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«Jiuxing Hegemony Body Art (Web Novel) - Chapter 4925: Chess Sect

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Chapter 4925: Chess Sect

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When Long Chen forcefully tore off the mask, the unmasked man let out a horrifying scream of agony. Long Chen himself was petrified at the ghastly sight before him.

Beneath the mask, there were only bloody tissues—no semblance of skin remained. Long Chen hastily looked at the mask in his hand, discovering to his horror that the skin was stuck to the mask. In his desperate attempt to remove the mask, Long Chen had somehow ripped off the man’s face as well.

“I see. Once you wear a mask, you don’t have the face to see people anymore. That’ll save your ancestors from losing face,” Long Chen sneered. As Long Chen recovered from his shock and thought of how this man was responsible for Xing Wujiang’s death—how his big brother had sacrificed himself to prevent a calamity for the human race—Long Chen’s killing intent exploded.

He drove Evilmoon toward the man’s chest, intending to finish him off. However, he was astonished to see the chessboard, which had been flung far away, mysteriously reappear right in front of the man. It blocked Evilmoon’s strike again.

All of a sudden, spiraling runes emanated from the chessboard, transforming into a translucent figure of a man in a gray cloak. From the white hair coming out of the sides of the cloak, it was probably an old man.

The translucent elder said, “Friend, I am from one of the four immemorial sects, the Chess Sect—”

“Fuck off!” Long Chen directly swung Evilmoon once more, and this time, Evilmoon blazed with light. However, a dragon figure floated out of the chessboard and blocked it.

“Heaven vein dragon qi!”

Heaven vein dragon qi actually appeared out of the chessboard. Clearly, this chessboard was an incredibly special item, and this elder had to be a supreme expert. When the masked man’s life was in danger, this elder appeared to save him.

“Youngsters should not have such a temper. No matter what enmity you have, I hope you can give me some face and let him go. Otherwise…” The elder’s tone changed as if he was threatening Long Chen.

Long Chen’s response was to take out a bronze cauldron and smash the chessboard with it.


The chessboard and the heaven vein dragon qi exploded. After that, the elder’s furious roar echoed through the remnants.

“Brat, if you dare to kill my disciple, the Chess Sect will wash your sect with blood! Your whole family will be slaughtered!”

“Then I’ll just first slaughter everyone from your Chess Sect!”

Long Chen swung Evilmoon down once more, cleaving the half-dead unmasked man in two.

Not stopping there, Long Chen swept Evilmoon out horizontally and cut the corpse into four pieces. The Heavenly Fate Disk still existed behind the sliced bodies, but now, it rapidly dimmed.

A legendary Heavenly Chosen, destined to reach the peak of the world, fell just like that. In the distance, everyone’s heart shook. When they looked at Long Chen, it was like they were looking at a terrible devil king, their eyes full of terror.

“Return my big brother’s life!” raged Long Chen.

Even though his opponent was dead, Long Chen’s hatred did not diminish. He continued hacking with Evilmoon.

The masked man’s corpse was quickly truly cut into ten thousand pieces.


Long Chen raised his head and screamed. So what if he could rip the corpse into ten thousand pieces? Xing Wujiang wouldn’t come back.

While Long Chen hadn’t known Xing Wujiang for long, the bond between the three of them had quickly grown as strong as brotherhood. They wished they could have met each other sooner. As a result, no one understood Xing Wujiang’s feelings better than Long Chen and Mo Nian.

Long Chen knew that Xing Wujiang didn’t want to die. This big brother of his wanted to restore the Xing family’s honor in his generation, so no one cherished life more than him. Moreover, he had yet to meet his unborn children.

However, reality was cruel, forcing Xing Wujiang to sacrifice his precious life. He had no choice but to give up all his wishes. In this world, was there really such a thing as a hero who didn’t fear death? By the end of the day, they only sacrificed themselves because they had no other choice but to abandon this beautiful life.

The masked man had been crushed into atoms, but Long Chen continued to attack. A large tear appeared in the fabric of space, creating a vortex of death.

Suddenly, Long Chen stopped. Black spots flickered in his eyes, resembling devilish orbs from the depths of hell. The Heaven Saints he turned to felt as though their souls would flee, yet they found themselves immobilized, unable to move at all.

“All of you will pay for it with your lives!” exclaimed Long Chen.


With a single step, Long Chen triggered an explosion in the void. In the blink of an eye, he materialized within their ranks. Only slaughter could appease his hatred.

As the Heaven Saints prepared to flee, one among them shouted, “Don’t run! Space is in chaos! No one can outpace him! If we scatter, we’ll be picked off one by one! We must unite and stand together to fight!”

The group of Heaven Saints instantly calmed down. In truth, they also understood this logic. Long Chen’s movement art was as quick as lightning, completely unaffected by the spatial fluctuations. On the other hand, they were caught in a spacetime vortex that was released when Long Chen activated the Dragon Blood Battle Armor. They couldn’t flee from him.

“He used a medicinal pill to forcibly raise his combat power. There’s no way it can last for long. At most, we just need to endure a few more breaths! As long as we hang on, we can kill him! Everyone, block together!” shouted a Heaven Saint.

Hundreds of Heaven Saints unleashed their power at the same time. Their divine weapons streaked through the air, weaving a deadly net that intercepted Long Chen’s descent.

They believed that no matter how heaven-defying Long Chen was, he couldn’t possibly resist the combined assault of hundreds of Heaven Saints. Perhaps they could even kill him with this one attack.

“World Extermination Flame Lotus!”

However, what they hadn’t expected was that before Evilmoon slashed down, a beautiful maiden appeared and extended her hand, throwing a snow-white lotus into their net.


When the white snow lotus exploded, a pure and holy layer of frost instantly covered every single one of them.

“Not good!”

They were shocked to find that when this white flame lotus exploded, its ice-cold chill threatened to freeze their souls. They instinctively channeled their energy to resist this chill.

As a result, their power was dispersed into two channels: one portion went to block Long Chen, while the other portion went to resist the invasion of the Ice Soul Divine Flame.

In truth, although Huo Linger’s Ice Soul Divine Flame was powerful, due to her limited power, it didn’t pose much of a threat to Heaven Saints.

However, it was enough to break the equilibrium of their defense. After all, the Ice Soul Divine Flame was one of the top ten Heavenly Flames, capable of ignoring people’s defenses and freezing their souls.

Such a power instinctively triggered their defenses. In truth, if they could ignore this instinct, they would have been fine. With the Ice Soul Divine Flame’s power dispersed among so many people, it wouldn’t pose a genuine threat to them.

However, in this world, not many experts were capable of resisting their instincts. Just as they were distracted, Long Cehn’s furious roar rang out.

“Split the Heavens - Seven Forms in One!”

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