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«Jiuxing Hegemony Body Art (Web Novel) - Chapter 4935: Heavenly Flame Devil Domain

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Chapter 4935: Heavenly Flame Devil Domain

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With one step, the elder blasted the altar apart. However, just as the altar exploded, the elder’s expression completely changed, and he instantly shot into the sky.


Over a thousand explosions erupted, forming a wave of annihilation that obliterated any trace of Devil Fall City.

The elder spat out a mouthful of blood as countless divine weapon fragments pierced him. Despite the two heaven veins swirling around him, indicative of his formidable power, his protective divine light failed to activate fast enough, leaving him vulnerable to the onslaught of fragments.

Although those wounds were not fatal to him, those fragments brought with them the aura of death and decay. His flesh started to rot and give off a disgusting stench.

The elder didn’t bother attempting to heal his wounds. Instead, his divine sense rapidly spread, and he suddenly let out a furious roar.

To his horror, he discovered that all the experts who had accompanied him were dead. Their bodies had been utterly annihilated, with even their Yuan Spirits unable to escape.

The detonation of over a thousand Heaven Saint divine weapons unleashed unimaginable power. Fortunately for him, he possessed two heaven veins. Had he only possessed one, while this attack might not have necessarily killed him, it would have undoubtedly inflicted serious injury.

“You little brats, just you wait!”

The elder had never expected that a single stamp of his foot would result in the demise of his subordinates. The infuriating feeling nearly made him spit out blood.

“Who’s there?!”

The elder suddenly roared and unleashed a palm that tore through the void, forcing someone out of hiding.


Then, two palms crashed together. That elder and this person grunted and retreated a few steps.

“Are all the people of the Flame Divine Hall so explosive?! Why do you attempt to kill before even identifying your target?!” demanded the mysterious figure.

The twisting void ceased its turmoil, and the figure gradually became clearer. Clad in gray robes and wearing a golden mask, the person appeared. From his voice, he seemed to be slightly old, but his Blood Qi was still strong and healthy.

“Chess Sect?”

The elder from the Flame Divine Hall was startled when he saw the elder’s mask, but his expression turned cold. “The Chess Sect has been hiding for millions of years. Your wings have toughened, is that it? You dare to cause trouble for the Flame Divine Hall? Then let me see just how much skill the Chess Sect has to dare act so wildly!”

The elder was about to attack when the Chess sect expert shouted, “Have you gone crazy?! I came here to capture the murderer of my beloved disciple! I’m not here to quibble with you!”


The Flame Divine Hall elder finally calmed down, his anger gradually fading away. Now, he realized he had wrongly accused someone.

“How long ago did they leave?” asked the Chess Sect expert.

The Flame Divine Hall elder retorted, “How did you know they were here?”

Although the Flame Divine Hall elder recognized the mark of the Chess Sect from the mask, he was still suspicious.

“I have no idea where they were or are. I came here to capture Xing Wujiang’s family,” replied the Chess Sect expert.

Hearing that, the Flame Divine Hall elder said, “They just left through a transportation formation.”

However, he didn’t bother explaining his wounds as it would be too embarrassing.

The Chess Sect expert pretended not to see the devastation all around and asked, “Do you know their general direction?”

“Those two brutes are too crafty, immediately throwing the spatial fluctuations into chaos so that they’re impossible to track,” replied the Flame Divine Hall elder patiently.

He didn’t want to say that space was in chaos because he had detonated Mo Nian’s trap. That was what made it impossible to pursue them.

“They really are hateful. If I catch them, I’ll definitely torture them as much as possible before killing them,” said the Chess Sect expert. “Friend, you shouldn’t be too angry. They were able to get away today because they were lucky. They won’t have that luck next time.

“Many thanks.”

The Flame Divine Hall elder could only nod in acknowledgment of the other side’s kind advice. After all, the expert from the Chess Sect was on par with him in terms of status, so he dared not be too impolite. While the Flame Divine Hall elder hailed from the Flame Divine Hall, the other party originated from the most enigmatic of the four immemorial sects, the Chess Sect.

Among the four immemorial sects—the Zither Sect, the Chess Sect, the Calligraphy Sect, and the Painting Sect—the disciples of the Zither Sect were particularly widespread, with their practitioners traversing the world to comprehend the Heavenly Daos.

In comparison, the Calligraphy Sect and Painting Sect were more low-key, but it was still possible to see their disciples traversing the world.

The Chess Sect stood apart from the others, and millennia could pass without the slightest whisper of news from them. Their isolation from the world was so profound that some even speculated their inheritance had been lost.

However, in reality, all four immemorial sects possessed a shockingly deep foundation. Even the Brahma Pill Valley avoided conflict with them, and in clashes between disciples, they often criticized their own disciples rather than causing trouble for the other side.

The four immemorial sects and the Brahma Pill Valley minded their own business. Despite countless years passing, they had yet to engage in any big conflicts.

The Chess Sect was notorious for its fiercely protective stance toward its disciples. If any harm befell them, their master would personally emerge to crush the offenders. Moreover, the Chess Sect was merciless—if provoked, they would obliterate an entire sect, leaving no survivors. As a result, no one dared to antagonize them.

In any case, the Chess Sect’s experts had not appeared in the world for many years, so many experts had almost forgotten about the Chess Sect, unable to recognize their masks. Only some elderly experts could assess their status based on the specific markings on their masks.

Thus, after calming down, the Flame Divine Hall elder grew more courteous.

“I heard that the Brahma Pill Valley’s Heavenly Flame Devil Domain is about to open?” probed the Chess Sect expert.

The Flame Divine Hall elder nodded and replied, “It should be in around half a year. Why? Is the Chess Sect interested in participating?”

“Do you need to ask? The Heavenly Flame Devil Domain is one of the Sovereign Emperor Heaven’s four great Eternal sacred lands. Undergoing Eternal tribulation there allows one to absorb heaven vein energy, planting the seed for heaven veins. It builds the foundation to reach the Emperor realm. How could our Chess Sect not be interested in such an opportunity? However, we have not ventured beyond our sect’s confines in many years, nor have we personally paid our respects to the Brahma Pill Valley. So, I wonder if…”

The Chess Sect elder paused, probing the Flame Divine Hall’s attitude. The Flame Divine Hall elder lightly said, “The Heavenly Flame Devil Domain is open to non-believers of the Divine Venerate. You are welcome to enter.”

“I know that. However, we are hoping for…”

The Flame Divine Hall’s elder frowned and coldly responded, “Are you saying you want your Chess Sect’s disciples to traverse the Brahma Path and Daynight Bridge? I’d advise you to give up on that fantasy earlier rather than later!”

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