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«Jiuxing Hegemony Body Art (Web Novel) - Chapter 4924: Strange Treasure

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Chapter 4924: Strange Treasure

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As Evilmoon swept through the crowd, the Heaven Saints from the Flame Divine Hall cried out in panic, hastily attempting to block it with their weapons. However, their feeble defenses were swiftly sliced through, along with their bodies.

The few survivors of the Flame Divine Hall met the same fate as they were mercilessly cut down by Evilmoon. As their blood sprayed through the air, it was greedily absorbed by Evilmoon.

By now, Evilmoon had claimed the lives of many Heaven Saints and absorbed their fresh blood. Its aura grew increasingly ominous, akin to a wild beast shedding its shackles and revealing its true power.

When Long Chen attacked Jiang Yiban amidst the flames, the observers didn’t see it clearly. However, when Long Chen killed everyone from the Flame Divine Hall in a single stroke, they all witnessed it vividly. In that instant, all the experts attacking Long Chen were dumbfounded. Just like Mo Nian, Long Chen’s power had surged by an unknown magnitude, shattering their courage.

Despite their overwhelming urge to flee, their forward momentum was too strong, and any possible escape routes were blocked by the experts behind them. Moreover, the people at the rear weren’t entirely sure what was happening at the front because their vision was blocked by their allies’ manifestations.

A Heaven Saint with a battle saber screamed in despair, “No!”

“Cyclone Slash!”

Long Chen and Evilmoon transformed into a whirlwind that sliced through their enemies. When he was done, the battlefield became spacious. A line of broken corpses and shattered weapons lay behind him.

Suddenly, Long Chen’s gaze locked onto the masked man, who was staring in shock at him. The moment their eyes met, the masked man’s soul shuddered.

Ignoring the remaining Heaven Saints, Long Chen surged forward in pursuit of the masked man, his hatred for the masked man burning deep within his bones. Compared to the lives of all these Heaven Saints, Long Chen desired the masked man’s life above all else, as it was ultimately his actions that led to Xing Wujiang’s death.

The masked man quickly took out a talisman, evidently unwilling to fight Long Chen in this state. He shouted, “Hmph, I’ll spare your life for now. Once you use up all your power, I’ll take your head.”

Fully aware that both Long Chen and Mo Nian were pushing themselves beyond their limits for a temporary surge in power, the masked man deemed it wise to evade confrontation for the time being.

However, just as the masked man reached out to crush the talisman, a bone dragon silently materialized behind him. Unaware of its presence, the masked man extended his hand directly into the bone dragon’s gaping maw. With a swift motion, the bone dragon chomped down mercilessly.

The masked man let out a piercing shriek as his hand was violently torn off.

This bone dragon was none other than the transformed Blaze Dragon Bone Whip. During the chaos, Huo Linger had been guarding Long Chen.

When Long Chen crushed the crystal and finished a slaughter, he secretly instructed Huo Linger to stealthily unleash the Blaze Dragon Bone Whip.

Crafted from a blaze dragon’s bones, the Blaze Dragon Whip was an extremely valuable divine weapon. But sadly, it had been subjected to countless shackles and slave seals so the Flame Divine Hall could fully control it.

Having been liberated from the shackles by Huo Linger, the Blaze Dragon Bone Whip could now act independently and unleash its full power. This was why it was so terrifying in her hands. Furthermore, thanks to Huo Linger’s help and the cover of the Flame Divine Hall’s flame fluctuations, it managed to silently sneak up on the masked man.

The masked man’s focus had been primarily on Long Chen and Mo Nian, particularly Mo Nian. As Mo Nian engaged the vice hall master in combat, the Blaze Dragon Bone Whip silently materialized behind the masked man, catching him completely unaware.

However, Long Chen told Huo Linger not to let the Blaze Dragon Bone Whip try to kill him. Even the slightest hint of killing intent would alert him, prompting him to flee. Capturing him under such circumstances would then be extremely challenging.

Thus, the Blaze Dragon Bone Whip just stayed beside the masked man without arousing suspicion.

In the end, an item-spirit was simply an item-spirit. Even the item-spirit of a Heaven Saint divine weapon wasn’t that intelligent, especially after being sealed and enslaved for so long. It did whatever Huo Linger told it to do and managed to sneak up on him.

Only when the masked man was about to flee did Huo Linger give the Blaze Dragon Bone Whip the order to strike. With the masked man’s attention fixated on Long Chen, he remained oblivious until his hand was severed. It was at this critical moment that Evilmoon descended mercilessly.

The masked man was stunned, his carefully laid plan crumbling before his eyes. Seeing Long Chen’s saber descending on him, he took out a square object with his remaining hand.

The object was mostly black with a criss-crossing pattern; it was actually a chessboard. Once it appeared, countless tiny black and white chess pieces appeared on it.

Upon closer inspection, Long Chen noticed that each piece had thousands of runes on them, containing its own formation.

However, Long Chen had neither time nor desire to examine the chessboard, his saber slashing down.


With an explosive sound, the masked man screamed as he was sent flying along with his chessboard. He hacked up blood, broken pieces of his innards coming out with it.

To Long Chen’s surprise, the indomitable Evilmoon was unable to break this chessboard with a single strike. However, all the pieces on it had vanished into thin air.

Long Chen swung Evilmoon once again, not giving the masked man any chance to recover.

The masked man was already halfway to the yellow spring. Seeing Long Chen approaching once more, he spun his chessboard and spat out his essence blood onto it. The intersecting lines on the board lit up, coalescing into a blood net that floated out of the chessboard.


With a deafening sound, the net shattered, yet this time, there was no scream—not because the masked man was too resilient to cry out, but because he had lost consciousness.

Long Chen was taken aback to see that the chessboard remained intact, albeit covered in cracks. Ignoring it, Long Chen grabbed the mask and yanked it off.

“Let me see your true face.”

Yet, as Long Chen peeled away the mask, his heart trembled at the sight beneath.

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