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«Jiuxing Hegemony Body Art (Web Novel) - Chapter 4928: Fiercely Striking the Vice Hall Master

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Chapter 4928: Fiercely Striking the Vice Hall Master

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A cross made of countless stars and runes blazed in Long Chen’s palm. It was like an entire cosmos had merged into it.

When the cross shot out of Long Chen’s palm, the bone claw exploded. Even with its protection, Long Chen’s right hand was turned into a bloody pulp. With a grunt, he was propelled back.

That starry cross pierced through the barrier of divine energy, striking the vice hall master’s chest, causing him to explode.

In the aftermath, Evilmoon flew out, eagerly absorbing the fresh essence blood. The sound of the vice hall master’s prayer was cut off, his technique interrupted by Long Chen’s attack.

Blood sprayed from Long Chen’s mouth. He had not expected the God Slaying Cross to be so terrifying, and even the bone claw couldn’t withstand its power. Were it not for the protection of the bone claw, he might have perished instantly upon unleashing this technique. Similarly, the vice hall master couldn’t withstand it and crumbled into nothingness.

Mo Nian shouted excitedly, but his joy was abruptly cut short. He was shocked to see the figure of the vice hall master still standing there.

It wasn’t the vice hall master’s true body but his Yuan Spirit. While Long Chen’s attack had destroyed his physical body, it hadn’t managed to destroy his Yuan Spirit.

The vice hall master’s Yuan Spirit was surrounded by faith energy, his eyes blazing with fury. Moreover, his face contorted so much that he was almost unrecognizable.

“How dare you destroy my body?! Die!” the vice hall master roared. He formed hand seals, and a divine flame spear descended from the heavens, containing boundless divine might. Its terrifying pressure caused Long Chen and Mo Nian’s bodies to crack.

“Big Brother Long Chen, let me!” Huo Linger volunteered herself, about to fly out of the primal chaos space.

“No, this attack contains Lord Brahma’s will, and it can kill you.” Long Chen directly rejected her.

Although Long Chen had stopped the vice hall master from accumulating more power, the latter had managed to summon enough energy to kill them a thousand times over.

This kind of power was beyond the scope of Long Chen’s comprehension. Even though Huo Linger was a flame spirit, there remained a risk of her being instantly annihilated. Long Chen refused to take that risk.

At this moment, Long Chen’s dragon blood power was nonexistent, and his astral energy was already sucked dry by the God Slaying Cross. His last resort was the Purgatory Eyes. In truth, Long Chen was not sure if the Purgatory Eyes could even block the vice hall master’s attack in this state. However, he had to try, or they would all die.

“Let me!”

Just then, Mo Nian stepped in front of Long Chen and summoned a giant coffin. When it emerged, heaven and earth rumbled, and Emperor qi surged forth.

Long Chen was stunned. Even now, Mo Nian still possessed a trump card? Furthermore, this coffin’s Emperor might was not inferior to the arrow’s.

With the coffin hovering above his head, Mo Nian wore a pained expression. “This is a treasure I obtained through risking my life. Unfortunately, my power is too weak to extract its Emperor rune, or I’d have killed this bastard alone.”

Mo Nian felt extremely unwilling. This coffin’s Emperor rune was even stronger than that of the arrow. Regrettably, despite its immense power, he was unable to draw it out, so it was meaningless.

With a roar, Mo Nian sent the coffin flying into the sky. The ten thousand Daos collapsed under its pressure as it collided with the vice hall master’s attack.

At the same time, Mo Nian took out over ten formation discs. They blazed with light, forming layers of barriers that protected Long Chen and Mo Nian.


Just then, another explosion rocked the world. Long Chen and Mo Nian’s vision instantly turned black, and they lost consciousness, feeling like ants trampled by an elephant. It was as if they were being torn apart and crushed.

It seemed like eons passed, yet it also felt like the blink of an eye. Long Chen’s consciousness slowly returned, but his vision remained shrouded in darkness. He struggled to crawl out of the ground, finding the world enveloped in utter blackness. A couple of days seemed to have passed.

At this moment, Mo Nian also came out of the ground and spat out a mouthful of dirt. Both of them were incredibly feeble now. Even if a passing wild beast came to eat them, they wouldn’t be able to resist.

“Where is he?” asked Mo Nian as he looked around. The world was completely different. If it weren’t for their confidence in themselves, they would think that they had died and gone to the next world.

“He should be dead. Struck at the center, with only his Yuan Spirit left, there’s not much chance he could have survived,” answered Long Chen, trying to sense his surroundings but finding nothing. He was so weakened that even his divine sense had plummeted, with its range drastically reduced.

Giving Long Chen a thumbs-up for his God Slaying Cross, Mo Nian said, “Brother, that move of yours was pretty badass.”

“That’s thanks to you. If you hadn’t given me the astral bone claw, I wouldn’t have been able to endure that power. And if it wasn’t for your coffin at the end, we might not have made it,” sighed Long Chen. Suddenly, a wave of dizziness swept over him, nearly causing him to lose consciousness. In this state of extreme weakness, he was barely able to stay upright.

“Hehe, of course. Hey, pull me out!” said Mo Nian. He tried to crawl out of the ground but found that he didn’t have the energy to do so.

With great difficulty, Long Chen pulled Mo Nian out of the ground. Both of them then panted like dogs.


Suddenly, a serpentine spear whistled through the air at the two of them.

Luckily, the Blaze Dragon Bone Whip flew out and deflected the spear. The descendant of the devil corpse emerged before them, one arm missing, and stared at them maliciously.

“I didn’t expect you to be so powerful, but you’re still going to die by my hands,” declared the devil expert as he walked toward them.

“What happened to the vice hall master?” asked Long Chen. This fellow really knew how to endure and wait. He had been hiding in the surroundings the entire time.

“He didn’t die, but his Yuan Spirit was on the verge of collapse, so he had no choice but to flee. Meanwhile, those from the Flame Divine Hall were using their Yuan Spirit energy to preserve the flame of his Yuan Spirit, or he’d perish. Hehe, they all said that you were dead, but I refused to believe it. I’ve been here three days, and you finally appear. It’s now my turn for vengeance,” said the devil expert with a sinister tone.

“There’s still me. You can’t hurt my Big Brother Long Chen,” Huo Linger interjected, appearing before Long Chen.

The devil expert snorted, “Hmph, a little flame spirit thinks she can stop me? So what if you have two top-grade divine weapons? Both are already weakened. I don’t even need to attack them directly. A few shockwaves will suffice to break them. How do you plan to stop me?”

“Hehe, youngster, you still lack experience. Perhaps Daddy Mo isn’t skilled in other regards, but when it comes to fleeing, if I called myself number two, no one would dare claim they were number one. Let alone you, even ten vice hall masters would be unable to stop me. As long as I have a single breath left in me, no one can kill me,” boasted Mo Nian.

The devil expert immediately had a bad feeling and attacked. However, at that moment, Long Chen, Mo Nian, and Huo Linger’s forms started to blur and fade. Long Chen himself was unaware of what Mo Nian had done or when he had done it.

“Little fellow, just wait. If fate allows, Daddy Mo will claim your life next time,” Mo Nian’s voice echoed as they vanished into thin air.


The devil expert’s serpentine spear plunged into the ground, and he let out a roar in frustration.

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