved to die. What? You’re going to kill me to avenge them? Hahaha, even if you kill me, they won’t come back to life, hahaha!”

Gao Jianli’s laughter was tinged with madness. He knew there was no escape, so he intentionally provoked Long Chen, hoping for a swift death at Long Chen’s hands.

“Purgatory Eyes, Memory Recollection!”

As Long Chen closed his left eye, his right eye turned black. A clump of black flames then ignited within his black eyes and around Gao Jianli, who then screamed in pain.


Gao Jianli’s flesh melted, gradually forming a puddle. Within the viscous pool, a scene emerged.

Lu Ziqiong and Lu Ziyu were entangled in blood-colored chains, their bodies pierced by the metal and their blood dyeing the ground red. Lu Ziyu’s eyes were full of hatred, while Lu Ziqiong’s expression held only disappointment.

In the distance, the void was quivering intensely. Amidst the turmoil, a fervent invocation echoed, “God Brahma, hear your devout disciple’s call! Bestow me your divine power…”

Long Chen and Mo Nian instantly recognized it as the moment the vice palace master started to brew a terrifying technique, and the two had gone all-out to stop him.

“Ziyu, don’t be afraid. I’m here. I’ll look after you even on the path to the yellow springs,” Lu Ziqiong reassured her younger sister with a tender gaze.

Lu Ziyu looked back at her and nodded. “Big Sister. I’m not afraid. Even if I have to die, I’m not going to betray my friends. I just hope that we can be sisters again in our next life, but I don’t want to be born into this kind of bastard family again.”

“Stop them!” Suddenly, a panicked cry rang out from outside, belonging to the vice palace master, who had previously spoken with Long Chen.

The vice palace master, also the Lu family’s head, immediately shot over, but he was still too late. Lu Ziqiong broke the shackles and self-detonated, leaving behind a tragic scene. A bloody flower bloomed within the scene. This was the final vestige left behind by Lu Ziqiong and Lu Ziyu.

“You goddamn brutes!”

Mo Nian suddenly turned around, unable to endure it any longer. These people were too inhuman, worse than animals.

A shovel suddenly appeared in Mo Nian’s hand as he charged toward the camp of the four noble families.

Amongst the four noble families, only the leaders had been Heaven Saints, and they were the lowest existence amongst Heaven Saints. This was why the vice hall master hadn’t bothered to make them join the battle. To put it frankly, it would have been like using them as low-quality cannon fodder. He hadn’t even considered them worth the effort.

Other than the leaders, there were a few half-step Heaven Saints, but they were rapidly slain by the wild swings of Mo Nian’s shovel.

Unlike Long Chen, Mo Nian rarely carried out a wanton massacre. But today, he felt that if he didn’t, he would go insane. These animals should go to hell and repent there.

Although Mo Nian had not fully recovered, he could easily kill these people. In a short moment, they were all crossing the yellow river. Those trying to flee were killed by the four Protector Elders.

While the core pillars of the four noble families were killed, Gao Jianli was still screaming. The burning of the Purgatory Flame made him wish he was dead.

The Purgatory Flame was specifically related to the Purgatory Eyes. In fact, Long Chen himself didn’t know when he had awakened this ability. It felt as if it had existed within him for a long time, but he simply hadn’t known how to use it.

He also didn’t know how he activated its Memory Recollection function either. Hearing Gao Jianli’s wailing, he felt the thrill of vengeance. There was nothing more satisfying than hearing the screams of the wicked.

Finally, Gao Jianli turned to ash, but his screams continued to echo, as if this searing pain would accompany him for eternity.

All the enemies were dead, but Long Chen and Mo Nian only felt disappointment. Xing Wujiang wouldn’t come back from the afterlife, nor would Lu Ziqiong and Lu Ziyu. In the end, the dead stayed dead.

As Yu Luo came forward to say a few comforting words to them, Mo Nian’s expression suddenly changed.

“Powerful experts are coming.”

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