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«Jiuxing Hegemony Body Art (Web Novel) - Chapter 4927: God Slaying Cross

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Chapter 4927: God Slaying Cross

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Long Chen’s saber slashed down with immense force. As a result, even someone as strong as the vice hall master had to face it with all his power, combining his faith energy and flame energy as he swung his word.


Evilmoon and the vice hall master’s attacks collided, producing a heaven-shaking explosion that sent Long Chen and the vice hall master flying backward, coughing up blood.

The surviving Heaven Saints relying on the vice hall master’s protection were stricken with terror at the sight.

After all, just who was the vice hall master? He was an almighty expert who had condensed a full heaven vein. The fact that Long Chen could fight him evenly meant that it was laughably naive for them to even think of killing Long Chen.

At this moment, they didn’t even dare to surround Long Chen as they were scared sh*tless. It was actually fortunate that Mo Nian had returned with the vice hall master; otherwise, they would have perished at the hands of either Long Chen or Huo Linger.

Just as Long Chen and the vice hall master evenly exchanged blows, Huo Linger shot forward, a thousand phoenixes swirling around her. The Blaze Dragon Bone Whip lashed out toward the vice hall master.

“Courting death!” The vice hall master was already stunned that Long Chen could match him, so now that Huo Linger joined the fray, his fury exploded. His sword swept out in a wide arc.


The Blaze Dragon Bone Whip shattered into dozens of segments. Huo Linger then grunted and fell back, her form dimming.

Fighting for so long, Huo Linger had exhausted most of her energy. She had been battling Heaven Saints, and most importantly, fueling two top-grade Heaven Saint divine weapons the entire time. Now, she was too weak to endure the vice hall master’s attacks.

Fortunately, the Blaze Dragon Bone Whip quickly reassembled itself, returning to its former state after breaking apart. It was exceptionally powerful that, if unable to endure an impact, it would break down temporarily to dissipate the energy and prevent actual damage.

Long Chen swiftly returned Huo Linger to the primal chaos space. Though she was powerful enough to defeat an ordinary Heaven Saint with a single attack, the difference in power between her and the vice hall master was too great.

To prevent two top-grade Heaven Saint divine weapons from being destroyed, Long Chen told Huo Linger to recover her energy in the primal chaos space first.

“Go fuck yourself!” Just as the vice hall master injured Huo Linger, Mo Nian slammed a palm into the vice hall master’s back. His timing was perfect, and he targeted the spot where the vice hall master’s senses were weakest.


Mo Nian’s palm struck with the power of an Emperor, causing the vice hall master to spit out blood and lurch forward toward Long Chen.

Long Chen had just exchanged blows with the vice hall master, so he still felt a bit dizzy. Seeing Mo Nian send the vice hall master toward him, he couldn’t help but sigh inside.

In his top condition, with such a good opportunity, he would have a fifty percent chance of killing the vice hall master with his next attack. But after unleashing all his power in the previous exchange, he was neither ready nor able to unleash an effective attack. Hence, he instinctively swung his palm.

“Fuck off!”

Long Chen’s palm solidly struck the vice hall master’s face, causing the vice hall master to flip in midair.

“You two brutes! Die!” the vice hall master roared, almost going crazy. He had experienced so much humiliation today.

Putting away his sword, he formed hand seals. “God Brahma, hear your devout disciple’s call! Bestow me your divine power…”

“Stop him!” The Earth Cauldron’s voice rang out in Long Chen’s mind.

However, all of a sudden, a wave of weakness overcame him, and the flames around him slowly regressed.

At this critical moment, the Dragon Blood Extreme Yang Pill ran out of effect. Although Long Chen could still burn his dragon blood power, without the support of the pill, his Dragon Blood Battle Armor wouldn’t be strong enough to threaten the vice hall master.

“Seven Star Battle Armor!” Long Chen roared as his dragon blood power retreated. A starry sea then materialized behind him, accompanied by a seven-point star diagram.

Simultaneously, Long Chen took out a certain object. It was a starry bone claw, which instantly dissolved and transformed into a glove on top of Long Chen’s right hand. Stars flowed along his arm, forming thousands of whirlpools. A wild, formidable power surged, one so intense it even made Long Chen feel a twinge of fear.

Unfortunately, Long Chen had no time to study the changes in the astral bone claw and directly launched a punch at the vice hall master.

The vice hall master’s manifestation now shone brilliantly, with the statue within it radiating divine light that enveloped him. The outside world had already been sealed off.

Driven to madness, the vice hall master no longer cared about the terrifying price of unleashing this technique. His sole focus was to kill Long Chen and Mo Nian.

With this move, he mobilized the faith energy that he had been accumulating for countless years. Only when this faith energy was strong enough could it endure the support of Lord Brahma’s power. In any case, Lord Brahma’s power was absolutely terrifying, and even with this faith energy assisting him, the vice hall master’s foundation would suffer significant damage, requiring several years to heal.

In fact, if he was unlucky, the damage to his foundation would stay for centuries. However, he no longer cared about the risk.


Long Chen’s fist smashed into the vice hall master’s chest. Astral light erupted, shaking the entire world.

The power of this attack surpassed even the combined might of all seven forms in one, yet Long Chen was shocked to find it unable to pierce the vice hall master’s protective divine light.

At this moment, Mo Nian’s palm struck the vice hall master’s back. He too was stunned to discover that his attack couldn’t even breach the vice hall master’s defenses.

“It’s over. My Emperor power is about to vanish,” said Mo Nian as he looked down at the fading rune on his palm.

Mo Nian tried several more attacks, but none could break the protective divine light. Mo Nian’s expression finally darkened.

The vice hall master’s eyes were tightly closed, and his expression was serene. He completely ignored them and continued praying.

“Long Chen, do you have anything up your sleeve?!” shouted Mo Nian.

“I do,” replied Long Chen. He then took a deep breath and placed his right hand over the vice hall master’s chest, with his left hand over his right. Stars flowed in his eyes, gradually forming a cross.

Countless strange runes appeared on Long Chen’s right palm, merging until they formed a cross. After that, the starry sea and seven-point star behind him vanished, merging into this cross as well.

“Star Ocean - God Slaying Cross!”

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