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«Jiuxing Hegemony Body Art (Web Novel) - Chapter 4934: Do You Know Your Sin?

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Chapter 4934: Do You Know Your Sin?

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“Let me. You’ve shown off enough lately. It should be my turn,” answered Mo Nian. He was naturally willing to do it.

The vice hall master roared, “Do you two know what you’re doing?! If you kill me, the Flame Divine Hall will never forgive you! The Brahma Pill Valley’s forces are spread throughout the entire Sovereign Emperor Heaven! When the time comes, you will be hunted by the entire—!”

“Shut up!” Mo Nian interrupted him impatiently. He then took out a violet jade stone covered in countless runes and handed it to Long Chen.

Long Chen received it with a baffled expression. However, once he held the jade in his hand, he became speechless. It was actually a top-grade photographic jade. In an instant, he knew what Mo Nian wanted.

Without wasting words, Long Chen directly activated the photographic jade. As the high-quality recording started, Mo Nian adopted an aloof and holy demeanor, pointing a sword at the vice hall master.

“Old fogey, do you know your sins?” Mo Nian demanded, appearing like a magistrate sentencing a criminal.

The vice hall master’s eyes were filled with terror. “Youngster, hear me out…”

The loftier someone was, the more they feared death. They viewed themselves as magistrates sentencing others. But once it was their turn to be sentenced, they cherished their life more than anyone. They had never thought the day would come.

With a swift motion, Mo Nian swung his sword across the vice hall master’s Yuan Spirit, leaving a cut.


The vice hall master screamed. He had no idea what this sword was, but when it touched him, it left behind a bloody flame scar that burned his Yuan Spirit.

“Hurry up!” urged Long Chen. He had just used the violet crystal heavenly eye to check and saw that their enemies were accelerating. It wouldn’t be long before they arrived, so Long Chen didn’t want Mo Nian playing around too much.

“Fine, since time is pressing, I won’t make things hard on you. Just answer my question. What is one plus one?” asked Mo Nian.

“Two!” the vice hall master shouted without even thinking about it.

Mo Nian’s sword fell, cutting his Yuan Spirit in two. The vice hall master simply stared at Mo Nian in horror as the final wisps of his Yuan Spirit dissipated.

Mo Nian calmly blew on his sword point, shrugging. “Sorry, but you know too much.”

Mo Nian’s expression left Long Chen speechless. Was it really that fun to play such a childish game?

Yu Luo and the others had never seen such a thing before. Seeing the vice hall master’s unwilling and uncomprehending expression before death, they almost laughed.

This serious matter had actually been turned into a joke, causing Yu Luo and the others to hold back their laughter. Only these two youngsters were capable of such a feat.

When Long Chen tossed the photographic jade to Mo Nian, he was so excited that he immediately checked it. Perhaps he simply felt that his appearance was too cool, but his eyes were filled with stars as he reveled in his vision, giving Long Chen goosebumps.

With the violet crystal heavenly eye, Long Chen observed that when the vice hall master died, the approaching figures paused. Then, their leader took out a certain object and examined it. His expression contorted, and he charged forward with all his power.

Clearly, they knew the vice hall master had been killed, so they were rushing over for revenge.

However, the truth was that the vice hall master deserved his fate. After sustaining severe injuries that day, he could have used a secret art to transport his Yuan Spirit to the nearest branch of the Flame Divine Hall for recovery.

However, he was worried about someone with malicious intentions killing him. If he were to use that secret art to move, it would exhaust all the Yuan Spirit energy he had left.

The Yellow Spring Pavilion’s master then advised him to recuperate under his care. Here, the four noble families could guard him. With the power left behind by the Square Heaven Seal, they felt that they would be able to deal with someone of Xing Wujiang’s caliber. So, they thought everything was under control.

What touched the vice hall master deeply was the offer to sacrifice the souls of the commoners to nourish his Yuan Spirit. At this critical moment, if he received that spiritual nourishment, his recovery would be faster. Thus, after weighing the pros and cons, he chose to stay and recuperate here.

However, this decision ended up sending him to the gates of hell. Seeing the experts from the Flame Divine Hall rushing over, Long Chen became suspicious and searched for the vice hall master. Eventually, they found him.

Before death, the vice hall master was even humiliated by Mo Nian. He died paying for his sins, bringing closure to the fallen souls of Devil Fall City.

“Let’s go!” exclaimed Long Chen.

With the pursuers closing in, Long Chen’s instincts warned him of impending danger.

“No rush. Let me set something up,” said Mo Nian calmly. He then put away the photographic jade reluctantly. Even after watching it several times, it wasn’t enough to satisfy him.

Mo Nian then took out over a hundred Heaven Saint divine weapons. However, they were all bloodstained and dusty, with most of them covered in rust.

Despite their condition, the fact that Mo Nian could take out so many Heaven Saint divine weapons still shocked Yu Luo and the others.

Mo Nian formed a hand seal and buried them underground. Following that, he did something to the altar that the others didn’t understand. However, Long Chen knew that he was definitely setting up a trap.

Unlike the encounter with the vice hall master, this time Mo Nian set up his trap in advance, ensuring it remained perfectly concealed. It posed a greater challenge this time. After all, the more runes used to conceal it, the more it restrained its explosive power.

This time, Mo Nian buried the Heaven Saint divine weapons underground and used the altar’s aura to cover up their fluctuations. He then used a formation to link them all together.

After setting this up, he took out another formation disc. Everyone got on and patiently waited.

After several breaths, a berserk pressure crashed down upon them, and Devil Fall City instantly collapsed. Having lost the support of the Square Heaven Seal, a stiff breeze blew it over.

Powerful gusts blew through the city, ripping up sand and stone, blasting apart countless buildings.

A group of people materialized in the sky, causing Long Chen’s heart to tremble. He finally laid eyes on that person directly, and the white-robed elder also noticed them.

“As expected, you’re stronger than that dead ghost. But so what? Hehe, we’ll meet again in the future.” Mo Nian snickered. At this moment, the transportation formation activated, and their bodies turned illusory.

“Where do you think you’re going?!”

The group appeared to instantly teleport atop the altar, clawing at it in a desperate attempt to capture them alive, even in that moment of urgency.

However, Mo Nian’s timing was impeccable. Their actions didn’t disrupt the transportation at all. Helplessly, the pursuers could only watch as Long Chen and the others vanished, leaving them seething with frustration.


The elder roared and stamped the ground ferociously.

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