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«Xiuluo Wushen (Web Novel) - Chapter 5624: The Sacred Mansion’s Trial

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Chapter 5624: The Sacred Mansion’s Trial

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Chen Hui could tell that Chu Feng was ignoring him, but he continued prattling on, “But again, it’s also a good thing that the elders didn’t see what you’re doing. The Seven Realms Sacred Mansion’s elders hate such pretenses.”

Shortly after, two figures flew in their direction, but they weren’t elders but junior world spiritists participating in the trial like Chu Feng and Chen Hui. Both of them were dressed in world spiritist robes that revealed their spirit power.

The skinnier junior was at rank seven Dragon Transformation Sensation, whereas the bulkier one was at rank eight Dragon Transformation Sensation.

“Chu Feng, Chen Hui? What lousy names are those?” The bulkier man glanced at their house plaques before stretching his hand out to Chen Hui and saying, “Fatty.”

“What do you want?” Chen Hui asked in confusion

“Protection fee. Hand over one World Spiritist Pearl, and I’ll protect you,” the bulkier man said.

“You’re trying to extort from me?” Chen Hui snorted in displeasure.

“Hand it over if you don’t want to get beaten up,” the bulkier man sneered.

“Acting so arrogant?” Chen Hui scoffed as he manifested his spirit power into a pearl, but this wasn’t the World Spiritist Pearl but a formation. “Come and take it then.”

The faces of the two juniors paled. They could tell that Chen Hui was a White Dragon God-cloak World Spiritist, someone who was far stronger than them.

“Our apologies. We were blind to have dared to disturb you,” the two of them quickly apologized.

Chen Hui rolled his eyes, but he didn’t make things difficult for them.

The two juniors turned their sights to Chu Feng, but the ground suddenly shook before they could approach him. It was Chen Hui smacking his palm on the ground. He glared at them as he said, “You bastards! That’s my friend over there! Are you thinking of extorting from my friend?”

The two juniors quickly transformed into tame lambs as they humbly bowed their heads to Chen Hui and said, “We wouldn’t dare! You have misunderstood us. There’s no way we would dare to target your friend!”

Chen Hui turned away from the two juniors, but he sent a voice transmission to Chu Feng, saying, “Don’t worry. No one can bully you as long as I, Chen Hui, am here. I’ll protect you.”

Chu Feng continued to ignore Chen Hui, but his impression of the latter was better than before. While Chen Hui wasn’t kind with his words, he didn’t seem to be a bad person. He was at least a better person than those two juniors.

Just then, a figure flew over. It was an elder from the Seven Realms Sacred Mansion.

Chen Hui quickly got up and greeted the elder before saying, “Elder, those two fellows came here to extort World Spiritist Pearls from us instead of harvesting their own agricultural field. Please punish them harshly!”

“Elder, don’t listen to his nonsense! We wouldn’t do anything like that. We just happened to be passing by the area!” the two juniors explained in a panic.

They were afraid of being punished.

Much to their surprise, the elder showed no inclination of punishing them, saying, “You are free to roam around, but have you harvested your crops today? You’ll only disadvantage yourself if you don’t have any crops to trade for World Spiritist Pearls.”

“Elder, we have harvested our crops,” the two juniors quickly replied.

With a flick of his wrist, the elder took out two bamboo containers. One was inscribed with Chu Feng’s name, whereas the other one was inscribed with Chen Hui’s name. The elder had come specifically for the two of them.

From the elder’s attitude, Chu Feng realized that the elder wouldn’t meddle in anything that happened here, meaning that extortion was not against the rules here.

The two juniors also came to the same realization, which emboldened them to linger in the area. They thought that Chu Feng and Chen Hui wouldn’t dare to touch them in front of the elder, and they wanted to infuriate them after having lost face earlier.

“Elder, do you mean that we’re allowed to roam around and collect protection fees?” Chen Hui asked with a frown.

“That’s up to you,” the elder replied with a smile.

The elder pointed Chen Hui’s bamboo container toward his crops.

Shoosh shoosh shoosh!

All of the crops rose into the air and flew into the bamboo container. Three World Spiritist Pearls dropped out from the other end of the bamboo container.

“Chen Hui, three pearls,” the elder announced as he tossed the World Spiritist Pearls over.

Chen Hui took the pearls, but he neglected to thank the elder. He was still angry at the elder for not having punished the two juniors for their misdeed.

Meanwhile, the eyes of the two juniors widened in amazement, suggesting that Chen Hui’s result was outstanding.

The elder then directed the bamboo container with Chu Feng’s name toward the crops harvested by the latter. As soon as the crops entered the bamboo container, pearls began to fall out from the other end of the bamboo container.

“What’s going on? Am I seeing things?” The two juniors were taken aback.

“Heavens.” Chen Hui’s lower jaw fell agape too.

Even the elder was shocked as well.

A total of 99 pearls dropped out of the bamboo container, but Chu Feng had harvested less than half of the crops Chen Hui did!

“You are Chu Feng?” the elder asked.

“Yes, I am,” Chu Feng replied.

“I see potential in you,” the elder replied as he passed the 99 World Spiritist Pearls to Chu Feng before heading off.

However, Chu Feng suddenly spoke up, “Elder, please hold on for a moment.”

“Yes?” the elder asked.

“You said that we’re allowed to roam freely here. Are we allowed to kill too?” Chu Feng asked.

Those words stunned not just the two juniors but Chen Hui too. They hadn’t expected Chu Feng to ask such a question. This was too direct!

“You can do whatever you want as long as I don’t see it. This is what our trial is like,” the elder replied with a smile.

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