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«Jiuxing Hegemony Body Art (Web Novel) - Chapter 4931: Xing Wujiang’s Contingency

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Chapter 4931: Xing Wujiang’s Contingency

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The golden seal quickly crumbled to pieces, transforming into golden powder that fell to the ground.

In one moment, the golden seal was emitting a frightening aura, and in the next, it turned into worthless powder, stunning all the family leaders.

Seeing a violet-gold rune appear on their own golden seals, the four family leaders were all horrified. They didn’t expect Xing Wujiang to have left behind a contingency plan.

Not only had he destroyed the Square Heaven Seal, but he had even inserted his ancestral rune’s power into the Square Heaven Seal’s energy that spread to its branches. In other words, their golden seals had absorbed Xing Wujiang’s energy as well.

This power remained dormant until the family leaders tried to use the Square Heaven Seal’s power. When the ancestral rune’s power was triggered, it would destroy all the golden seals. The Xing family’s ancestral mark was exceptionally domineering. Even though Xing Wujiang was already dead, his ancestral mark could still stick to the golden seals.

Just then, the other golden seals also cracked and crumbled. With a gentle breeze, golden dust swirled in the air. The wind not only carried away the powder but also dispersed the remaining power of the Square Heaven Seal.

In an instant, there was no trace of the Square Heaven Seal left in the world. Everything vanished like the wind.

With a flash, Mo Nian appeared in front of the Heaven Heart Hall’s master. He swung his hand, and something viciously struck her face with a clear sound.


“Go fuck yourself!” shouted Mo Nian.

Only now did people see that Mo Nian was holding a shoe. He clearly didn’t want to touch her face, so he used the bottom of a shoe instead.

“Die!” The Heaven Heart Hall’s master roared, qi waves surging out of her. Just as it looked like she was about to fight to the death with Mo Nian, she actually retreated. At this moment, one of the Protector Elders shot an arrow that curved strangely through the air, piercing her left temple and coming out her right temple.

The arrow wasn’t particularly swift, but its trajectory intersected precisely where the vice hall master retreated. The elder’s timing and aim were impeccable, almost as if the Heaven Heart Hall’s master had intentionally moved her head into the arrow’s path.

She quivered, and then collapsed. With this single arrow, her Yuan Spirit was extinguished.

“The Feather Spirit race’s soul extermination arrow!”

Cao Guofeng and the others were startled. Although they had heard how terrifying these arrows were—that even Heaven Saints would be killed if struck somewhere vital—in the end, this was just a rumor. They had never witnessed it personally. But now, they no longer doubted it.

With their golden seals lost and faced with the combined might of Long Chen, Mo Nian, and the five experts from the Feather Spirit race, the three family leaders had no chance.

Despite Long Chen and Mo Nian still recovering, they were individuals who had slain almost a thousand Heaven Saints. Even in their weakened state, they still possessed the power to kill the family leaders.

Caught in a dire predicament, the family leaders found themselves unable to act. They could neither win the fight nor run, trapped by the Feather Spirit race’s divine arrows. Running seemed suicidal, considering the deadly might of the arrows, as demonstrated by the fate of the Heaven Heart Hall’s master.

“Dean Long Chen, in truth, there might be some misunderstandings between us,” said Cao Guofeng. Under immense pressure, he forced out a smile that was uglier than a cry.

“We regretted our actions. We were ensnared by the allure of the devil ghost. If we didn’t do this, it would have killed us.”

Long Chen looked at him apathetically, not saying a word. This kind of nonsense could only trick a three-year-old child. Even a four-year-old would see through it.

Seeing that Long Chen wasn’t replying and Mo Nian’s gaze was roaming around, Cao Guofeng knew that his plea fell short.

Taking a bold step forward, Gao Jianli said, “Dean Long Chen, everything was my fault. My own blindness and foolishness led to these regrettable events. I hope you will only strike those who wronged you. On account of Ziqiong and Ziyu, please let off the disciples of my Violet Palace Sect. Just take my head.”

When Gao Jianli drew his sword, the four Protector Elders instantly pointed their arrows at him. However, he solemnly flipped his sword and handed the hilt to Long Chen.

“I didn’t expect that after losing all your face[1], you still had some moral backbone,” said Mo Nian in surprise.

Mo Nian hadn’t expected Gao Jianli to be willing to use his own life to quell Long Chen’s wrath and give his disciples a chance to survive.

With a touch of sneer on his face, Long Chen grabbed Gao Jianli’s sword. Had Gao Jianli’s Blood Qi not remained so calm, Long Chen might have believed him.

A calm person would also have calm Blood Qi, but Gao Jianli forcibly suppressed his Blood Qi. He was actually filled with anxiety and fear, faking the calm and solemn expression he had on the surface. Still, it went without saying that Gao Jianli was a master in acting and fighting. This kind of stunt required courage no matter what.

Long Chen might still spare him though. Perhaps, after experiencing this, Gao Jianli would have a new start, although Long Chen rarely gave people such a chance.

However, just as this thought crossed Long Chen’s mind, a furious roar shattered the moment.

“Don’t believe him!”

A terrified expression flickered across Gao Jianli’s eyes, and he hastily shouted, “Shut your mouth!”

The person roaring was a disciple wearing robes of the Violet Palace Hall. He looked rather delicate, somewhat resembling Lu Ziyu.

Long Chen instantly recognized him. He was one of the Lu family’s disciples who had watched Lu Ziqiong’s fight with them back then. He had to be Lu Ziyu’s cousin.

His roar was interrupted by Gao Jianli’s shout. Blood sprayed from this disciple’s mouth, and cracks covered his body. Fortunately, he was strong enough that he didn’t die directly.

Despite coughing up blood, he continued, “He… killed… my two big sisters…”

When Long Chen and Mo Nian heard that, their expressions instantly darkened.

1. Remember Long Chen tearing off his remaining face? ?

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