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«Jiuxing Hegemony Body Art (Web Novel) - Chapter 4929: Rescuing the Xing Family

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Chapter 4929: Rescuing the Xing Family

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After flying out of the void, Long Chen and Mo Nian fell to the ground and rolled miserably a few times before coming to a stop. Neither of them had the energy to stabilize themselves.

“How infuriating. That vice hall bastard actually survived,” Long Chen grumbled, clenching his fists with resentment.

Mo Nian comforted Long Chen. “It wasn’t all for naught. The destruction of his physical body and foundation ensures he can’t easily restore his body to its original state. Also, if he were to seize another body, he would have to start over from scratch, and we know he doesn’t have that kind of willpower. Moreover, the devil brat mentioned that his Yuan Spirit was on the verge of collapse. Such a wound could very well kill him if his followers were not careful. Don’t dwell on it too much.”

Long Chen then took out two medicinal pills, giving one to Mo Nian and consuming the other himself. His pills were all of the highest quality, so after consuming them, both of them recovered enough energy to stabilize their condition.

“It will take a few days for me to recover. Sigh, I went too far this time,” said Long Chen. Sensing his condition, he realized that his internal injuries were quite severe, even worse than he had imagined.

The God Slaying Cross, in particular, had such a powerful backlash that it almost tore Long Chen’s meridians apart. It wasn’t something he could control. If it weren’t for the astral bone claw from Mo Nian, he’d have died trying to unleash it.

Thinking of the astral bone claw, Long Chen couldn’t help but feel regretful. He hadn’t studied its astral energy before it was destroyed.

“We have no choice either way, and we don’t have that much time to waste. Can you do it?” asked Mo Nian as he eyed Long Chen.

“Should be good enough for one more fight,” answered Long Chen through gritted teeth.

The two of them had been buried alive for three days. While unconscious, they naturally healed slightly and accumulated a bit of energy. With the support of medicinal pills, they started to recover rapidly.

Mo Nian’s coffin had managed to destroy the vice hall master’s attack, but the explosion detonated the Emperor rune on the coffin, unleashing apocalyptic power. The vice hall master was caught in the core of the blast and had to endure the worst of it, leaving his Yuan Spirit on the verge of collapse.

In the aftermath, he didn’t even have the time to check on Long Chen and Mo Nian. He directly ordered his followers to guard him and send him off. After all, who knew if more enemies were lurking nearby? In his weakened state, he couldn’t risk someone suddenly coming to kill him.

Even as the vice hall master of the Flame Divine Hall, in that state, if he were to encounter someone with a grudge against him, he would die like a lamb for the slaughter.

While some experts immediately escorted the vice hall master away, others refused to leave the battlefield. They were eager to search the area for fragments of divine weapons, which were extremely valuable. Additionally, there was the matter of Long Chen and Mo Nian. Although no one believed they could have survived—given that even the vice hall master was on the verge of death—they hoped to contribute by finding any broken limbs or remnants of the two warriors.

Unfortunately, their plans were overly optimistic. When they entered the battlefield, they were shocked to find the laws of this space in absolute chaos. The Heaven Saints found that the field made the Heavenly Dao energy in their bodies go into turmoil, which was extremely dangerous for them. As a result, they abandoned their search.

The Divine Venerate disciples didn’t even dare to step onto the battlefield, finding the Emperor will on the battlefield unbearable.

Hence, everyone left. At the very least, they’d need to wait a thousand years for the Emperor energy on the battlefield to dissipate enough for them to enter this region safely.

Only the devil expert was unwilling to leave. He had been lying in wait all the time in the outer region, biding his time without revealing himself.

In truth, the vice hall master had left immediately without confirming Long Chen and Mo Nian’s death partially because of him.

The devil race and the Flame Divine Hall had a complicated relationship—neither friends nor foes. Occasionally, they would collaborate and at other times, stand on opposite sides. While this devil expert was only a Divine Venerate, he was a Heavenly Chosen and possessed the power to kill the vice hall master. Not willing to take the risk, the vice hall master immediately fled.

In truth, the two of them were quite lucky as the Emperor aura completely covered theirs. With the Emperor aura permeating the region, the devil expert didn’t dare to use his divine sense to search the battlefield.

Moreover, after discovering Long Chen and Mo Nian, the devil expert found it hard to enter the core region. After all, the spatial chaos in this region affected his attacks, so they would either weaken or go off target.

Luckily, Mo Nian had studied the coffin’s Emperor rune for a long time, so he had a certain understanding of it. Before the fight, he had placed multiple barriers on himself and Long Chen to block the coffin’s power. Otherwise, not even ten lives could have bailed them out of the explosion.

Thanks to the barriers, Mo Nian and Long Chen were able to flee under the Emperor pressure. This battle had been incredibly dangerous, and it could be said that this was the best possible result given their power and luck. At the very least, Mo Nian was satisfied.

However, the two of them had no time to rest. As Mo Nian was setting up a transportation formation, he said, “Hopefully, Big Brother Wujiang’s spirit is protecting them. Please, don’t let us be too late.”

Long Chen clenched his fists. Three days had passed, and Gao Jianli, Cao Guofeng, and the others were likely targeting the Xing family. This urgency left Long Chen and Mo Nian with no time to recover properly.

“I spotted Race Leader Yu Luo going to their hiding place before the battle outside Heaven Screen Mountain. I’ve told her to immediately leave Devil Fall City and bring everyone in the city lord manor with her. However, the four noble families and the Flame Divine Hall may have made their move. We’ll need to verify the situation,” Long Chen explained.

Back then, Race Leader Yu Luo had come to assist Long Chen, and he had asked for her aid in this regard. However, considering that everything had been orchestrated by the Flame Divine Hall, it was likely that they had made their move right after Xing Wujiang left Devil Fall City. In that case, Race Leader Yu Luo might have come up empty-handed.

“If… and I’m only saying if…” Mo Nian started slowly.

“Don’t…” Long Chen interrupted, shaking his head. He knew what Mo Nian wanted to say, but he didn’t even want to think of that possibility.

“Let’s go.”

After Mo Nian finished setting up his transportation formation, the two of them stepped on it. The void quivered, and the scene before them shifted. Devil Fall City once more appeared before them. However, it was completely different from before. Without the Square Heaven Seal, Devil Fall City was an empty husk. The once glorious buildings were dark and dreary, cracked and on the verge of collapse.

There was no more Square Heaven Seal or the enormous devil head. Devil Fall City was no longer Devil Fall City; it had died, and its former glory would never return. In its state, a single blast of wind could knock it down.

“The four noble families are still present,” said Long Chen

When they stretched out their divine sense, they immediately picked up on Gao Jianli, Cao Guofeng, and the others’ auras. However, when their divine sense reached into the city lord manor, their hearts sank.

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