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«Jiuxing Hegemony Body Art (Web Novel) - Chapter 4921: Reaping Heaven Saints

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Chapter 4921: Reaping Heaven Saints

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The crystal Long Chen crushed was the ancient jade he had obtained when he reclaimed the academy’s foundation. The Earth Cauldron had refined it, telling him that it was a piece of primal chaos with the laws of primal chaos, which was what allowed it to seal the cultivation base of Heaven Saints down to the Divine Venerate realm.

After the Earth Cauldron obtained the jade, it absorbed half of its energy and refined its remaining essence into this crystal. When Long Chen crushed it, every Heaven Saint’s cultivation base was instantly suppressed.

When Long Chen raised his left hand, a flame lotus rapidly expanded and enveloped everyone.

“World Extermination Flame Lotus!”


Long Chen gave them no chance to dodge. The World Extermination Flame Lotus exploded, releasing a torrent of berserk flame energy.

The Heaven Saints closest to Long Chen—those at the core of the battlefield—had been engulfed by the flame before they could even react, their bodies charred black. They screamed in agony and tried to flee, but a merciless saber cleaved through the crowd, slicing them in two.

In an instant, thirteen Heaven Saints fell to Evilmoon, all of them from the Flame Divine Hall. As flame element cultivators, the potency of the World Extermination Flame Lotus was significantly diminished against them. Even so, with their cultivation bases sealed, they were powerless to block Evilmoon. They could only run.

As for the other Heaven Saints who had gathered to demonstrate their allegiance to the Flame Divine Hall, they didn’t have the opportunity to flee far. The flame wave consumed them, reducing them to ash.

They had come like rulers in charge of other people’s life and death. However, in the next instant, they became prisoners, their cries drowned by the vortex of death.

Just as Long Chen unleashed the World Extermination Flame Lotus, Mo Nian raised his bow. Scale-like runes materialized on his arm, and blood trickled from his wound, flowing into the bow’s sturdy frame.

After his essence blood was absorbed, a pillar of light exploded out of the bowstring, transforming into thousands of arrows that tore through the air with a haunting wail, reminiscent of ghouls demanding for souls.

Despite his rage, Mo Nian was still steady like a rock. He specifically targeted the Heaven Saints on the edge of Long Chen’s seal effect. If they just took another step, they would be able to flee. However, these arrows instantly pierced through them without mercy. They screamed as their wounds started to rapidly decay, and those struck in a vital spot instantly died.

However, some managed to escape with superficial wounds. Nonetheless, the entire battlefield now reeked of a putrid odor, and an unsettling sensation swept over every individual present, as if they had been tainted by something bizarre.

It all unfolded so swiftly that the experts barely had time to react. In the blink of an eye, dozens of Heaven Saints lay dead, alongside an unknown number of Earth Saints and Mortal Saints.

Within the raging flames, Huo Linger was like a tiger amongst a flock of sheep. Clad in the Thousand Phoenix Feather Dress and wielding the Blaze Dragon Bone Whip, she mercilessly cut down the Heaven Saints in her path.

Meanwhile, Mo Nian continued his relentless assault, firing arrows fueled by his essence blood and imbued with corpse poison obtained from underground. Each arrow became a harbinger of death, unleashed without hesitation.

Amongst everyone, only the vice hall master remained relatively unaffected. His aura was still in the Heaven Saint realm. Seeing Evilmoon slaughtering the Flame Divine Hall’s experts, he roared and shot over, grabbing Evilmoon by the hilt.

The vice hall master clasped Evilmoon firmly in his grasp. A sense of delight surged within him as he sensed the boundless power within Evilmoon.

Everyone knew that Long Chen’s divine weapon had a shocking origin, yet it wasn’t unleashing that much power. While it was in a weak state, its potential was limitless.

However, in the next moment, his joy vanished. Sharp pain seared through his hand as countless barbs sprouted from Evilmoon’s hilt, piercing through his flesh.

“You dare to touch me?”

Evilmoon’s sinister voice rang out like the murmur of a devil king from hell, sinister and arrogant. Even an expert above Heaven Saints appeared low in front of it.

Having a bad feeling, the vice hall master tried to fling Evilmoon away. However, to his surprise, he found that Evilmoon was stuck to his hand.

The barbs from the hilt of Evilmoon pierced through the vice hall master’s hand, coiling together to bind his hand firmly

Evilmoon suddenly blazed with light, and the vice hall master felt his energy rapidly flowing away. It was as if a dam had burst, and he was powerless to stop the flow.

He was absolutely horrified. If this continued, in a few breaths, his energy would be sucked dry. Without hesitation, he made a ruthless decision and slashed off his own arm at the elbow. Just as he severed his arm, the divine light filling the sky vanished, and their cultivation bases were restored.

Huo Linger’s Blaze Dragon Bone Whip clashed with the weapons of over ten Heaven Saints. Initially, Huo Linger could have easily dispatched them even when they joined forces, but with their cultivation bases restored, they managed to overpower her, sending her flying backward.

Similarly, Mo Nian’s blood arrows lost their sharpness, shattering upon impact before they could strike their targets. Seeing this scene, the fleeing experts halted their escape. The terror on their faces vanished, replaced by a primal savagery. At this moment, the ground was already littered with corpses.

In but a few blinks of an eye, over two hundred Heaven Saints met their end. Thousands of Earth Saints no longer had full corpses, and the number of Mortal Saints who perished was incalculable.

With Long Chen engaging in close combat, Mo Nian attacking from afar, and Huo Linger cutting down enemies in between, casualties mounted across all factions. When the seal dissipated, the surviving experts cast hateful glares at Long Chen and Mo Nian.

The Flame Divine Hall’s group, once boasting thirty-six Heaven Saints, was reduced to just seven people, including Jiang Yiban. Due to how close they were to the heart of the battlefield, they suffered the worst losses.

Jiang Yiban and the others were gnashing their teeth. Throughout the annals of the Divine Flame Hall, they had never suffered such a humiliating defeat, especially at the hands of mere Divine Venerates. If news of this battle spread, the Flame Divine Hall would become laughingstocks.

“Now it’s our turn. How are you going to face my anger?” demanded the vice hall master gloomily.

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