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«Xiuluo Wushen (Web Novel) - Chapter 5622: The Second Huge Matter

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Chapter 5622: The Second Huge Matter

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Chu Feng looked for Manager Ma as soon as he arrived at the Martial Cultivator Commerce Guild to check if there were treasures that could help Eggy’s condition. There were indeed some that fit the criteria, but the quality was nowhere at the level he needed.

Manager Ma also mentioned that even the quality of their treasures, even those at their headquarters, was bound to be inferior to the Seven Realms Sacred Mansion. He had a better understanding of this than Ningyu Shangren as he dabbled in this trade.

In fact, he went as far as to point out that the Seven Realms Sacred Mansion had a Saint-level treasure named ‘Seven Realms Soul Forging Incense’. It was from the Ancient Era, and it had the power to enhance a world spirit’s soul. It was deemed a Saint-level treasure because of its high potency.

That was good news to Chu Feng, so he immediately made his way to the Seven Realms Galaxy’s Spring Upper Realm.

Spring Upper Realm was a vast realm with over 30,000 teleportation formations. Chu Feng randomly picked one since he wasn’t sure where each of the teleportation formations led to. Much to his surprise, he was met with a huge crowd as soon as he walked out, and there were more people walking out.

These people came from different powers, but most of them were dressed in world spiritist robes. The juniors were here to take the trial, whereas the elders were here to accompany their juniors.

Chu Feng could spot at least hundreds of thousands of people at a glance, and this was only one of the Spring Upper Realm’s 30,000 teleportation formations. It was probably as crowded at the other teleportation formations too.

This was the first time Chu Feng had seen so many world spiritists gathered in a single realm, and it showed just how influential the Seven Realms Edict was. This was the sheer extent of its rallying power.

Above the teleportation formation was a massive formation reminiscent of a floating city. The grand and majestic structure was adorned with the Seven Realms Sacred Mansion’s war flags, and it was guarded by the members of the Seven Realms Sacred Mansion too.

At its very top was a giant plaque stating that all junior world spiritists were eligible to register.

Countless juniors bade farewell to their elders before rising into the sky and entering the massive formation. The massive formation had four teleportation formations marked ‘East’, ‘South’, ‘West’, and ‘North’. Before each of these teleportation formations was a transparent sphere that towered over ten thousand meters.

Those transparent spheres were formations too. Fueled by a treasure, they were able to create an endless supply of four different weapons, namely sword, dagger, spear, and sickle.

The former three weapons were used for fighting, whereas the last one for agriculture, making it seem a little out of place.

Those who wished to enter the massive formation had to first place their hands on a sphere, report their name, and forge a connection with it. The sphere would then release one of the four weapons to them. The weapon one received determined the spirit formation gate one entered.

Those who received a sword could enter the east gate.

Those who received a dagger could enter the south gate.

Those who received a spear could enter the west gate.

Those who received a sickle could enter the north gate.

In the Spring Upper Realm was a majestic palace suffusing with a unique aura that was extremely beneficial to world spiritists. It was an incredibly valuable cultivation resource that all world spiritists would dream of obtaining.

However, in the center of the palace was a sphere containing a flowing mixture of seven different colored liquids. The liquids flowed amidst one another but didn’t mix together. The bulk of the mixture was a golden liquid, whereas the one with the least volume was the black liquid.

While the seven different colored liquids occupied more than half of the sphere, there was still some empty space within.

A person stood in the hall—the Seven Realms Sacred Mansion’s Mansion Master, Jie Tianran. He sat cross-legged in the hall, absorbing the aura suffusing the hall and cultivating with closed eyes.


The sound of a wave echoed inside the palace, prompting Jie Tianran to quickly open his eyes and turn to the sphere. He thought that something had happened to the sphere, but it turned out to be the swishing of the liquids inside.

Disappointment flickered across his eyes. This matter seemed to be extremely important to him, such that he lost his interest in continuing to cultivate. He stood up, placed his hands behind his back, and looked into the distance.

“Is heaven telling our Seven Realms Sacred Mansion to continue guarding this secret?”

Jie Tianran had obtained this sphere when he entered the remnant containing information about God’s Era. He received a clue telling him that he had to make two mind-blowing declarations.

The first matter was for him to use the Seven Realms Edict to lure juniors to the Seven Realms Sacred Mansion.

The second matter still couldn’t be announced yet, as it was conditional on how the first matter progressed.

The sphere was the indicator for the second matter. Only when the sphere was completely filled up by the liquids could the second matter be announced. According to the advice from God’s Era, he had to accomplish both tasks to bring the Seven Realms Sacred Mansion unprecedented glory.

It had been some time since he made the announcement through the Seven Realms Edict, and the trial would commence very soon. However, the sphere had yet to completely fill up yet.

The completion of the first task wouldn’t matter at all if he couldn’t carry out the second task, though what worried him the most weren’t these two matters but the fact that this advice was from God’s Era.

He was worried that the Seven Realms Sacred Mansion would miss this precious opportunity if he failed to properly carry out the two tasks entrusted to him. It felt almost like superstition, but it still struck fear in a powerhouse like him.


Intense waves could be heard from the sphere.

Jie Tianran looked over, and excitement seeped into his eyes. A huge influx of black liquid had appeared inside the sphere and was quickly filling it up.

“Asura World Spirit? Is it an Asura World Spiritist?”

Jie Tianran was overjoyed. He walked to the palace door and opened it. He was immediately met with a resounding greeting.

“Paying respects to Lord Mansion Master!”

Over a hundred thousand world spiritists were kneeling neatly outside the palace. They seemed to have waited numerous days for him.

“Find all junior Asura World Spiritists who have just stepped into the Spring Upper Realm and report their names and backgrounds to me!” Jie Tianran ordered loudly.


The hundred thousand world spiritists dispersed in all directions.

“I can finally make the second announcement now. I can see it, the era of our Seven Realms Sacred Mansion. God’s Era belongs to us!” Jie Tianran’s excitement was palpable.

Meanwhile, Chu Feng stood before the spirit formation gate marked with the word ‘North’, as he stared contemplatively at the sickle in his hand. That was the weapon he had received after he touched the sphere and reported his identity.

He thought that he would have received the sword since he excelled in swordsmanship, but he ended up receiving a farmer’s sickle instead. It made him wonder what it represented.

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