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«Jiuxing Hegemony Body Art (Web Novel) - Chapter 4922: Maha Limitless

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Chapter 4922: Maha Limitless

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“Your anger?”

Long Chen’s eyes blazed with icy, murderous intent as he spoke, his voice tinged with a hint of madness. “You dare to speak of anger?! If it weren’t for you, Big Brother Wujiang wouldn’t have sacrificed his own life to shatter the Square Heaven Seal, which was like family to him! You dare to say others can just die for all you care, but when your own people perish, they have to face your wrath? Do you treat other people like grass? You dare to unleash your fury upon others with impunity, while expecting them to silently endure it?”

The masked expert, who had vanished to who knew where when Long Chen crushed the crystal, returned once more, mocking him, “That is correct. As an ant, you should just accept your fate. Resistance only brings you more pain and makes you pay a greater price. No matter what you do, you should first consider whether or not you can handle the consequences of your actions. Ants should live their lowly lives and not touch things that aren’t meant for them.”

“Long Chen, don’t waste words on them. If we don’t kill them until rivers of blood flow, how will we face Big Brother Wujiang? Leave the vice hall master to me. Can you handle the rest of them?” asked Mo Nian.

“Can you handle him?” Long Chen was startled. Seeing Mo Nian’s furious appearance, he thought that he might do something stupid.

“Don’t worry, I’m not going to do anything like sacrificing myself for an idiot like him. Why would I trade my precious body for the life of an animal?” answered Mo Nian.

After saying that, Mo Nian took out an arrow. Upon its appearance, everyone’s expression changed as it emitted a powerful Emperor might, along with the aura of the devil corpse.

Suddenly, Mo Nian stabbed the arrowhead into his own palm. When it pierced his palm, his eyes turned scarlet, and he started to murmur.

“Blood and fire mix, love and hate intersect. My hate originates from my lost love. The hatred of my heart, my mind, my spirit, and my soul… nothing can extinguish it. With this arrow as the bridge, with heaven and earth as the handle, with this raging emotion in my body, heart, mind, soul, and spirit, bestow me the full power of the Maha-Limitless.”

Heaven and earth trembled when they heard Mo Nian’s voice. As the Emperor aura quivered in his hand, the Emperor runes on it started to shine brightly, growing stronger. When he said the name “Maha-Limitless”, it was like a bolt of lightning shooting through heaven and earth, the entire world echoing the name.

The arrow suddenly fell from Mo Nian’s hand, but the Emperor rune remained on his palm. His aura instantly became ancient and vast like the sea, as if he were possessed by an ancient god. A dragon image appeared around him.

“Heaven vein dragon qi?!”

Jiang Yiban and the others were shocked.

“How can this be?!”

Following that, they saw an even more shocking sight: another dragon image emerged, then a third, a fourth, and a fifth…

It only stopped when nine dragon figures revolved around Mo Nian. He now had the aura of an Emperor, shocking everyone.

“Eight is a Saint, but nine… nine is an Emperor… Has he become an Emperor?!” The onlookers’ voices quivered in shock and fear.

When a Heaven Saint condensed a heaven vein, it indicated that they had taken a significant step forward. From a certain perspective, they were no longer simply Heaven Saints; they had reached an even higher level. However, this level had no official name, and no one had ever given it one. People usually referred to them according to how many heaven veins they had condensed.

Xing Wujiang had condensed a single heaven vein, as had the vice hall master, but there was a large difference between them. Xing Wujiang’s heaven vein was still in an embryonic form, making it translucent and not fully formed, while the vice hall master’s heaven vein was complete.

This was why the moment the vice hall master showed his heaven vein dragon qi, Xing Wujiang regretted asking Long Chen and Mo Nian to stop him. To have two Divine Venerates attempt to stop an existence even he couldn’t defeat was an utterly unreasonable request. If the two of them died because of it, he would feel regret for the rest of his life.

However, Mo Nian had just summoned nine complete heaven vein dragon qi. These dragon figures, though somewhat illusory like, had scales and claws. They all exuded an Emperor aura, terrifying everyone.

“No, he isn’t an Emperor! According to legend, an Emperor is supposed to have all nine dragons merge into one, right? However, his nine heaven vein dragon qis are all scattered!” pointed out a Heaven Emperor.

Even so, for a Divine Venerate disciple to condense such immense power was enough to shock all the surrounding experts.

Suddenly, Mo Nian shot into motion, his palm crashing toward the vice hall master.

“This Emperor rune is indeed formidable. Unfortunately, with your strength, just how much of its power can you truly harness? Once your energy is exhausted, you will be vulnerable prey,” the vice hall master sneered. A flame sword condensed in his hand, and at the same time, his manifestation burst into existence behind him, accompanied by a faint chanting sound.

The Flame Divine Hall’s experts were taken aback by this display. They hadn’t anticipated their vice hall master summoning his manifestation against a Divine Venerate disciple, let alone invoking the Nirvana Scripture. He had entered his strongest combat state.

Most frightening of all, they even saw a divine statue fading in and out of his manifestation. He was even mobilizing his faith energy.

Among all the experts present, only the vice hall master truly understood just how terrifying Mo Nian was. This arrow contained the undying will of a true Emperor; otherwise, it would have been impossible for it to suppress the devil corpse for so many years.

However, just as the vice hall master had pointed out, Mo Nian himself was too weak. There was no way he could endure the impact of so much Emperor power for a long time.

Had Mo Nian’s cultivation base been higher—perhaps in the Sage King realm, Saint realm, or even the initial Eternal realm—the vice hall master would have immediately turned tail and fled. Unfortunately, Mo Nian was only in the Divine Venerate realm. Even with the reinforcement of the Emperor might, he could not harness that much power. Hence, the vice hall master did not fear him and attacked Mo Nian with his sword.


Mo Nian’s palm crashed into him, and in that instant, the vice hall master’s expression completely changed. His face went from white to purple. Blood sprayed out of his mouth as he was sent flying.


Jiang Yiban and the others’ jaws dropped, their eyes almost popping out of their sockets.

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