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«Jiuxing Hegemony Body Art (Web Novel) - Chapter 4936: Sovereign Jade Fragment

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Chapter 4936: Sovereign Jade Fragment

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The Heavenly Flame Devil Domain was a sacred land under the Brahma Pill Valley’s control, believed to be the birthplace of all Heavenly Flames throughout the nine heavens and ten lands.

According to legend, the domain, also known as the Heavenly Flame Womb, was where all Heavenly Flames originated. It was revered as a sacred place until it was forcibly occupied by devil creatures from beyond the heavens during the primal chaos battle. Although the Brahma Pill Valley eventually reclaimed it, the domain remained corrupted by the influence of these devil creatures.

Despite the tainted history, this domain contained a Heavenly Flame sea that brimmed with the purest energies. It could aid experts in comprehending heaven vein energy—a path all aspiring Emperors had to tread, defying the heavens themselves.

Upon advancing to the Eternal realm, experts could cleanse themselves with the heaven vein energy of the domain, establishing a solid foundation for their future journey toward becoming an Emperor.

Even if they ultimately failed to become an Emperor, condensing a single heaven vein would allow them to dominate the Heaven Saint realm.

For example, Xing Wujiang relied on half a heaven vein to completely dominate this region, highlighting the vast disparity between having a heaven vein and not having one.

However, this sacred land was stained by devil blood. During the primal chaos battle, countless devil creatures had died in the Heavenly Flame sea. Though their bodies were destroyed, their soul essence was sealed within the sea.

As a result, the Heavenly Flame sea was filled with the wills and resentment of countless devil creatures. Absorbing the heaven vein energy there required absorbing this remnant will and resentment as well, making it perilously easy to become bedeviled.

Yet, within the depths of the Heavenly Flame sea, two paths led to its heart. One was known as the Brahma Path, and the other as the Daynight Bridge.

It was said that Lord Brahma and Fallen Daynight’s followers could walk down their respective paths and be protected from the influence of the devil wills. They could go straight to the heart of the sea and freely absorb the heaven vein energy.

Rumor had it that even existences on Lord Brahma and Fallen Daynight’s level could not fully erase the devil souls within the Heavenly Flame sea. If they were to erase them, the Heavenly Flame sea would cease to exist. However, through their power, the heaven vein energy in that region was purified many times over. Although there remained a risk of bedevilment, it was less than one percent compared to absorbing it elsewhere.

These paths were reserved only for Lord Brahma and Fallen Daynight’s disciples. Outsiders could not even hope to set foot on them.

The Brahma Pill Valley had its own agenda for opening the entire Heavenly Flame Devil Domain to outsiders: to use the allure of these paths to recruit more followers.

After all, countless experts had specifically become followers of Lord Brahma and Fallen Daynight to walk on the Brahma Path and Daynight Bridge. This tactic was extremely effective.

Thus, the Chess Sect’s desire to send their disciples down these paths without pledging allegiance was promptly rejected.

The Chess Sect elder did not get angry at this rapid and haughty rejection. It was as if he had expected it. He said, “The Chess Sect and the Brahma Pill Valley have not had any conflicts throughout the year, nor have we formed any friendship. The Chess Sect understands this and knows we can’t force you to help us. I merely broached the subject to explore the possibility of negotiation.”

“There is no room for negotiation. To my knowledge, this is an unyielding rule that has never been breached,” declared the Flame Divine Hall’s elder firmly.

“Don’t be so sure. What if we can show enough sincerity?”

“Any sincerity would be meaningless. It’s not that I’m looking down on you or trying to make things hard on you, but there really is no room for discussion. I also don’t have the power to help you,” answered the Flame Divine Hall’s elder. After saying that, he clearly started to lose patience and prepared to leave.

“What about this thing? Is this sincerity meaningless?”

A certain object appeared in the Chess Sect expert’s hand, one that shocked the other side.


Seeing the Flame Divine Hall’s elder shocked expression, the Chess Sect expert looked pleased although he was wearing a mask.

The object was a milky white fragment of jade, no larger than a peanut. Despite its lack of runes and seemingly ordinary appearance, the tiny fragment seemed to contain the flow of primal chaos, exuding an aura that felt like an entire cosmos unto itself. Anyone in its presence would feel minuscule.

The Chess Sect expert explained, “Sovereign jade fragments retain their Sovereign qi despite the passage of countless years. As for who the master of this fragment is, there should be no need for me to say it, right? Although this fragment is precious to us, we don’t have a practical use for it. But for Divine Venerate Brahma… hehe.”

The Chess Sect expert chuckled and fell silent, offering no further explanation. The Flame Divine Hall’s elder, however, was transfixed by the piece of jade, his eyes reddening with desire.

Were it not for the Chess Sect expert’s formidable power, the elder might have been tempted to kill him outright for this treasure. The object was simply too crucial to the Brahma Pill Valley. He took a deep breath, calming himself. “You know how to bargain. It’s difficult for me to refuse such an offer. However, I must report this to the Brahma Pill Valley. Breaking the rules of the Heavenly Flame Devil Domain will probably require the valley master’s approval. I dare not say whether he will agree or disagree. Why don’t you tell me your exact conditions so I can inform the higher-ups?”

The Chess Sect expert nodded and replied, “My Chess Sect has always been simple and direct. We merely ask that the Brahma Pill Valley allows three thousand of our disciples to enter the Brahma Path and advance to the Eternal realm in the core of the Heavenly Flame sea. The Chess Sect is willing to offer up this fragment of Sovereign jade in exchange.”

After saying that, he directly tossed this fragment of jade to the Flame Divine Hall’s elder, shocking the latter. However, when the Flame Divine Hall’s elder touched this jade, he realized it was just a replica, not the true Sovereign jade fragment. However, it had been together with the true Sovereign jade fragment for so long it was stained with a trace of its Sovereign qi.

The Chess Sect expert gave him the replica to show they had the true fragment.

“Alright, I will report this to the higher-ups,” said the Flame Divine Hall’s elder. This mission had turned into a disaster. He had come to save the vice hall master, only to fail and cause the deaths of the rest of his squad.

However, the Chess Sect had now presented him with an opportunity to redeem himself by contributing something valuable to the Brahma Pill Valley. After accepting the piece of jade, he vanished in a flash.

The Chess sect expert also vanished after that.

“Heavenly Flame Devil Domain? Brahma Path? Daynight Bridge? Sovereign jade fragment?”

In a distant and hidden land, Long Chen was holding the violet crystal heavenly eye. He witnessed everything that had happened there.

Long Chen and Mo Nian exchanged a look, their eyes shining.

“This is our chance for vengeance!”

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