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«Xiuluo Wushen (Web Novel) - Chapter 5623: Fatty Chen Hui

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Chapter 5623: Fatty Chen Hui

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Chu Feng passed through the spirit formation gate and arrived at a crowded field, where everyone was examining a scroll they held in their hands with serious expressions.

Meanwhile, more people flew out of the spirit formation gate and descended on the field. All of them were junior world spiritists with sickles in their hands.

This field was located on a towering mountain peak. Those standing on the edge of the field or flying in the air could see the scenery beneath the mountain peak.

“Agricultural fields?” Chu Feng murmured.

Around them were agricultural fields divided into square plots of seventy meters in length. A house with a plaque sat between each square plot. The plaques closest to the mountain peak had names written on them, but those further away were still empty.


A scroll flew toward Chu Feng and stopped in front of him. It was identical to the ones held by the others in the field.

Chu Feng opened up the scroll and swiftly understood the meaning behind the sickle.

Each person could choose a plot of agricultural fields. They were expected to harvest and hand over the crops, and in return, they would receive World Spiritist Pearls. The better the quality of the crops, the more World Spiritist Pearls one would receive.

Thirteen days from now, the ranking would be released, and the person in the first rank would receive a Heaven-tier World Spiritist Pearl. This was quite a valuable treasure, as Heaven-tier treasures were only second to Saint-tier treasures in the Seven Realms Sacred Mansion.

In the Seven Realms Sacred Mansion, Heaven-tier treasures were second only to Saint-tier treasures.

Thirteen days from now, the trial to join the Seven Realms Sacred Mansion would commence.

Chu Feng stowed away the scroll before flying off into the distance. It didn’t take him long to stumble upon?an unclaimed house and agricultural field, but he didn’t just stop there. He wanted to find somewhere peaceful.

Thus, he continued flying till there were no claimed plots of agricultural fields in the vicinity. He descended to the ground, selected a field, and inscribed his name on the corresponding house plaque with the sickle.

Unlike the others, he didn’t dive right into harvesting the crops but instead examined the sickle he held in his hand. He had long noticed that the crops in all of the agricultural fields were the same, which meant that there were other factors determining their quality.

Chu Feng quickly noticed the presence of a formation in the sickle. He harvested one of the crops with his sickle before carefully examining the crop. The crop didn’t contain any formations, though there were patterns on it that resembled a formation.

The patterns were inconspicuous. Most people wouldn’t have thought much about it.

Chu Feng figured that there was a specific way to harvest the crops to raise their quality, and that was to match the pattern of the crops with the sickle’s formation. The better the match was, the higher the quality of the crop.

Four hours passed in a flash while Chu Feng thought about how he should harvest the crops, and the sun gave way to the night. Just then, a silhouette suddenly flashed across Chu Feng’s peripheral vision.

It was a fair-skinned, chubby man dressed in a black robe.

Without greeting Chu Feng, he descended onto a nearby field and inscribed the name ‘Chen Hui’ on an adjacent house.

“Do you have to choose this place?” Chu Feng asked.

“Brother, I believe it’s my freedom to choose whichever plot I want.” Chen Hui spoke with a smile, though his tone was forceful.

While Chu Feng wanted a peaceful location because he wasn’t in a good mood, he knew that Chen Hui also had the freedom to choose the plot of land he wanted. Thus, he didn’t harp on the matter and left the latter to his own devices.

With the sickle in hand, Chen Hui snapped his finger.

Shoosh shoosh shoosh!

The sickle flew across the agricultural field, harvesting all the crops in the blink of an eye. What he had utilized for that wasn’t martial power but spirit power, which exposed that he was a White Dragon God-cloak World Spiritist.

Of course, Chen Hui was nowhere close to matching Chu Feng, but he was definitely one of the more talented juniors in the world of cultivation. In fact, his strength was enough to dominate the Eastern Region.

After harvesting his crops, Chen Hui headed into his house to rest. There was an isolation barrier around the house that prevented prying eyes, but Chu Feng wasn’t too interested in what Chen Hui was doing.

The same applied to Chen Hui too, as he remained in his house till daybreak. By the time he stepped out of his house, the crops he had harvested the day before had already regrown.

He glanced at Chu Feng and saw that the latter was still seated in the same spot, staring at the crops on the field. Planted in the latter’s agricultural plot were the same unharvested crops he had seen last night.

“Brother, you didn’t harvest your crops yesterday? I’m just reminding you out of goodwill, but the crops regrow every day. It’ll be a waste not to harvest them,” Chen Hui said.

Paying no heed to Chen Hui, Chu Feng stood up and stretched his limbs.

Meanwhile, Chen Hui did the same thing he did before and harvested all of the crops on his agricultural field with a casual wave of his sleeves. He then placed the crops neatly by the side with the ones he harvested last night.

He was just about to return to his house when he suddenly stopped and stared at Chu Feng in shock. As it turned out, Chu Feng had finally started harvesting the crops, but he was doing it in the most primitive method.

“Aiyo, there’s no need for you to do that. We’re in the Seven Realms Sacred Mansion. There’s no need to put on such an act; what’s important is the outcome! It might have looked like I had casually harvested the crops, but there’s actually a trick to it.

“Look at the rice I harvested over there. I made sure to retain the fragrance of the rice so as to enhance its quality. With this, I’ll be able to obtain more World Spiritist Pearls when I submit my crops!

“World spiritists should prove themselves through their spirit power and not by putting on such acts. You’re just wasting your time. The elders of the Seven Realms Sacred Mansion will only look down on you for resorting to such unorthodox means,” Chen Hui said.

Chu Feng ignored Chen Hui and instead focused on the harvesting of the crops. He was manually fitting the sickle’s formation to each crop, knowing that this was the way to harvest the best crops. The only downside was that it was a slow process.

Seeing that Chu Feng wouldn’t listen to him, Chen Hui shook his head and entered the house.

Chu Feng had to work from daybreak till nightfall before he finally finished harvesting all of the crops. When Chen Hui walked out of his house the following morning and saw that Chu Feng had barely finished his harvest, he looked at the sky and smiled to himself.

“Brother, you should have slowed down a little. The elder will be passing by this area soon to collect the crops. You wouldn’t want him to miss how diligent you are, right?” Chen Hui said.

Chu Feng ignored him and sat down on the ground to ponder. A day of harvesting crops had made him realize that his method was still lacking. As he tried to decipher what was missing, he couldn’t help but notice that his grasp of world spiritist techniques was deepening as well.

At this rate, it was only a matter of time before he made a breakthrough.

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