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«Jiuxing Hegemony Body Art (Web Novel) - Chapter 4919: Boundless Killing Intent

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Chapter 4919: Boundless Killing Intent

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“He shouldn’t be able to get through the Square Heaven Seal and the devil corpse’s protective divine light!” exclaimed Mo Nian as he clenched his teeth.

In this entire battlefield, only Xing Wujiang and the vice hall master possessed the prowess to breach the protective divine light, a privilege reserved solely for those who had touched the Emperor gate. Ordinary Heaven Saints were completely incapable of getting through, which was why Jiang Yiban and the others didn’t attack Xing Wujiang.

However, the arrival of the masked man made Long Chen extremely uneasy. This fellow was not just powerful but also extremely insidious. He was an incredible schemer and wasn’t so easy to deal with.

Long Chen didn’t believe that the masked man would just ram himself into the devil corpse’s divine light, as that would be a suicide mission. He was worried that the masked man had other means to disturb Xing Wujiang.

Nevertheless, Long Chen and Mo Nian had to focus all their power on containing the vice hall master, unable to relax in the slightest. As a result, they could only watch as the masked man approached the corpse. When Long Chen saw what the masked man was holding, his pupils contracted. It was a bloody arm.

“Not good!”

Long Chen instantly felt a chill. When the masked man was still far away from the protective divine light, he threw the bloody hand at the devil corpse.

“That’s…!” Mo Nian also saw what it was—an arm with devil qi swirling around it. He recognized it to be the arm of the devil expert who had fought with him for the devil corpse.

They had vaguely seen the masked man pursue the devil expert. However, to their astonishment, hhe had actually come back with that devil expert’s arm.


When this arm struck the protective divine light, it exploded. Its blood then flowed through the light and merged into the devil corpse.

After absorbing the blood, the devil corpse quivered intensely, and its head also started to shake. A berserk devil qi crashed against heaven and earth.

As the devil corpse shook, runes started to light up across its body. Seeing this, Xing Wujiang roared, and flames burst from him as he ignited his own essence blood to sustain the burning of his ancestral mark. Despite his efforts, the devil corpse, nourished by the fresh blood, seemed to awaken further. No matter how hard Xing Wujiang tried to suppress it, he couldn’t prevent its revival.

“It’s over.”

Long Chen and Mo Nian were both ashen. The devil corpse had been dead for so many years, and its head had been under the control of the Square Heaven Seal. Even if they did merge, they would still be under the Square Heaven Seal’s control. In other words, the Square Heaven Seal was actually the real enemy.

However, by burning his ancestral mark, Xing Wujiang had wrested control over the Square Heaven Seal, diminishing its hold over the corpse. Nourished by its descendant’s blood, the devil corpse seemed to be awakening. All their previous efforts could be said to be wasted.

Right now, Xing Wujiang had two options: one was to release the ancestral mark chain, allowing the Square Heaven Seal to compete with the devil corpse for control, or he could continue binding the Square Heaven Seal and let the devil corpse awaken.

In any case, the result would be disastrous. The Square Heaven Seal had merged with the devil head and could not be extracted. Whether it was the Square Heaven Seal in control of the devil corpse or the devil corpse in control of the Square Heaven Seal, either result would bring forth a calamity.

At this moment, even Xing Wujiang, who had lived through countless dangers and experiences, found his mind going blank. In the end, he shook his head bitterly and sighed.

“I knew this was fate, but I still refused to admit defeat. Unfortunately, even if one refuses to submit to fate, they still lose,” Xing Wujiang muttered bitterly.

Xing Wujiang could no longer control the Square Heaven Seal, and a terrifying shockwave instantly sent him flying out of the divine light.



At the same time, Long Chen and Mo Nian couldn’t trap the vice palace master any longer. When he shattered the cage, sinister killing intent burned in his eyes as he hovered in the air. However, he didn’t immediately attack Long Chen and Mo Nian, nor did he curse Jiang Yiban. Instead, he ignored everyone else and fixed his gaze on the devil corpse.

Countless runes appeared on the devil corpse, half of which had already awakened. It was clearly in the midst of waking up. A giant whirlpool appeared above its head, crazily absorbing the energy of heaven and earth. It felt like it would consume the entire world. Devil qi erupted, transforming this world into a devil realm.

Everyone around was shocked. Whether they were part of the fight or not, this terrifying sight was unlike anything they had ever seen. It was like the end of the world was imminent.

Long Chen and Mo Nian’s expressions were grim. The masked man, hovering in the air, sneered derisively, “You dared to ruin my plans, so don’t even think of getting what you want. Hehe, the devil corpse is absorbing the spiritual qi of heaven and earth. Once its devil soul awakens, it will slaughter everyone. This is the result of you two fools provoking me, hahaha!”

The masked man laughed delightedly, reveling in his vengeance. Mo Nian and Long Chen’s expressions of despair were immensely satisfying to him.

“You idiot, do you know what you’ve done?!” roared Mo Nian.

“Hehe, of course I do. I also know that there are three ancient cities in the vicinity and over seven hundred smaller cities. There are countless humans in the area. It just so happens that this devil corpse will be reaping souls to awaken its consciousness as quickly as possible. It’ll definitely kill many humans,” chortled the masked man.

“You’re also human! You’re using it to kill your own race?! Are you an animal?!” Mo Nian gritted his teeth so hard that they almost shattered.

“I want to. What can you do about it?” sneered the masked man. It seemed that he was intentionally provoking Long Chen and Mo Nian, as if seeing more humans die would delight him.

“I will tear your corpse into ten thousand pieces,” said Long Chen as he clenched his fists. He hadn’t hated someone this much for so long.


Just then, Xing Wujiang’s voice cut through the tension, drawing Long Chen and Mo Nian’s attention to him. Xing Wujiang looked at them with a warm smile.

“Being able to have two brothers like you has been the greatest honor of my life. Unfortunately, we met too late. I’m sorry that I can only accompany you two to this point as your big brother. Take care!”

“Big Brother Wujiang!”

Long Chen and Mo Nian were both stunned as they witnessed Xing Wujiang slowly closing his eyes. When he opened them again, the heavenly aura surrounding him vanished. In an instant, he pierced through the devil corpse’s protective divine light and appeared directly above the Square Heaven Seal.

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