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«Jiuxing Hegemony Body Art (Web Novel) - Chapter 4930: The Square Heaven Seal’s Remaining Move

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Chapter 4930: The Square Heaven Seal’s Remaining Move

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When Long Chen and Mo Nian charged into Devil Fall City, countless startled cries rang out. After all, in the previous battle, they had killed almost a thousand Heaven Saints. Long Chen had personally slain a Heavenly Chosen, and they were responsible for the destruction of the vice hall master’s body. Even the latter’s Yuan Spirit was on the verge of collapse.

Other than the four noble families, everyone else in Devil Fall City had evacuated. After all, without the Square Heaven Seal, Devil Fall City was essentially dead, lacking even the most basic defenses. No one dared to stay here too long. Once the devil creatures arrived, there wouldn’t even be a barrier to block them.

In truth, many factions had sensed the looming danger before Heaven Screen Mountain opened, prompting them to initiate their evacuation. Now, only the final batch remained.

Long Chen and Mo Nian’s feats in front of Heaven Screen Mountain were impossible to cover up, even if the Flame Divine Hall intentionally suppressed the information. After all, too many people had witnessed it.

Now that the stragglers saw Long Chen and Mo Nian, they were so shocked that they dropped everything in their hands.

“Heavens, am I really seeing this?”

“It’s them! It’s definitely them!”

“They’re still alive…?”

Countless startled cries rang out. However, Long Chen and Mo Nian ignored those cries, not caring whether they recognized the two of them. In a few seconds, they appeared before the city lord manor, which was in ruins.

Long Chen and Mo Nian’s hearts sank. This was precisely what they didn’t want to see.

Just then, powerful auras soared from every direction. Gao Jianli, Cao Guofeng, and the leaders of the Heaven Heart Hall and Yellow Spring Pavilion appeared.

When they saw Long Chen and Mo Nian, they were shocked but delighted. They immediately ordered the other Heaven Saints to surround the two of them.

“Brats, you didn’t die? Good… good…” Gao Jianli said, staring at them with intense greed.

“You didn’t even bother healing before running over to check on Xing Wujiang’s family. Hehe, looks like you two are really loyal,” sneered the Heaven Heart Hall’s master.

“There was a path to heaven, but you didn’t take it. There was no door to hell, but you still barged through. You two must not cherish your lives!” The Yellow Spring Pavilion’s master also laughed.

“Let’s see how you’ll die today!” exclaimed Cao Guofeng as he waved his hand.

The four noble families had deployed all their people even before the opening of Heaven Screen Mountain. However, in the previous battle, they didn’t fight because they were doing something even more important.

When the four family leaders stepped forward, each of them held a golden seal in their hand.

Seeing this, Mo Nian was in disbelief. “That’s the aura of the Square Heaven Seal! How is this possible?”

The four family leaders’ golden seals possessed the aura of the Square Heaven Seal. It was much weaker than before, but the fluctuations could not be faked.

“Hahaha, the idiot Xing Wujiang tried to destroy the Square Heaven Seal, but the Square Heaven Seal already transferred most of its power into our divine seals right before its destruction. Speaking of which, we should thank him.” The Heaven Heart Hall’s master laughed delightedly, her wrinkles quivering in a frightening manner.

The four of them had not participated in the previous battle because they had been going all-out to absorb the energy left behind by the Square Heaven Seal after its destruction. Unwilling to be destroyed just like that, the Square Heaven Seal released its power into the four golden seals, which not only absorbed its power but also its will. The Square Heaven Seal hoped to use this method to preserve its will. That way, it wouldn’t be fully dead.

As the family leaders were completely focused on absorbing the Square Heaven Seal’s power, they managed to escape the tribulation, but they still weren’t happy. They thought that if they had finished absorbing the Square Heaven Seal’s power sooner, there would have been no need for the vice hall master to do anything. They could have easily captured Long Chen and Mo Nian themselves.

According to them, they had at least absorbed sixty percent of the Square Heaven Seal’s power, which was enough to exterminate any expert.

Thus, when Long Chen and Mo Nian arrived, the family leaders weren’t afraid. They were instead delighted that Long Chen and Mo Nian had thrown themselves into their net. Long Chen and Mo Nian’s unsteady auras—evidence of their severe injuries—only bolstered the family leaders’ confidence.

“Speak, what happened to Big Brother Wujiang’s family?!” roared Long Chen.

Long Chen wasn’t afraid of these golden seals. If the family leaders dared to use them, he would take out the Earth Cauldron and smash the seals apart. While the Earth Cauldron couldn’t be used to kill, it could simply crush these things.

“We already cut them to pieces and ripped them out by the roots. We didn’t even let off the unborn children. So what? Do you want revenge? Then come!” The Heaven Heart Hall’s master laughed sinisterly.

“Then all of you can go accompany them!” Long Chen’s killing intent exploded.

However, at this moment, a clear and elegant voice rang out. “Don’t listen to them. Xing Wujiang’s family has long since moved to safety.”

“Race Leader Yu Luo!”

Long Chen and Mo Nian were delighted and hastily turned around to see Yu Luo and the four Protector Elders walking over.

“Many thanks, Race Leader Yu Luo!” Long Chen expressed his gratitude with relief. Being able to protect Xing Wujiang’s family meant that they could face him in the next world with pride.

“I’m ashamed to say that by the time we got here, the Xing family’s people were already gone. The city lord had foreseen what would happen, so he made arrangements in advance,” explained Yu Luo.

Xing Wujiang’s repeated mentions of fate and destiny now made sense; he had anticipated these events long before they unfolded. Though he had fought against his fate, ultimately, he couldn’t overcome it. Long Chen and Mo Nian couldn’t help but sigh, finding solace only in the fact that Xing Wujiang had successfully safeguarded his heirs.

“Shut up, you slut! Die!” yelled the Heaven Heart Hall’s master, her animosity toward Yu Luo reaching its peak as she took this chance to attack. When the golden seal in her hand blazed with light, its vast divine might shook Devil Fall City.

In response, Race leader Yu Luo simply snorted and formed hand seals, conjuring her manifestation Within it stood a towering tree, the sacred tree of the Feather Spirit race.

Long Chen had long since communed with the Earth Cauldron. Should the old witch dare to use the golden seal, he’d smash it with the Earth Cauldron.

Using the Earth Cauldron against weapons held by attackers wasn’t very practical, as the weapons could just explode and kill everyone in the surrounding area. This would then infect the Earth Cauldron with the resentment of the dead, which would lower its alchemy efficiency and slow down its recovery.

A thrown weapon, on the other hand, was something entirely different. Long Chen was waiting for the golden seal to fly out, but before then, a shocking change occurred.

The golden seal was unleashing a terrible divine might, looking like it could crush them all. However, in just a moment, a violet-gold rune appeared on it.

Seeing that violet gold rune, the four leaders cried out in shock, “Xing Wujiang!”


Just as they were bewildered, the Heaven Heart Hall’s golden seal became covered in cracks.

Following that, it exploded into pieces.

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