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«Jiuxing Hegemony Body Art (Web Novel) - Chapter 4933: Escaping From Disaster

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Chapter 4933: Escaping From Disaster

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Mo Nian’s shout startled Long Chen and Yu Luo. After all, neither of them sensed anything.

Mo Nian hastily explained, “I’m not the one who sensed it. It was.”

Mo Nian took out a potted flower that looked like a sunflower. It was a foot tall, with a main trunk as thick as a chopstick, and the sunflower itself was only the size of an egg. It didn’t have a single leaf and looked extremely odd.

Mo Nian then explained that this was an immemorial plant he had found underground. It was extremely sensitive to danger and could even calculate karma to determine the future.

However, it was still in its infancy, so its power was limited. Normally, it helped Mo Nian sense danger and was especially useful when he went searching for treasure. It helped him avoid mechanisms and traps. It could be considered a priceless treasure, especially to Mo Nian who often robbed graves.

Yet, Mo Nian rarely used it as doing so would affect its growth. He still didn’t know just how many divine abilities this mysterious divine sunflower had, so he cherished it.

However, due to their severe injuries this time, he decided to take out the small sunflower for safety.

Mo Nian turned the pot, showing that the flower always pointed in one direction—the direction of the danger.

“Do you know how strong these people are?” asked Yu Luo.

Mo Nian shook his head. “It’s still not grown up, so its senses are still muddled. But the fact that it is reacting shows that once they arrive, we won’t be able to get away.”

“Even you?” asked Long Chen in surprise. After all, Mo Nian was the master of fleeing for his life. If even he couldn’t run away, then whoever was coming was truly terrifying.

Suddenly, Long Chen recalled that he also had a priceless treasure. With the violet crystal heavenly eye, he looked in the direction that the sunflower was pointing.

Long Chen scanned that direction and quickly saw nine figures rushing over, one being a white-haired elder with a sharp gaze. It was vaguely possible to see flame runes burning as he opened and closed his eyes.

Long Chen’s heart skipped a beat. Although he couldn’t sense this person’s aura, he knew that this person was more dangerous than the vice hall master.

Long Chen handed the eye to Mo Nian for him to take a look, but he couldn’t let go of it as it relied on the power of his violet blood to work.

“It’s the Flame Divine Hall’s people!” exclaimed Mo Nian.

Race leader Yu Luo also looked. “They are wearing robes of the Flame Divine Hall, but this white-haired elder’s robes are completely different from that of the vice hall master. His power seems to be greater as well. We should hurry and leave.”

Long Chen and Mo Nian nodded. Fighting such a terrifying expert while injured was purely suicidal.

After all, their victory over the vice hall master relied heavily on several trump cards and the element of surprise. By catching him off-guard at the start, they forced him into one desperate situation after another. The vice hall master, underestimating their abilities, fell into their trap. One misstep led to his downfall, from which he never recovered.

This result was partially thanks to luck. If they fought again, the ones to lose would be Long Chen and Mo Nian.

“I’m curious, how do they know that we’re here?” asked Mo Nian, cocking his head. Their movements should have been hidden until their arrival. Furthermore, Devil Fall City was just an empty husk. Even if their enemies wanted to capture them, surely they could think of somewhere better than here, right?

On top of that, the Flame Divine Hall’s people were all arrogant and aloof, only caring about profit. To mobilize such an expert for them was entirely superfluous.

No matter what, it was unlikely that anyone would believe Long Chen and Mo Nian would risk their lives to save the Xing family’s people, especially since the Xing family had long since left. Hence, why would the pursuers come now?

Mo Nian was unable to figure it out, and Long Chen also couldn’t understand, but then he suddenly slapped his leg.

“I get it!”

“What do you get?” asked Mo Nian hastily.

“Quick, scour the residences of the four noble families! There’s definitely something good inside!” exclaimed Long Chen. He didn’t explain and instead rushed to the Violet Palace Sect.

Mo Nian didn’t press him and immediately went to the Iron Blood Gate. Seeing this scene, Yu Luo and the four Protector Elders split up for the Heaven Heart Hall and Yellow Spring Pavilion.


When Long Chen arrived at the Violet Palace Sect’s gate, he immediately punched it. That disciple of the Violet Palace Sect followed him. Seeing Long Chen crush the Violet Palace Sect, rather than being sad, he cheered. He hated this emotionless sect and had no intention of staying here.

Long Chen flipped through the entire Violet Palace Sect. Not finding anything, he directly asked that disciple, “Little brother, did anything odd happen in the Violet Palace Sect three days ago? Did anyone come?”

The disciple paused to think and shook his head. “No?”

“Did I guess wrong?” Long Chen’s confidence lagged.

Just then, they heard Yu Luo’s startled cry.

“Long Chen, Mo Nian, come over here!”

Long Chen rushed over like a bolt of lightning to the Yellow Spring Pavilion. When Long Chen arrived, he saw an altar with a figure seated on it.

When Mo Nian saw that figure, he couldn’t help but laugh. “Hahahaha! Old thing, after committing so many sins, you still fell into our hands. The heavens punish evildoers, hehe.”

Long Chen was pleasantly surprised because the person on the altar was the vice hall master’s Yuan Spirit.

The altar was surrounded by corpses, but they weren’t members of the four noble families. They were most likely commoners who hadn’t left the city quickly enough.

“Using innocent souls to extend your own life. Killing you is completely justified,” said Mo Nian, eyeing the bodies strewn across the ground.

It was clear that this atrocity was committed by the four noble families. They had sacrificed countless people to preserve the vice hall master’s Yuan Spirit.

The vice hall master’s Yuan Spirit awoke when Long Chen and Mo Nian arrived. When he saw them, his expression changed into one of terror. However, he forcibly calmed himself and coldly said, “I’d advise you not to do anything foolish, or there won’t be any room for negotiation. If you leave now, I can swear on my soul to forget everything that has happened. If you don’t, the Flame Divine—”

Long Chen and Mo Nian ignored him, exchanging a look. Long Chen asked, “Do you want to, or shall I?”

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