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«Jiuxing Hegemony Body Art (Web Novel) - Chapter 4920: Use Blood to Pave the Road, Use Bones to Build the Bridge

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Chapter 4920: Use Blood to Pave the Road, Use Bones to Build the Bridge

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No one knew what power Xing Wujiang was using, but he directly pierced the devil corpse’s protective divine light to appear above the Square Heaven Seal.

“I’m sorry.”

Xing Wujiang rubbed the Square Heaven Seal, his expression filled with guilt. “This was all caused by my Xing family’s powerlessness. We failed to stand by you in your trials. You fought against the devil head for so many years, enduring its corruption, but no one from the Xing family came to your aid. You had to face it alone until now. It was my family that let you down…”

Xing Wujiang’s voice choked with sobs. He couldn’t harbor resentment toward the Square Heaven Seal. Despite it preventing him from having descendants, he knew it wasn’t the Seal’s will, but rather the influence of the devil soul. Regretfully, the Xing family had long since declined. Even after countless years, they had not managed to produce a true expert capable of helping the Square Heaven Seal.

If they could help the Square Heaven Seal, even to just buy it a moment of rest from time to time, perhaps it wouldn’t have been infected by the devil soul.


The Square Heaven Seal became translucent, revealing a scene from the past. Within it, a small boy of six or seven years old appeared, immersed in bitter cultivation. Beside him stood a stern elder wielding a wooden stick, correcting his every mistake with a swift strike. Each blow left a bloody mark on the child, who clenched his teeth in silent determination, refusing to back down.

Day and night, the boy worked hard, undeterred by hardship. With each passing day, he became stronger. These were Xing Wujiang’s footsteps.

“I’m sorry.”

Xing Wujiang wept. The Square Heaven Seal had always treated him like a son, but he understood that the devil soul was manipulating its emotions, making it difficult for him to carry out his next action.

With outstretched arms, Xing Wujiang embraced the Square Heaven Seal as if it were family. Closing his eyes, he started to merge into it. Blood-colored ripples instantly spread across the entire surface of the Square Heaven Seal.

“Big Brother Wujiang!”

Long Chen and Mo Nian roared in disbelief as they watched Xing Wujiang sacrifice his own life to merge with the Square Heaven Seal. It was the only way to temporarily wrest control of the Square Heaven Seal from the devil soul.


Suddenly, countless cracks spiderwebbed across the surface of the Square Heaven Seal. Similar cracks appeared on the devil corpse, signaling its merging with the Square Heaven Seal had already begun.

“I’ve never felt such hatred…” Mo Nian’s fists clenched, his nails digging into his palm. It was the second time he hated himself so intensely for his powerlessness, the first being the apocalyptic battle of the Martial Heaven Continent.

After experiencing that pain, Mo Nian had dedicated himself to becoming stronger, believing he would never feel so helpless again. Yet, this familiar feeling of powerlessness overwhelmed him once more.

“Then you should just die instead of shouting,” sneered the masked man from a distance. “He died because of you two. You should die to atone for your sins. Don’t worry, I will send Xing Wujiang’s descendants after you one by one so you can be together.”

At that moment, the devil corpse and the Square Heaven Seal started to fall apart. However, instead of leaking, their power turned inward. Space collapsed, and their fragments were constantly crushed.


In front of countless people, both the Square Heaven Seal and the devil corpse exploded, leaving behind a giant black hole resembling a gaping maw.

The world became quiet. The black hole faded away, as if the Square Heaven Seal and the devil corpse had never existed, nor did Xing Wujiang.

Long Chen and Mo Nian stood in shock as Xing Wujiang vanished before their eyes, leaving behind a void in their hearts. Suddenly, they found themselves surrounded by the people of the Flame Divine Hall.

However, they weren’t alone. Over a hundred other Heaven Saints, leaders of various factions, also encircled them, clearly following the Flame Divine Hall’s lead.

Previously, only a portion of these factions had been standing on the Flame Divine Hall’s side; the rest were just watching, cautious of Xing Wujiang’s formidable reputation and his control over the Square Heaven Seal. No one dared to underestimate him.

However, everything had changed. With the destruction of the Square Heaven Seal and Xing Wujiang’s demise, the balance of power shifted. Although the Flame Divine Hall no longer had any need for them, these factions could still serve as pawns, even if only as expendable ones.

“The two of you did pretty well just now! You actually managed to trap me and ruin the Heavenly Divination Grand Formation. Even if it was because of a certain fool, this feat is still amazing,” said the vice hall master as he gazed down on Long Chen and Mo Nian from the air.

Hearing this, Jiang Yiban couldn’t help but sweat, though he felt a sense of relief. Although the vice hall master cursed him for being a fool, it also represented that he wouldn’t get too severe of a punishment.

As the vice hall master’s trusted aide, Jiang Yiban had acted promptly to assist him when he was in trouble. Even though Jiang Yiban had made a mistake, the vice hall master was willing to overlook it. After all, he had done it while thinking of the vice hall master.

Meanwhile, Long Chen and Mo Nian remained fixated on the spot where Xing Wujiang had vanished. They couldn’t accept his sudden departure; it felt like they were trapped in a nightmare, oblivious to the words of the vice hall master.

“Have you gone mute? Or are you too terrified to speak? Could it be that you’ve given up and are quietly awaiting death?” sneered the masked man.

After a long time, Mo Nian turned to Long Chen and asked, “What do you think?”

Long Chen’s expression was ice-cold, black spots appearing in his eyes as his aura grew dark and sinister. He seemed different, but he was oblivious to the change, and even Mo Nian didn’t notice it.

“What is there to say? Big Brother Wujiang has passed on. As his brothers, we have to send him help!” Long Chen’s voice was slightly hoarse.

“What help?” asked Mo Nian.

“We’ll pave the road with blood and build the bridge with bones. How else will Big Brother Wujiang rest in peace in the nine springs?” replied Long Chen, his tone resolute.

“Hahaha!” The surrounding experts laughed at Long Chen and Mo Nian’s words.

The masked man joined in the laughter. “You really are laughably foolish. How can two pieces of trash like you say such grandiose words?”

“Are you ready?” Long Chen asked Mo Nian, his gaze intense. He held a peculiar crystal in his hand. The appearance of this crystal didn’t cause any reaction from the crowd. However, when the vice hall master saw it, his expression suddenly darkened.


Long Chen tightened his grip and shattered the crystal, sending a strange ripple spreading in every direction.

This ripple covered everyone. The masked man was startled, but he quickly realized that the ripple didn’t do anything to him. Just as he was about to mock Long Chen, the Heaven Saints started to cry out in terror.

“My cultivation base… it’s been suppressed!”

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