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«Jiuxing Hegemony Body Art (Web Novel) - Chapter 4923: The Strongest Dragon Blood Battle Armor

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Chapter 4923: The Strongest Dragon Blood Battle Armor

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The vice hall master had unleashed his full power and even used his divine weapon to block Mo Nian’s palm, but he was still sent flying, blood spraying from his mouth.

This result was something no one had expected, including Long Chen. He hadn’t expected Mo Nian to have such a terrifying trump card.

However, when Mo Nian’s palm sent the vice hall master flying, his manifestation suddenly trembled. The image of a divine palace and a soaring pine in his manifestation quivered. Seeing this scene, Long Chen instantly understood.

Mo Nian was using the power of his manifestation as a buffer to control the Emperor might, rather than directly absorbing the rune’s power. Just as the vice hall master had said, if Mo Nian did that, he wouldn’t be able to endure it and wouldn’t pose a threat to the vice hall master.

However, to everyone’s astonishment, Mo Nian’s manifestation was exceptionally powerful. The Emperor might first entered his manifestation before permeating his body. After going through his manifestation, this Emperor power posed much less of a burden on him.

It was due to this that Mo Nian could endure such a vast amount of energy. Now, even the vice hall master could not block a single attack from him.

However, after this attack, Mo Nian’s manifestation shuddered intensely. This kind of energy transfer was extremely dangerous to him. If the Emperor power blasted his manifestation apart, he would be doomed, and even if he survived, he would become a cripple. To be taking such a huge risk, Mo Nian was clearly extremely enraged.

Mo Nian and Long Chen were good brothers who had narrowly escaped death together numerous times. However, there was a large difference in their characters. Long Chen acted more according to his feelings, driven by impulse. Once he got angry, he wouldn’t submit to anyone, not even the heavens. He’d go all-out at the drop of a pin, and many people saw this trait as an immense flaw.

On the other hand, Mo Nian was more rational. No matter how angry he got, he always maintained his composure. It was this trait that allowed him to outwit enemies far stronger than him time and time again.

However, Mo Nian’s disposition was related to his experiences. The enemies he typically faced were dead people, so just how was he supposed to unleash his anger on them?

Today, the situation was different. He had watched Xing Wujiang die while feeling utterly powerless, all because of his inability to complete his mission. As a result, he could no longer maintain his rationality.

“Today, Daddy Mo will teach you how to act properly!” Mo Nian roared, unleashing a tempest of attacks. Emperor runes manifested on his fists as they rained down on the vice hall master.

Mo Nian’s fists were like warhammers, forcing back the vice hall master repeatedly. As the fists contained Emperor power that shook the vice hall master’s sword, the vice hall master could only defend passively and retreat. It was impossible for him to counterattack.

“The Emperor rune’s power is limited! Let’s see how long you can last!” roared the vice hall master. He spat out another mouthful of blood after Mo Nian’s fist struck him again.

Mo Nian was unrivaled now, and even the vice hall master didn’t dare to block his fists directly, only parrying them with his divine weapon. The vice hall master couldn’t even counterattack for fear that Mo Nian would willingly sacrifice his body to attack him.

On this battlefield, only he truly understood just how dangerous Mo Nian’s fists were. However, he refused to believe that this power could continue for long. Once the Emperor rune was depleted, Mo Nian would become his prey.

“Kill Long Chen, and then help the vice hall master!”

At this moment, Jiang Yiban recovered from his shock. He then pointed his sword at Long Chen, his manifestation appearing behind him.

The other experts of the Flame Divine Hall also stepped forward, accompanied by their henchmen. Initially, the latter had no personal enmity with Long Chen; their aim was simply to align themselves with the Flame Divine Hall. However, with their comrades slain by Long Chen, a deep-seated grudge had been formed.

“Long Chen, you evil murderer, I will tear your corpse to pieces!”

“Return my patriarch’s life!”

“A murderous fool like you shouldn’t be left alive in this world!”

Seeing Long Chen being targeted, these experts started to roar like bloodthirsty beasts, surrounding Long Chen.

Surrounded by numerous Heaven Saints and countless Earth Saints, Long Chen stood firm, Evilmoon resting on his shoulder. He surveyed their contorted faces with a savage, bloodthirsty grin. Long Chen then popped a medicinal pill into his mouth.


The moment he crushed it in his mouth, berserk medicinal energy erupted within him like a volcano. His dragon blood then blazed, and a brilliant dragon cry reverberated throughout the world.


As the void beneath Long Chen’s feet exploded, a pillar of light erupted into the sky, breaking the dome of the heavens and shooting into the starry sky.

At this moment, Long Chen’s headband broke, and his black hair billowed wildly in the air. Blood-colored dragon scales covered his body, each scale housing a complete dragon form within. These scales now gleamed with a metallic luster, casting a crimson hue over the entire world.

Without the need for summoning, the Dragon Blood Battle Armor materialized around Long Chen, its fiery aura expanding to cover ten times its usual area. The surrounding space twisted crazily due to the fiery inferno.

It was like a fiery river crashing against the heavens, suffocating Jiang Yiban and the others with its pressure.

Even so, they still gritted their teeth and dove into Long Chen’s domain of blood flames. Jiang Yiban was the first to attack, swinging his sword at Long Chen’s neck.

Sparks flew as Long Chen swiftly turned his head at the last moment, parrying the strike. As the sword landed on Long Chen’s shoulder instead, Jiang Yiban’s pupils shrank to pinpoints in disbelief. His full-force strike failed to penetrate Long Chen’s dragon scales. In fact, it didn’t even shake Long Chen in the slightest.

With haste, Jiang Yiban retreated as he had a foreboding feeling.

He then heard a light sound and saw Long Chen swiftly receding into the distance. But then, he realized that the entire world seemed to have been sliced apart by an unseen force, the image in front of his eyes becoming distorted.

Everything happened so fast that he couldn’t comprehend what was happening. At this moment, familiar voices reached his ears, crying out his name in shock. However, those voices soon grew distant and muffled. His vision started to dim until he could see nothing at all.

The experts of the Flame Divine Hall cried out in shock as Jiang Yiban was cleaved in two by Long Chen’s saber.

Before they could even comprehend what had occurred, an icy voice pierced the air, and a sinister saber swept out.

“Six Forms in One!”

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