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«Jiuxing Hegemony Body Art (Web Novel) - Chapter 4926: Fighting the Vice Hall Master

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Chapter 4926: Fighting the Vice Hall Master

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Long Chen’s saber cleaved through the fabric of reality itself. This slash wasn’t merely imbued with his dragon blood power; it also carried his boundless grief, indignation, and pain. Flashes of bitter memories assailed his mind, causing him to tremble uncontrollably.

Xing Wujiang was a noble man with grand aspirations, carrying the hopes of restoring his family’s glory. However, he ultimately met a tragic end, departing with countless regrets and worries.

Even the matchless hero Xia Guhong couldn’t ward off the most treacherous of plots. His beloved faced a terrible death, and he spent the remainder of his days engulfed in sorrow, unable to come out of the haze of grief.

The Five Sovereigns were hailed as peerless geniuses, their light shining through the ages. However, even they couldn’t fulfill their wishes… The Old Man and Qu Jianying—two companions who argued through an entire lifetime—finally grasped the true meaning of life, only for one to perish in battle, and the other to follow her in the name of love.

Ling Yunzi, Hu Feng, and the fallen Dragonblood warriors—numerous unsung heroes—succumbed to the cruel river of history, their names lost in its merciless currents.

Perhaps they were rather ordinary… perhaps they weren’t exceptional… But to their loved ones, they were the very pillars upholding the universe. In their hearts, these fallen heroes were unrivaled champions.

Yet, all they left for their loved ones was pain and suffering.

Why… Why does the world persist in its cycle of war and suffering?


Long Chen’s visage contorted in agony, while blood seeped from his gums as he gritted his teeth with extreme force. Why did something beautiful always get twisted and defiled until it was ruined?

His saber descended, cleaving through heaven and earth, sundering the ten thousand Daos, and tearing through the fabric of realities.

A faint noise echoed within Long Chen, as if something had snapped. Yet, consumed by fury, he remained oblivious, his heart consumed by an insatiable thirst for blood.


The combined defense of hundreds of Heaven Saints exploded. Those beneath the ominous shadow of Evilmoon, regardless of their rank, were instantaneously obliterated.

Even the experts on the periphery of the slash hacked up blood, their bodies cracking, teetering on the verge of death.

Nearly half of the Heaven Saints perished in one go, and the survivors were heavily wounded. Some of them couldn’t even move and had lost their ability to fight.

“Kill!” Long Chen roared, his voice hoarse.

With Evilmoon in hand, Long Chen charged through their midst, resembling a devil reaping the lives of terrified Heaven Saints.

Beside him, Huo Linger danced amidst a thousand phoenix feathers, wielding the Blaze Dragon Bone Whip. Together, they mercilessly slaughtered the hapless Heaven Saints, deaf to their pleas for mercy.

These once proud and lofty Heaven Saints never thought that such a day would come for them. Now, it was their turn to be massacred. Their primal terror drove them to cry out and beg, but Long Chen was so deep in his bloodlust. Their pleas fell on deaf ears; all he could hear was the call to kill.


As for Huo Linger, she remained indifferent. Save for Long Chen, she rarely displayed emotion toward anyone. As a result, she showed no mercy in the face of their begging.

In the blink of an eye, only a few dozen Heaven Saints remained. Yet, they scattered in every direction, fleeing for their lives. Long Chen’s efficiency in slaughter waned as they dispersed.

“Long Chen, save me!”

Just as Long Chen was hunting the stragglers to vent his anger, he heard Mo Nian’s cry and hastily looked over.

Mo Nian fled wretchedly, pursued by a figure drenched in blood, its hair in disarray. This crazy-looking figure had a flame sword in its hand, the image of Lord Brahma’s statue fading in and out of its manifestation. It was the vice hall master; his wounds were so deep that they exposed his bones.

Gone was the vice hall master’s usual composure, replaced by seething killing intent. The wounds on him seemed to be the result of a variety of attacks. There were claw marks, bite wounds, and even a clear handprint on his face, but the last one was obscured by his scattered hair.

With a secret art of the Limitless Palace, Mo Nian merged with the Emperor rune to temporarily harness its power. He unleashed a tempest of attacks on the vice hall master, and they were so powerful that the vice hall master couldn’t even retaliate.

What truly enraged the vice hall master was how shameless and rogue-like Mo Nian’s attacks were. Using grabs, bites, crotch-kicks, and scratches, Mo Nian employed anything and everything to injure the vice hall master. These unorthodox attacks caught the vice hall master off-guard, resulting in Mo Nian landing a resounding slap in his face, which further fueled his anger.

In truth, Mo Nian couldn’t be blamed on his approach. After all, close-range combat wasn’t his forte. He mostly spent his time underground and dealt with various traps and corpses. His time spent in actual combat had been rather low lately.

Since Long Chen was the king of close-range combat in Mo Nian’s opinion, Mo Nian ended up copying Long Chen a lot, learning some of his techniques and adjusting them to his own strengths. Thanks to that, Mo Nian’s close-range combat power wasn’t weak at all.

Unfortunately, Mo Nian’s opponent was the powerful vice hall master. Mo Nian had to use these rather wretched techniques, which was a reason he was happy to force the vice hall master far away from the battlefield. Only once they were gone from everyone’s sight did he start the real “bloody” battle. Otherwise, it would be too embarrassing for him.

After all, Mo Nian cared about face very much, or he wouldn’t have worked on catchy introduction verses for himself and spent so much time on mastering flashy techniques.

Mo Nian’s shameless techniques made the vice hall master suffer several times, driving the latter nuts. However, the vice hall master was someone who knew how to endure humiliation. He bitterly held back his anger, letting Mo Nian freely attack while he focused on defending.

Mo Nian had intentionally revealed an opening to bait the vice hall master into attacking him, but the vice hall master didn’t fall for it. Mo Nian constantly insulted the vice hall master as he fought, but the vice hall master refused to respond, simply letting Mo Nian freely insult him without fighting back.

The vice hall master was waiting for his chance. Once the Emperor rune’s power ran out, it would be Mo Nian’s time to suffer.

Even after freely unleashing all his wretched moves, Mo Nian was unable to deal a grievous wound to the vice hall master. Seeing that the Emperor rune’s power was starting to run out, he had no choice but to flee.

When Mo Nian saw that the masked man was gone, with only his Heavenly Chosen fluctuations lingering in the air, he knew the man had been slain. Seeing the mass of corpses on the ground and the fleeing Heaven Saints crying for their parents, Mo Nian was overjoyed. Long Chen had never disappointed him.

Long Chen stepped on the air, accelerating rapidly. Seven Split the Heavens runes ignited on his body.

Evilmoon, having absorbed the blood soul energy of so many Heaven Saints, had finally awakened its own power. It no longer required Long Chen’s energy to do anything and was now capable of freely helping Long Chen with its own power. Those seven runes blazed brilliantly

A giant saber-image cleaved the sky. Even before this saber fell, the vice hall master felt a terrifying killing intent lock onto him firmly.

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